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Rain, rain

August 10th 2008 8:58 am
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August 10, 2008

Here is a message I sent to my bud Takoda. Thought everyone might want to know what's going on around here....

Now, everyone knows I hate getting wet. I am a DESERT what happens this summer? Almost NO sun! Just about every day we've had rain, rain, and even more RAIN! Forty years ago it flooded in Fairbanks (my mom was just a kid then) and because of that, a flood control system was built. We actually had to use it this year and still some people living near the rivers got flooded out. Mom says that's their fault for living on the riverbanks. Well, I don't know about that but I do know that our yard is yuck. We still play in it because what can a pup do? You gotta play! But mom shakes her head at all the dirt we've brought in...

We got in a lot of trouble because we broke branches on my mom's honeysuckle tree and flattened part of an iris that grows beneath it. And then K started chewing on one of the irises. But you know, when you are chasing at high speed, a space between trees is sooo fun!

The flowers and tomatoes have, like, just not grown. The lilies should have bloomed a month ago and they just opened. And its cold. Feels like late fall already. We heard geese yesterday so the migration south has started. NO ONE wants to hear that...My mom is scared that it will either be really cold like minus way-down-there or get very wet and have too much snow and ice. In any case, she's ready to brave volcanoes and island fever to move to Hawaii!

One thing is good--the lawn is very, very green. Of course, we managed to mess that up for mom by digging holes to China. That's what dad says. What is China? Dad says we'd better be careful because the govt doesn't always like dogs there and right now we might have to do leaps or something for medals if we pop up in the wrong place...That dad. What a kidder...

Last night we had a birthday party here for our human grandniece and grandnephews. Were we invited to have cake and ice cream? NO! We had to stay in the back yard (it was wet) and bark when they left. We wanted to say hello and snuggle and play with transformers too. But noooooo! Just because we had wet paws and like to sit in people's laps...

Well, we had a long night of sleeping, then an exercise break, then breakfast, then water and now it's time to go back to sleep. Tomorrow when mom goes back to work we have to stay in our kennels and chew bones. Today is laze-around day. Well, we could probably be convinced to chew some bones. I had to put my butt right in mom's face to get a good scratching this morning. K always hogs petting time...

Well, hope everyone is having a good week where you are. We are pretty happy. Take care everyone. Love, Leda--Egyptian Princess exiled to aWater World...


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