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My Life as a Princess

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November 20, 2004

November 20th 2004 9:36 pm
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Boy, oh, boy does time fly!!

We have been so busy at home with the new baby it has been hard to stop to even write!

Sumo has turned out to be a not so bad litttle guy! Personally I am quite surprized about that....he is soooo small!!! He is more fun to play with then Pixie cuz I can WIN!!! He tries to steal things from me......and I let him but he soon gets kinda full of himself so I have to take it back to show him who the real boss is! (silly puppy!)

I guess I am a bit happy that Roscoe didn't find the suitcases. :O) I am also happy that mamma still thinks I am special enough that I don't have to share my bed with the little booger! She tried to just a few days ago, but he always wants to sleep right where I am, and it is really hard to sleep with a puppy that is snorting, snoring and farting on your back!!! I know I was never that bad!!! The nerve of that puppy!!



October 23, 2004

October 25th 2004 2:22 pm
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Well she did it! She brought that Sumo thing home!!
Uhhhgggggg! He is little....and kinda cute. He can't run very fast or jump up on the couch. Mamma, is he retarded??

Pixie stays away from him, but me I think this will be fun. I am gonna teach him all the bad stuff to do so that maybe mamma will make him move out.

Today we did get to go to a really BIG party. Mamma called it Pug-A-Boo and man oh man was it fun. You can see the pictures mamma took by going to this link

Maybe we went because of that Sumo dog? So he could be a good thing, I am not sure...I guess I will put the packing of the suitcases on hold for a bit and just stay as far away from him as I can.



October 20, 2004

October 21st 2004 8:42 pm
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Mamma took her pillow case with her today....I wonder why? I know that she went to "that" place again where that Sumo dog is!

Oh! Here she is, she is coming through the door! Yipppeeeee!!! WAIT, she has something.....................What is it?!?!?!?!?!................It is a new toy!!!!! WOOOOOFFFF!!!

WAIT A MINUTE....WAIT ONE STINKIN' MINUTE!!!......This toy smells like.....sniff, sniff, snort, snort.....It smells like PUPPIES!!!!
AAhhhhhhh, get it away!!!! YUCKERS!!

Now that was a nasty thing to do! It stinks to high heaven! She expects me to play with this???!?!!!

What is that you say mamma? What do you mean I only have two nights left to sleep alone??




October 16, 2004

October 16th 2004 7:18 pm
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Well, today mamma said that the Sumo puppy is coming home next Friday.

I am nervous! Will he like me?!??! WAIT!!!!!!!
What the heck am I saying?!?!? Of course he will like me! I AM the PRINCESS!! Everyone likes me (it's a rule)!

Now wait a minute! What am I thinking? What is wrong with me? He is going to be an intruder, why should I be worrying weather he likes me or not....I think I am getting what mamma calls puppy fever. I am gonna have to get her to take me to the vet, I can't be sick with a new puppy coming!....Wait what am I saying???.....OH I am so confused!!!

I have to go meet with Pixie and try to figure this all out.......Woof!



October 11, 2004

October 11th 2004 4:30 pm
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Well I think that the Sumo worm is coming to my house soon. Momma went to that place again and came back stinkin' to high heaven of puppies! I think one of them piddled on her shoe!! That's just gross mom!

She is in the middle of making my night, night cave smaller and I don't like it. She keeps babbling on that I won't have to sleep alone much longer.....does she really think I am gonna let that little freak sleep with me??

Well I'm not sharing a thing, I am busy hiding all my toys! Pixie is no help at all! Every time I hide a toy she pulls it back out again! I think I am gonna have to lock her in the closet soon! I am begining to think she is getting excited about having a baby here...that traitor!!! WOOF!!!



September 26, 2004

September 26th 2004 8:04 am
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I tell you, this woman is gonna kill me off before too long!

Yesterday for some reason this man shows up at our door with a pug! Wow, great! It is our friend Pie! Whooo Hooooo, play buddy! So we play for a few minutes, and then he leaves....Uhnnn, Hello? Sir? You forgot your pug!!! She's still here, you might wanna take her!! MOMMAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!???????

Well I guess it seems momma says we are gonna keep this pug Pie. Oooooohhhhhhh Nooooooooo!......Ohh! She says for just a week...I guess that is okay...she is kinda cute, still a puppy though. I will let her live here since it is only for a short time.

After a while everyone left and all of us pugs got locked in the kitchen, and wouldn't you know it! When the family came back they smelled of that place again! I distinctly smelled P-U-P-P-Y on all of them!

Pixie and I are still trying to find the suitcases, but we don't get into the garage we have set our big brother Roscoe the Bulldog on that task....His kennel is in the garage so we figure he can look during the day for us. He may even go with us when we leave.



September 23, 2004

September 23rd 2004 9:37 pm
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I heard momma talking to daddy again tonight about that puppy Sumo.
She was so excited telling him that he wagged his tail today. I just don't get it! What is with her, I wag my tail at her all the time.

She also went and bought him a collar. I ask what the heck for, he can't even walk yet!!

I think she is losing her mind. Pixie and I have been searching for the suitcases every chance we get. In a few more weeks we are outa here!



September 19, 2004

September 19th 2004 5:21 pm
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I can't believe it! This was the most horrible weekend of all!

First we had to suffer the indignity of the 12 year-old giving us a BATH!!! Grrr! Then today momma came home stinkin' of that darn puppy again!
All she could talk to daddy about when she got home is how big he is getting, and that his eyes are now open. Well, La-Tee-Daaahh! My eyes have been open for years, what the heck is so cute about it?!?

I decided that I will have to try different tactics with this woman to make her see the light!
I will now just ignore her.
No more lap sitting.
She cannot tempt me with kisses or toys.
I will no longer fall for the come here and get a treat ploy! ........... Sssshhhh, hold on.....I hear her calling me....what is that she says?....I heard her say treats!!! Yipppeeee!!
Well gotta go!...I guess I will have to let her think the treat ploy is working just a little longer. I don't want her to suffer too much you know!



September 16, 2004

September 16th 2004 6:18 pm
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I think today that Pixie went a little over the top with trying to show momma that we are not sure if we like the idea of a boy coming to live with us. She had the nerve to go into Paige's room and jump up on the bed (remember that is her new trick to impress the humans?) and she peed on Paige's pillow! I am not so sure that momma will get the right message from that one.

See I didn't go that was only one little poop in the bird/music room for me. I am positive momma will blame in on that squaking bird! We have one of those big white birds that I think momma calls a Cockatoo....Daddy calls it a squaking pain in the BLEEP! We don't mind the bird because she throws us food from her dish......Yummy, almonds are the BEST!!



September 11, 2004

September 16th 2004 2:10 pm
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I can't believe it! She went there AGAIN! And she took daddy and Paige!

Pixie and I have consulted with each other on this and both agree that a puppy is not what we had on our Birthday wish list!!!

Momma keeps telling me that I will still be the princess and I will love having a baby brother. I think mom has been smokin' our milkbones! I keep trying to show her how cute I am. I bring her my toys to play with, and I get on her pillow at night and shower her with kisses until she giggles so much daddy has to come move me.

I have told Pixie that she needs to start working on Paige since she lives in that room at night. Paige has a really, really tall bed and Pixie couldn't get up on it all by herself, so I taught her how to get up there. Paige is impressed that Pixie is so smart (Paige is only 12, so I cut her a break....Pixie is really a dog with blonde roots!).

I have to come up with a better plan! I hear momma talking to daddy saying they are going out to see this little worm again this weekend!!



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