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Rocky a Puggle

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Bath Day

August 27th 2007 4:20 am
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Well, it happened again. Mom decided to give me a bath. I didn't think I was THAT dirty. She put me in the Laundry tub and had me sit and she got me all wet with some nice warm water and she got soap and made suds and it felt good! I didn't like being off the floor though and Mom knew that. She was talking softly to me and I just started to shake. Mom said, Rocky honey, its ok, you willl be out in a second and look how dirty this water is, you really needed a bath.

It felt good but I was still a little scared. I couldn't walk anyplace....

Finally Mom got all the suds off and said, now let me lift you down Rock. I thought I will just jump. But nooooooooo Mom lifted me down, she said, Rocky if I let you jump, you might break a leg the floor is all wet from you splashing.

Oh, never thought of that, hmmmmm guess her lifting me isn't such a bad idea after all. She dried me and her and the floor, then I was done. Then we went by the kitchen and I sat and she furminated me. Its not soooo bad, it sure helps get rid of all that extra hair that makes me itch.

Dad came home we ate and went for a walk and then I went to bed. I was pooped. Mom and Dad went to bed early too. Must have been a long weekend for everyone.



August 27th 2007 4:05 am
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Whew! what a busy day we had on Saturday. We went to market. Mom was singing, to market to market to buy a fat pig. So I looked and looked and lookd and all I saw was flowers, corn on the cob, peaches, apples, stuff like that but no pig. I looked and looked. NO PIG. Poor Mom is she going to be disappointed. It was fun, people seemed happy to see me, they were smiling and talking to me. I love that.

Dad and I walked one way and Mom went to look at something. Oh goody I thought she went to get a pig. I have never seen a pig I couldn't wait, I wanted to see what was so special about a pig, that Mom would sing about it.

Well, we met up with her just before we left and she STILL didn't have a pig!

We got in the car and Mom got a bottle of water and gave me a drink boy did I drink!

Then we went to TWO Pet stores. TWO. Mom was looking for a furminator for me. It combs me hair and takes out the undegrowth. Mom borrowed Miss Liz' to try it, and she loves it. She is looking for one a little smaller though because Miss Liz' labs are bigger than me.

I had fun visiting everyone in the pet store then we went to another pet store and I had fun there. Mom got her furminator and I got a treat from the nice lady at the register.

We stopped at the vet and he said I am now 27 pounds and he thinks I am done, but I have to lose about 2 lbs. Mom and Dad cut my food back a little so I guess I will lose all right. Dr. Kevin put a spray in my nose, Mom said so I can be boarded.

I am going to bed. I'm, pooped.


WEEKEND Saturday

August 24th 2007 10:18 am
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Thank heaven the weather changed. Or something did! I can go out and sit without DYING in the heat. Its still nice and toasty but not sticky....

I've been trotting around the property, protecting the heck out of it just in case. No one better try to get in THIS property. All I have to do is sniff them and I bark my Growly bark and they go away. HA guess I showed them.

Man we just had a storm so bad, Dad was ready to go into the basement. I have never seen anything this stormy.

The color outside was greenish/black. I was a little scared. JUST a little but Mom and Dad were here, so I knew I was fine.

I'm glad its bedtime and the storm is finally over.


Still tired

August 24th 2007 2:47 am
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Not much happened today, after yesterday I think Dad was too pooped to do much. We went to two stores and he changed a light bulb.

Mr Andy came over and brought Baby. Baby is soooo cool. She looks like part beagle, daschund and I don't know what else. She has this really cool brindle color and she is shorter than me, not much a little bit.

We played and jumped and chased and had a great time. Dad and Mr. Andy said their crazy, its 93 degrees. So Dad and Mr. Andy sat and had refreshments and watched us play and play.

After Mr. Andy went home, Dad took a shower and then Mom was home. What a fast day. But thats ok I was still Pooped from yesterday.

Today they both work, but Dad will be home the earliest.

I need to rest up from yesterday!!


What a disaster

August 23rd 2007 2:59 am
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Dad and I got up this morning and Dad thought he would straighten the basement up. So I am helping him in the basement. Leave it to me, Rocky to the rescue. I kept finding every screw, washer, nut, piece of fuzz I could. Some of them tried to hide on me, but I think I found every single one.

I would start to roll it around in my mouth, Dad would say, Rocky drop it! And off I would go to find yet another piece of something to pick up, cause I was helping.

Dad went over near the freezer and then he remembered that the pull string on the light had come off, so he was checking to see if he could just replace it. Guess not...... so off we go to the Hardware Store. Remember I told you it was Dad's favorite place to go....

We got a new thingy for the ceiling and home we came, down the basement we go and Dad puts the new light in the ceiling and pulls the chain to turn the light on and guess what???? No light!!

Now it worked before, what could the matter be, hang on Dad let me find out whats wrong. So I go scouting the basement floor, looking all over for the light, it must have fallen on the floor someplace because it was in the ceiling before and now no matter how many times he pulls the cord, NO LIGHT>

Hmmmmmmmmmm I looked over under around and through everything I could find and I couldn't see the light.... Wonder where it went?

Meanwhile Dad was checking a box with breakers, (whatever they are). He said everything is fine here Rock wonder what went wrong?

Dad went and got this weird thing with two prongs coming out of it and started poking it into different holes, what the heck is he doing???? I asked myself? The way he is poking that thing around, he might break a light if he finds it.

Then he is at another box on the wall and he starts to fiddle in there. Hey Dad remember me....... I am helping tell me what you want me to do.

All of a sudden Dad says, Rocky I don' t believe this, look...... I guess the negative screw (someone please explain that to me) had come loose. Dad said watch this Rocky and he took a screwdriver and screwed and WOW there it was LIGHT. Man if wasn't hiding after all it was there all the time.

Good job Dad!! Hooray.

So we start to go upstairs and Dad turns the stairway light on so I wont' fall and guess what???????? The light won't go on. Oh no, Dad broke it. Rocky Dad says, guess what, the bulb burned out. I will replace it tomorrow. Oh Goody, I don't want to fall on the stairs.

Then we go upstairs so Dad can wash up and go to work. We had spent all most all day downstairs. Dad turns on the tap and guess what?????

No water........... OH NO!!! I have to have water Dad, puppers need water Dad.

Dad said, you know what Rocky? What? aid I. I think when I was turning breakers on and off I turned off the pump that brings the water in from the well.

HUH???? I have no idea what you are talking about Dad, but I need my water, and what is Mom going to say?

Sooooooo Downstairs we go again, and Dad goes over to the breaker thingy again, and he flips some switches and all of a sudden I hear. BA BUM BUM

Dad says, see Rocks thats the pump starting up now when we get upstairs we will have water.

Boy I love Dad, he makes water, and light. he is so smart. Yea!!


Lunch with MOM

August 21st 2007 4:27 am
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I got to go to the Dentist with Dad. Well not really toooo the dentist for me. Dad drove and I sat in the truck and guarded it while he was getting his permanent crown put on. I made sure NO ONE took his truck. No one would dare to take his truck when I was inside! I would really bark and make a ruckus boy oh boy... No one better touch my Dads truck.

When Dad was done we stopped at the Hardware store, Dad's favorite place in the whole wide world. Mom told me once that if Dad misses a few days at the Hardware store, they call him to make sure he is alright!

Any way, Dad was picking up some stuff to finish the tap in the laundryroom.

Well I thought, oh good when we get home I can help. Well Dad said, want to see Mom?

I'm thinking he has lost it!! Dad has lost his mind, I don't see Mom...... of course it was still pouring out so she could have been hiding in the rain for all I knew. But no, Dad stops the car in this big parking lot that sort of kinda looks familiar. He picks me up and we are running through the rain, and I am thinking YEP he lost is mind, when all of a sudden he plunks me down in the back seat of a car. It smells like,..... oh my gosh.. Mom is in the front seat, leaning over the back and saying Hi sweetie hows my Rocky? MOM, in the car not the truck....... I couldn't believe it!!

Dad got in the car and we drove to some place. Dad parked the car and him and Mom got out, HEY WAIT FOR ME>>>>>>> Nope they went into this store and wow, I can see them, their sitting at a table in the window. I bet this is what Dad meant when he said, we can meet Mom for lunch.

Wish I could go inside, but Mom and Dad told me when they went to the store that puppers are no allowed, unless they are service puppers.

Well at least I am dry and my two favorite people are in front of me.

Gee, here they come. Oh boy, Dad gave me a nummy. They said I was a really good boy. awwww shucks, smile......

Now we are back in the parking lot where Mom appeared. Oh no, she is leaving..... Dad said, don't worry Rocky she will be home in a few hours she has to go back to work.

I wasn't too happy, but Dad and I went home and he played with me.

What a cool day even though it was raining.


Dad and Mom and the FUTON

August 20th 2007 4:23 am
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I have to tell you what happened yesterday!!

Awhile ago when Mom and Dad decided to turn the bedroom into a sitting room they decided they wanted to put a futon in there with a Queen Size mattress.

The futon thing came, I told you that, and they had to wait for the mattress/couch cover to come. It came on Saturday, and it says it has to be washed first. So Mom washed and dried it and last night they decided to put it on the mattress/couch seat and see what it looked like.

They turned the overhead light on and the fan and opened the window because even though it was raining, it was sticky and hot. They started at one end trying to unzip the cover..... It wouldn't unzip. It kept getting caught, finally Dad held a little bit of the cover really tight and Mom pulled the zipper, then Dad would pull some more tight and Mom would pull the zipper, they finally got the cover as unzipped as it got and started to work it over the mattress. They ordered one of the thickest mattress's Mom said so people would be comfortable sleeping on it.

(It looks like a couch to me????)

So here's Mom on the floor working on pushing this mattress into the cover and here's Dad on the other side pulling the cover to his side of the mattress. I wish you could have seen them. I kept trying to help, I tried to grab the cover, it is soooooo soft and smooth, and both Mom and Dad said, NO NO ROCKY so I wagged my tail and watched and ran around them every time they moved. I didn't want that big thing falling on me...

I'm telling you it took them a long long long time. It was dark when they finally got almost all of the thing stuffed into the cover. They kept laughing and laughing, silly Mom and Dad. Mom said, it better never get dirty, because I am not going through this again. And Dad said, you better believe it, then Mom said, what are two 65+ year old people doing rolling around on the floor, trying to stuff this together??? We must be nuts.
Dad said, but look when its done you will have a nice couch to sit on and if anyone comes to visit we have a nice bed.....

Finally they got the last little bunch stuffed in and Dad said, not we get to zip again.

What???????? It took them forever to unzip it. Why do they want to rezip it?

So here they go again, trying to rezip it again! They tried and tried and tried. I tried to help and again they said, NO Rocky, we will get it. So I just kept walking around their feet, Mom was so afraid she would step on me, no way, I was really careful.

I was JUST going to mention to Dad and Mom, do it the same way you took it off when finally they did just that. Dad held a little together, and Mom zipped and they did it again and again. The last little bit took a loooooong time, and the two of them were laughing soooooo hard, I thought they would never got done!

Finally they were done, the mattress dropped and the two of them fell on top of it laughing and giggling and being really silly....... Soooooooo I started kissing Mom and ran over and started kissing Dad and both of them said.
R O C K Y cut it out, but I just kept kissing them and kissing them, and the two of them were rolling around laughing.

Then they decided to put it on the futony thing. I'm looking at this and I'm going nooooooooo way is that going to fold in the center for that futon.

They wrestled it onto the flat futon and Mom said, I think the zipper should be on the other end. Dad gave her a funny look and they took the mattress off and turned it around. .....

Then they tried to make the futon fold in half........

I never thought it would work, but FINALLY. They got the mattress bent. Dad held the back up and Mom punched and punched it and then Dad said, sit on it! So Mom forced it to fold enough so she could sit on it and then Dad sat on it and all of a sudden it was a couch!! I couldn't believe it!! Thats what they meant. When it opens up its a bed when it folds up its a couch.

THATS COOL. They must have thought so because they were both still laughing....

Both they sure had fun, wonder if they will do it again?

Then we sat down for a little while and went to bed. What a day@!@!


FridaySaturday and Sunday

August 19th 2007 5:35 am
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Friday, Dad left to pick up Mom and they went to the Dream Cruise?????? They seemed exicited but they wouldn't take me, so I got a kong with peanut butter mmmmmmmmm good.

Boy they got home late..... IT was dark and I was afraid they wern't coming home, I thought maybe they forgot me, but no,,,,, they fussed and fussed over me and Dad said, Rocky it hasn't been that long it just seemed long. Heck I was sleeping how would I know.

On Saturday morning me and Mom went to the Post Office, the grocery store, the other store and then home. Its cool going in the car. Mom leaves the window down a little when she goes in the store and people stop and ask me my name and I bark an answer but they never call me by my name. They say awwwwww are you ok, what pretty eyes you have. Awwwww aren't you a cutie, and stuff like that. I love it!!

Whe we got home, Mom was ironing and I was outside having a great time!! Dad came home and we got lots done and then they went to Mass. How come I can't go????? Must be a lot of fun they go every week. I took a short nap and when they got home, we made dinner and cleaned up and went for another walk. PHew!!! was I ever tired

Good think we went to bed Early.

Sunday I got to go with them and we went to four stores and TWO pupper stores!!! I saw lots and lots of other puppers. Boy I had a dog gone good time sniffing and sniffing and sniffing. One dog, growled and tried to bite me, but Dad saved me and I just whined a little NOT much a LITTLE, Dad said thats ok young man, and Mom said, poor little dog it must have been very very abused. It had a really nasty cut on its nose and they were trying to get it adopted. I hope it finds a home as nice as mine.

Tomorrow I am going to tell you Mom and Dad put a cover on this futony thingy and how pooped they were when they got done, but right now, I got to go to bed, I AM POOPED. Besides everything else, it has been raining since yesterday night when Dad was going to have a fire on the deck, but boom it started to rain and is still raining!!!!!!

Oh well, maybe when I wake up it will have quit.


Beenie Babys

August 16th 2007 9:40 am
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Oh goody, Mom took the Beany babies out of the locked space last night, Finally I get to chew on something that is more fun....

OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO She put them in a glass cabinet with a door on it and I can't open it no matter how hard I try.....

PHOOEY...... Mom said, it will look nice in here. Who cares how it looks??? not me. So now they have some sort of a table???? I can't figure out what is going on.

Dad says its Mom's room, I sure don't see Mom in it very often. Plus they keep talking about the cover for the futony thing that is coming. What the heck does that mean??????

New curtains, a wood frame that they won't let me chew on and a towery thing with drawers???????? what next?

Dad says I have my own room, and I kinda sorto do.... It's my little crate where I sleep. I love that room, it all mine and I can go in it any time I want and I can sleep or just relax, so I guess he is right. Now we all have our own little rooms.

OH YEAH, I was 10 months old yesterday. Mom says I am getting to be quite a young man. OOOOOOOOOO I love Mom and Dad


The Queeky and us

August 15th 2007 11:42 am
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Everyone Mom has talked to has asked her to show everyone the story she wrote about my Queeky, so here it is:::::

Sunday night Rocky was playing with his favorite thing in the whole world. It a squeaky, a bladder type thing that he got out of a stuffed toy. He walks around with it in his mouth and squeaks and squeaks and chews, (very lightly I guess, no holes in it so far and he has had it about a month) and then he puts it away till he wants it again.

We used to worry about him, but not any more, he also finds the tiniest things you can imagine, like teeny screws and rolls them around in his mouth for hours before he finally spits them out. We think it might be because he was alone so very much for the first 4 months and probably had no toys so he keeps what he finds. We gave him lots of toys, but he still loves that the most.

Anyhow, we were all out on the deck and Rocky is happily chewing and its getting dark, I told DIck, I am going to go in and take a shower, too dark to read, just as we both got up, Rocky dropped his squeaky through a hole on the deck, down about 4 1/2 feet. Of course, we can't reach it, the way the deck is, there is only one way and that is to crawl on your hands and knees under the deck with all the nice bugs, creepy crawlees and spiders.

So in the house we go and Rocky stands at the door leading outside and starts to whimper and whine and whine and whimper. Lord in heaven....I got in the shower and got out and I don't see Dick, I start to look for him finally go out the door just in time to see him rounding the corner of rhe housecoming toward me with a rake in his hand.

You aren't going under that deck are you??? Don't worry, he says, I just turn the flashlights on and Rocky will go when he sees the squeek. I just looked at him.. Rocky won't even go under the bed!!!

So here is my darling husband, on his hands and knees crawling under the deck. Me holding one flashlight on the deck shining it down the hole so he can find this squeeky, (which is about 1"square). And he is crawling under the deck the other flashlight in his hands. Then he says "hand me the rake". I push the rake toward him, our deck is about 18' long underneath, he grabs the rake and finally gets the squeaky on the end of the rake and then he proceeds to crawl backwards shoving the rake behind him, his butt following.

Of course, Rocky is standing there very interested in whats going on but go under the deck????? NO WAY.

Dick gets out from under the deck finally, we go in the house and on the way to shower, he gives Rocky his squeaky. Rocky is now a happy dog and doing a joy dance, and I have a husband covered with cobwebs, dirt, leaves, pebbles, etc.

And people say, do you really love that dog??????

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