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Rocky a Puggle

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September 17th 2007 2:57 am
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WOW what a weekend. Friday night, we straightened up the house and Mom and Dad went across the street to a bonfire. Dad was helping Mr. Andy to set up for tomorrow. I guess the subdivision is having a party. Mom said a subdivision is what they call a whole lot of houses built by the same person. OH
So then we went to bed but Mom and Dad smelled all smokey?

When we got up Saturday, Dad went to work for a little bit and Mom went shopping for a few things. When she got back we went for our walk. Guess what I saw! Mr. Andy had this big black box in the street and it was round on the top and he said Rocky, look, I looked and Oh Oh Oh, there was a huge pig growing round and round and there was a fire underneath it. It had and apple in its mouth!
Jeepers I never saw anything like that before...

Then Mom and I went back across the street and I helped her dust and vacuum, (Mom says I didn't help I just got in the way) No I really really helped. Then Mom and Dad went to Mass and when they got back, we went for a walk. Boy is it cold out.....

Then they got re-dressed. Mom had jeans on and a long sleeves silk undershirt and then a turtleneck and then a sweatshirt with a hood and gloves in the pocket!! I told you it was cold......

Mom and Dad had already taken a huge salad across the street and boy were there ever good smells coming from there. We went out again and Mom and Dad gave me a chew and they disappeared across the street.

Music, smells, lots of people and I think I saw puppers. I want to go,,, I started to bark but they didn't hear me too much noise, so I went in the backyard and barked at the kitchen door, but no one came. Then all of a sudden there were Mom and Dad and they said, ok Rocky if you can behave we are going to take you over we're done eating now.

HOW FUN!!! Babie, and Sophie, and Lucy and Chelseigh and Mack were all there already. They were all being so good. I figured I better be good to. Oh look my favorite humans, little people about 12 of them all different and all little. One couldn't walk he was still crawling... I love little people, except they all of a sudden get BIG.

Wow, time for bed, I'm still pooped from the weekend.



September 12th 2007 11:05 am
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Mom just got a note saying that my diary is DIARY OF THE DAY!!!!
Hooray, Maybe I can get lots more friends.

I love Dogster.

Mom and Dad said it was Fall???? I don't see anything falling. Wait a minute yes I do, now that the nuts have stopped falling the leaves are starting to fall.

Mom n Dad also said they hope there is a lot of color this year. What kind of color? I'm trying to learn my colors, but I only know them when somebody says look at that blue sky...

Anyhow, I was kinda sorta getting sick of hot hot hot and sticky.

Now that its Friday, Dad and me spent the morning doing errands, me in the front seat of the truck..... HOORAY

Then we worked really really hard outside. Blowing leaves, trimming bushes, and Dad is taping the trees???

Have no idea why oooooooo he just said, I am taping the trees Rocky so when the leaves are done falling, I can take them down because they died.

How sad, But Dad said this way we will have a little more sun and if I cut them down they won't fall on the house or the driveway.

Good thinking Dad.

Time for my nap



September 11th 2007 12:17 pm
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Boy is it getting cool out. Mom even shut the kitchen window near my bed, (but I think that is because I bark at the Raccoons). Even the fan got turned off the other night.

Wonder if this is the Fall Mom keeps talking about. She told Dad today that they have to get the fireplace cleaned. I looked, it looks ok to me.

I remember the fire last year, I liked looking at it.
Mom says she likes all the times of the year, but Fall and Spring are her absolute favorites, Fall I guess because of the cider, apples, pies, YUM, and hot tea, stew, chili, pot roast.

I know its been way way toooooo hot for her to have the oven on, but me I will eat anything :D



September 11th 2007 2:41 am
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I guess we are back to normal???

Sure seems quiet in here. Of course Mom and Dad went back to work, so I have the day to sleep. Not sure I like that, but I do have my family back so I guess its ok.

I am almost 11 months old. Mom reminded me when she said, No bark, no bite, no chew, you're too old for that............oh

Dad and I are having sorta kinda fun today, he spent the morning getting brakes on Mom's car. Have no idea what that means, but Dad said, we have to keep you and Mom and me safe, don't we??


Whatever it takes, I don't want to lose anyone in my family because of bad brakes, whatever they are.

You won't believe what Dad did next?? He took all the chair seats off of the chairs in the eating area???? What the heck for?????

Then he put them in the car with this huge roll of stuff and said, Come'on
Rocks we are going for a ride....... WHOPEE, you sure don't have to ask me two times.

We went to this ladies house and she took all the chair bottoms and that big huge roll...... HEY what are we supposed to sit on?????

We got back in the car, stopped at the store, we always stop at the store, and we came home..... Now what do they sit on, I keep wondering.....

I know there are stools at the counter, but the chairs look funny with no bottoms. Hmmmmm

I am sniffing around the table and sniffing around, sure enough no bottoms, Dad didn't buy any new ones.

Finally Dad said, Rocky stop that, they are coming back, don't worry, they will have nice new pretty covers on them.

OOOOOOOO I can't wait.



September 8th 2007 10:14 am
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Holy Cow! Auntie Gail and Uncle Bill came and boy oh boy did we do a lot!!
We had a big barbque on Thursday night, Dads famous ribs. They smelled so good.

Auntie Gail fussed and fusses over me. When we got up Friday we went to the store and everything, Auntie Gail and Uncle Bill went to visit a friend, so Dad and Mom and me played and walked and everything then Mom and Dad took me to a place and said see you in two days Rocky and they left.....

I was sooooooo afraid, but man were they ever nice to me and I had my own bed. They even took me in a car ride to a nifty place with LOTS of other puppers and we had such a good time. They gave me a neat bath and cut my nails, and all of a sudden Mom and Dad were back picking me up and Uncle Bill and Auntie Gail were gone......

Mom said, they had to fly back to California Rocky but we had such a good time at the wedding and the dinner and the brunch (not sure what a brunch is, but they liked it). Mom said, I won't eat for a week......

We were all sooooooo tired that Mom and Dad almost didn't take me for a walk, but they did and we went to bed at 9:00 which is really early, but I was so glad to sleep in my o wn bed.......



September 4th 2007 5:33 pm
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Man o Man, I can't wait to meet Aunt Gail and Uncle Bill. Thats all Mom and Dad talk about. We need to get this ready. Do you t hink she will like that.

Thursday night we are having this for dinner. How do you think she will like that. What do you think Bill likes?


Oh, bother, she must be somethign else!! Of course I know she is really nice. She has to be, she is Dad's sister. Maybe that is why all the fuss, no Dad just said, you would do this if the mailman was coming to dinner. Mom likes to fuss........... I keep telling her, fuss over me, fuss over me, fuss over me, and I gues she sorta kinda does, but SHE could do more. Ask me : D

Dad was talking about a dinner a wedding and a brunch. I guess they are going to do all that this weekend. WOW!! I can't wait that is going to be fun.

I think....... I am not sure what any of that is, but I bet its fun...

Guess what...... now its Wednesday and I forgot to finish this yesterday, so I will just continue on....

We went out this morning so I could do my business and Mom had the flashlight like she has ever since it started to be dark in the morning... So she is walking next to me and shining the light so I don't fall I guess, and I couldn't see!!!! I think Mom got the cotton balls that she uses to clean my ears and dumped them all outside. HOLY COW..... It's all white cotton outside....
Wonder what is going on ........

I finally found the grass and snifffed around. Good thing I have a nose or I would have been lost......

Jeepers, wonder what happened. Mom said, weird isn't it Rocky? Man o man, then all of a sudden we stepped into a clear spot. Mom must have forgotten to put cotton balls in this spot. I could actually see a tree.

Oh Oh, hang on there, here comes something, its a ............ I don't know what it is, but its coming at me... Growl growl GRRRRRRRR Hang on Mom I will protect you. Grrrrrrrrr bark bark bark.

Rocky, Mom said, Quiet you will wake the neighbors.

I didn't care, I was going to protect Mom. I jumped and jumped trying to get it, Mom was laughing???????? Whats funny ?????????

Rocky, Mom said, that is just a fog wisp, watch, and she waved her hand and it DISAPPEARED!!! Wow. Mom is Magic.......

Guess I don't have to protect her from the fog, but it better watch out, if I think its going to hurt her I will get it....

I'm going in to take a nap before Dad gets up, Mom has to leave for work any how......


Weekends are wonderful

August 31st 2007 4:55 am
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After today, Mom says she is home for three days in a row!!! Gee I wonder why? Oh never mind she said Monday is a holiday called Labor Day. LABOR DAY???? Does that Mean we are going to do Labor?? Gee, I thought maybe we could just play around.

I guess Dad has to work part time two of the days, but he is usually home for my nightime walk, so thats good.

Mom says these are the best days, low humidity (not sure what that means) and temperatures only in the high 70's and low 80's. I guess I like that, because I sure love being outside the last 2 days and I can't wait till Dad gets home this afternoon so I can play some more....

Dad and Mom and me went shopping Saturday, we looked at all kinds of things, but mostly we just window shopped. That is sooooooo fun. People want to pet me and Iwant to be petted, so I loved it.

Saturday night it got so cool out that Mom put a sweater on while she bar b qud a steak. Boy did it smell good!

On Sunday, Mom and Dad went to Art Beats and Eats a fun thing in downtown Pontiac, it was really hot Mom said, but they were home early and Dad put a roast on the grill and we did a lot of work around the house. Auntie Gail and Uncle Bill are coming soon and Mom wants her to love the house. I think she will after all I live here....

Mom and I relaxed on Monday, Dad had to work, so I played outside and Mom cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, I didn't think the house was dirty, but I guess it is. Then Mom combed me and when Dad got home we ate cleaned up went for a walk, and Dad was on the computer and Mom was so tired she went to bed.

Nice weekend though. It was fun for me to have them home for 3 days instead of two.


Thunder Storm Again

August 29th 2007 4:49 pm
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Gee whiz, another Thunder Storm, I don 't think I like them very much: (

There was this really really loud CRACK and light jumped up in front of us when we were out for our walk. I barked and started running back to the house. Dad and Mom said, hey there, its ok Rocky lets watch it.

We got back to the house and Mom and Dad sat on the chairs on the front porch and BAM, BOOM, ZING, BINGO, but it was just a really soft rain, you would have thought it would be a downpour, but nooooo just a gentle rain.

Mom and Dad kept petting me and massaging me and telling me, its ok Rock, we won' t let anything happen to you. It felt soooooooo good. Finally I wasn't toooo scared anymore, but was I going to tell Mom and Dad???

Not me, I LOVE attention.... I LOVE to be petted and I LOVE being with Mom and Dad.

Mom was happy because she could turn off the air conditioner.

Maybe tomorrow I can spend more time outside. I like being outside but when its so hot I have to come back in and Mom and Dad don' t like it that hot either.

Dad said, do you remember when you first got here and we had fires in the fire place? Well pretty soon young man, we are going to do that again.

I'm not sure I remember what he is talking about guess I will have to wait and see.



August 29th 2007 2:37 am
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My human sis Ashleigh emailed Mom and Dad yesterday and she loves U.T. and college in general. Mom said when we go for Thanksgiving I can probably meet her and Chelseigh, Miss Beth and Mr. Kevin and Bailey.

I guess Bailey is bigger than me, but Mom said he is so gentle. They have a kitty named Autumn. I can't wait.

Guess what!! Ash emailed Mom and Dad again. As busy as she is with college and studies!!! Wow were Mom and Dad pleased.

Heck I wish I knew how to email....... I would send everyone I know emails and tell them I love them.

Ash told Mom to pet me for her. Wiggle wiggle wiggle, Yaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

I love to be petted just like Bailey.

Mom said Ash and her sister Chels are really really smart. I MUST take after them.....

Bed time....



August 28th 2007 4:02 am
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How come I am always hungry?? I could eat all day long. Mom and Dad said the doctor said I am getting plenty of food and they have to be careful I don't get to heavy....... heavy???? What is heavy?

I don't understand humans, they use words I don't know and expect me to understand what they are talking about. I can usually figure out what is going on though I AM pretty smart. Like what happened this morning.....

Mom came out in the kitchen and got me my breakfast. We went out and I took care of my business and we came in..... then, Mom said, come on Rocky we are going to go get Dad up, Dad up???? Are you nuts??? He hates to get up early Mom, but she just marched down the hall with a mug of coffee for Dad and walked in the bedroom.
Hah, Dad was already up in the bathroom. OOOOO Mom said you remembered. Remembered what? Dad said. The Eclipse Mom said. Uh nope I forgot, just woke up. Hurry Mom said, get dressed, the eclipse has started, Rocky and I saw it. Me???? eclipse, I have no idea what she is talking about....

Dad gets dressed they get my leash and out the garage we go to stand in front of the house. Mom has a flashlight, I guess because it is sooooo dark. Her and Dad are staring at the sky........not me it gives me a pain in the neck to look up like that.

They start talking about the moon rotating around the earth rotating around the sun and my head starts to rotate. See what I mean???? Who can follow that conversation??? Do they bother explaining????? NOPE.

All I know is that it is getting darker out. Now I am really confused. The sun comes up in the morning.... The moon goes down...... That much I know. How come its getting darker. Finally I do look up and HOLY COW The moon is disappearing. No wonder its getting dark.. Gee whiz, well at least they can't say I lost the moon, I can't even reach it.

Mom and Dad don't seem the least little bit worried. Dad is drinking coffee and Mom is just looking. Seems like we were out there an awfully long time. Then, wow! The moon is starting to come back and shine, Mom and Dad stood there for a little longer and then we started back into the house.

Gee they are weird.... No one else was even up, much less outside!!

But then I saw it, a flutterby, right by me, it was white. I started leaping up in the air to catch it so we could play, but I kept missing it. Dad said, Rocks leave the poor moth alone. Its just trying to get to the light.

Moth? Whats a moth? Last time I saw one of those things flying, Mom said, look Rocky a flutterby, Dad said, don't tell him that its a Butterfly, Mom said, I told the kids when they were little it was a flutterby and they grew up smart. So I guess its a flutterby, I really don't care, I just want to play with it.

Now I am ready to go back to bed!!! Heavens !!! Humans are crazy...

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