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Rocky a Puggle

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December 3rd 2007 5:24 am
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It is nasty out. Wind is so strong that Mom couldn't go for her afternoon walk, she started out and the wind hit her in the back of the knees and down she went. She was telling Dad at the dinner table. He said with the weather like this why are you walking? She said, you know I walk every day at lunch....... I don't think she will be doing it for awhile though...

If you look at my new pictures you can see Ashleigh, Chelseigh, Bailey, Kevin and Beth and then the picture that is sideways is Bailey and me....

Mom has to fix that one.

I wish I was back in Tennessee...... Miss Ash emailed Mom yesterday and told her she is pretty sure she will be getting really good marks. I KNEW IT!!! HEr and her sister are scary smart!!!!!

Mom and Dad are soooooooooooooooo proud of them, me too... : D

new day and its a little nicer. At least that wind quit blowing so hard. I don't like the wind blowing like that!!!!

Got to run, Mom says she has a bone for me.... I was wondering about that, I could smell the soup and I thought she might have one, Thanks heavens I was right!!!! Hooray


Thanksgiving Day week

December 2nd 2007 11:32 am
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I GOT TO GO TO Tennessee.

It was sooooooooooooooooo f un. I stayed at farm for two days while Mom and Dad and everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving and went and visited the Biltmore Mansion, but I had a blast!!!! Mr. Ray gave me lots of goodies and I got to play with lots and lots of other puppers. It was warm and sunny and gorgeous!!! I also got to stay in a hotel on the way to Tennessee with Mom and Dad.

Really cool, I slept in my bed next to theirs.... happy happy me.

I finally got to meet Ashleigh, Chelseigh, (my cousins I think ) Beth, Mom and Dad's youngest human, her husband Kevin and BAILEY, I LOVE Bailey, she is a 8 year old yellow lab and she is sooooooooooooo fun. I think I pooped her out. I slept in my bed upstairs next to Momand Dad's bed. I wanted to stay but we finally had to go home. : (

But Bethie and Kev said I can come back!!!! HOORAY HOORAY.

Then we drove straight back without stopping and even though it was long, it was good to get home. I got out of the car and there was SNOW on the ground......

Good heavens we went from 64 degrees down to 21 in a 12 hour ride, said Mom.

I am still trying to get caught up on my sleep. Bailey pooped me out more than I pooped her out.

Since I have been back we have had more snow, but today Mom made cookies and pretty soon Dad will be home. I am sooooooooooooo excited.

I have a few more pictures up and Bailey is in some.

Oh yeah, guess who else I saw??????? Uncle Bob and Aunt Leslie. I love them and they liked me.....

Ash and Chels are so darn pretty and Mom says they are very very smart. They loved me too.

I must be really special to have all those people love me. Now I know what Thanksgiving is, and boy am I thankful!!!



November 13th 2007 5:30 am
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Mom and Dad got a new bedroom set today. No wonder they painted and Dad did the floors and they have the upper downer shades coming.

WOW!!! Is it pretty its a Queen size bed but the dressers are smaller and it really looks cool. Mom said maybe this spring she will get a comforter or something so it looks dressed up????

Now she said they are looking for a rug. The best news is that they cleaned out their old clothes Mom said.

Boy it sure takes them a long time to put everything away. They are still at it and its been two days.

Guess what happened last night???? After Mom got home from work and fed me and we went for a walk. It was so warm she walked out on the back porch and she called Dad and said, come here please so Dad and I go out on the back porch and Mom says can you smell the gas? and Dad who Mom says can never smell anything says oh my Gosh, Yes!

So Dad called the gas company and Mom called the neighbors and they ALL smelled gas so they started calling..... so all of us were outside walking around and all the puppers were out and finally the gas company came, and they have sniffers!!!!!

Now I have a sniffer but this is different. A guy holds it and waves it back and forth and they can tell where the smell is coming from.

Anyhow they told us that the smell was caused by a company 7 yep SEVEN miles away. A company that makes ashphalt tiles. I guess the Gas company got something like 500 calls in less than 10 minutes talking about smelling gas. They traced it to the Ashphalt company and made them close.

WOW. What a lot of excitement!!! Then the wind picked up and blew the smell away and everyone went back into their houses and Mom and Dad ate dinner, It was really late, I went to bed, but when Mom went to sit down, I came and sat with her, actually I slept on her till bed time.



November 12th 2007 5:15 am
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Mom and Dad are still sleeping in the other room. Shawn finished the painting and it is such a pretty shade of light basil. Gee I love it, so does Mom and Dad. All Mom has done in her spare time lately is get pictures together for her brothers and sisters. I guess she found some on an old piece of film and when she had it remade at the drug store, it turned out to be a picture of Grandma and Grandpa Meloche on the day they got married. They didn't have a reception because Grandma O'Grady was mad at Mom because Uncle Martin had died and she wanted them to wait. They decided not to wait so they got married and had dinner at Grandma Meloches house and then went to their apartment. These two pieces of film turned out to be a picture of Grandma and Grandpa Meloche (Mom's parents) sitting at their apartment in the kitchen. With GrandDad eating soup with his Arm around GrandMom.

The other picture is a picture of GrandMom washing a cast iron pan in the sink. They sure had funny looking sinks. Mom says they used to hang a curtain across the front of the sink the sink didn't come all the way to the floor and behind the curtain they put their soap and cleanser.

They really look happy. Mom was soooooo thrilled to find the pictures. She sent some to Pam and gave Dori. Jim, and Magie some and she is going to send the rest of the kids pics too.

I guess they are going to get their new furniture tomorrow. Dad made the floor in the bedroom all shiny and really pretty.

Dad and I are leaving to put carrots or corn or apples up where Dad wants to deer hunt. I am so excited..... I have never been up in the woods. hooray can't wait to go.

Gotta go get ready. More later..........



November 9th 2007 8:48 am
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Wow, Shawn came over with another guy and they painted Mom and Dads bedroom what Mom calls Sage green. Very very cool. Shawn is coming back in the morning because he ran out of paint.

It doesn't smell too bad either. Sometimes when Dad paints it stinks!!

Shawn came back and finished the paint but the bedroom set disappeared into the garage...... Mom and Dad are sleeping on the nifty futon with the really thick mattress. Mom said she sleeps better there than in her bed. Dad said, just wait????

Wonder what they are going to do with all that room in there and there are still dressers in the den and the extra bathroom......

Oh well, I don't care Dad and I are going to Kohls, the drug store, the bank, Linens and More and I think the Post Office. What a fun afternoon. Hooray for me!!



November 6th 2007 4:36 am
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Jeepers it has started to get a lot colder. This must be what they mean about winter. I love the fire in the fireplace that we had on the weekend, guess we get to have those now that its becoming winter. I like that.

Mom did it again last night. She loves this new oven, but she accidently turns the oven off instead of the timer. She has done it twice, but this time she realized it right away and just turned the oven back on..... She says Rocky there is always a learning curve.....

I must have a lot of curves because I learn all the time.

Man all of a sudden there is all k inds of activity going on. Dad took out dresser drawers and they are in the den and the other bedroom and in the guest bathroom.?????? Whats going on. They never tell me anything.

Shawn came over and said see you in the morning??? Oh oh, Dad just took the bedrooom set apart and he told Mom in the morning Shawn will help him move it to the garage. I wonder if we are going to move? I hope not.

We will see tomorrow.


Still in a Halloween mood.

November 2nd 2007 4:24 am
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I am still tired this morning but boy was that fun!!

Next year maybe Mom will let me dress up!! People have so much fun, but I still like being a puppers...... Dad and I did more leaves again today and we are going to do more tomorrow. MAN there sure are a heck of a lot of them.

Mom said she has to go to the store early on Saturday morning, but I can't go because she is going to be trying on shoes!!!! BOY am I glad I don't have to wear shoes. I n notice this morning when we went out Mom had a heavy coat on and yep, it was colder this morning..

Sorry I just got too tired to finish this yesterday. Dad had to work tonight so Mom said we will have the fire tomorrow. Still raking leaves!!!

This weekend was fabulous, we had a fire, we ate good. and BOY did we go for rides in the car!!! Mom got me a new collar for walks, and I love it, it dosen't choke me. We had so much fun and I got to go to PetSmart too.....

How fun!!! Still more leaves..... Mom said, see Rocky and you thought it was fun to chase leaves the first few days. I heard her tell Miss Liz that so far they have put out 80 bags and they are not done. And they don't rake the back of the yard where we see the deer. HOLY COW!!!!

Guess what..... This HUGE bird flew into our backyard and got one of the chipmonks. Mom felt soooooo bad, but Dad said, honey don't worry its all part of Gods plan its food.

Dad said it was a hawk and man o man it was HUGE!! Mom said she never knew they came that close to the house. Dad said usually they don't... We watched it for about 20 minutes till it flew away. BOY for abird that big it sure has a tiny head!!!

Whew, what a weekend. Saw and did everything!!!!!



October 30th 2007 4:27 am
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Boy, we have been doing so much lately I'm tired and that doesn't often happen. Dad had to work tonight, but at least he was home for part of the day. Mom was home at night cool.

Tonight is HALLOWEEN not exactly sure what that is, but I think it has something to do with the scarecrows Dad put out in front, and the weird looking bats and pumpkins all over the place.

Dad is helping Mr. Steve fix his garage door now, and then we are going to make sure the leaves are gone from the front walk so the "little people" can come up the walk to the door. Little people? What the heck is Mom talking about?????

MAN!!!! What a night!!!! Ghost, Goblins, Mary Poppins, Bunny Rabbits, Cowboys, Indians, Fat ladies, Shrek, Ratatouille..... man......... along with things I have never seen before and some I don't want to see again, they all came to our door to get candy.....

I have never BARKED so much.... Mom was kinda mad, but I wanted to go out and play with the "little people" but Mom wouldn't let me: (

I guess this kind of stuff happens every year... MAN!! I wanted to go soooooo bad. I saw one puppers all dressed up, how come I couldn't?

Oh well, I sure am tired now. Think I will go to bed.



October 29th 2007 5:16 am
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Dad got Mom's new oven in just about 3 hours before Bill and Joyce got here. It was touch and go for a little while. Friday night Dads ribs and coleslaw and other stuff was a real hit. Wish they would let me have some......

Saturday morning was hysterical...... Mom decided to make her famous blueberry sour cream muffins. Sooooo Mom set the heat she said, and she was telling Dad and Auntie Joyce oh look its at 100 and climbing, so it gets to 425 and Mom pops in the muffins, Dad says are you going to set the timer? Oh right, Mom says this one works, so she sets the timer and promptly turns everything off......... OOOOOPPPPPPSSSS she says and starts all over. does it a second time. finally she gets it right and the muffins cook!!

At supper time, she is going to broil the steaks in the new oven. She got the broiler on ok and once again as she is trying to set the timer for the first side, she turns everything off again. Starts it up again, at least this time she only did it once : D She started to laugh and said, man I should have read the directions, I didn't think Convection ovens would be so different. Actually Dad said they are not the biggest problem is that the old oven had no timer that worked and the heat was way off so everything was check, nope not done shut the door and wait. This one when the timer says its done, ITS DONE!!

What a concept Mom said. HUH??????????? whats a concept....... oh well.

Sunday was easy. Mom got out her griddle and fixed bacon, sausages, eggs, and also juice and fruit and toast. WOW!!! Mom and Dad never eat THAT much!!

Then I spent most of yesterday outside helping Dad and Uncle Bill blow and rake leaves. I ran through the biggest pile and Bill laughed and Dad yelled...... I thought it was pretty funny too, but I guess Dad had to re rake.

Mom said after the breakfast you had, you should be raking......

So I helped some more. Man am I tired. Bill and Joyce left and I got to go to the store with Mom and Dad. NICE!!!!!! and I got a bone!!!!! Mom and Dad said I was so very very good. Wasn't that nice.

All I got to remember is NOT to jump.

I'm going to bed, what a long day BUT FUN



October 26th 2007 5:01 am
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The Canadians are coming The Canadians are coming@!!!

Dad's cousin Bill and his wife Joyce are coming for the weekend. They will be here tonight. Mom and Dad are so happy. They have been wanting them to come for a long long time.

I know they are having Dads ribs for dinner with coleslaw and bread and small potatoes, and sorbet for desssert. YUM!!!!!!

I think they will have snacks too.....

Tomorrow, since the oven is NOW IN I think we will have blueberry muffins for breakfast mmmmmmmmmmmm it will smell sooooooo good in here.

I know they are having steak for dinner tomorrow and NO I don't get any, but if I am really good I may get one of the bones Mom has in the fridge.

Oh I love company, I get lots and lots of attention.

I was bad last night. I ate a pillow again. Mom was sooooooooooo upset and she found her blouse and sock in my toy drawer........ but I was lonesome for her, so I grabbed it off the floor, she wasn't here........ Dad was busy, but I didn't chew it. SO I was kinda good and KINDA naughty.

BUT I am only 1.........

Please God help me to be good this weekend. I want Mom and Dad to be sooooo proud of me.

I will let you know how the visit goes.....

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