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Rocky a Puggle

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February 4th 2008 4:51 am
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Man Oh Man Oh Man. Yesterday was so fun. Mom made snacks and David and Cathi came over and they played and played with me, especially David.
Everytime they went out for a smoke, I got to go..... FUN FUN FUN and it was nice out.

Tracker came over twice and I ran and ran with him. Then the game started and all of a sudden, Dad and David stopped playing with me and started yelling off and on at the TV set.

It looked ok to me but they were yelling at it. And I told you it is new and its soooooo big. Then I figured it out. .... They were saying hooray because of the game and the way it was going....

Then every time they took a break, they played with me some more :D :D

I was getting kind of tired and I went to sit down by Mom with my new toy that Mom got me this morning and I started to fall asleep and they yelled again because of what was going on........

Soooooooooooooooo I never went to bed till almost 11 pm Mom said, when David and Cathi left...... Jeepers

I really must have been tired because this morning Mom got up and got dressed like she always does.

She went out to the kitchen and then she went out and got the paper and came back and I kinda sorta heard her, but I was just tooo tired to get up, so I never moved.

Next thing I know I hear food hitting my bowl, so I get up and go down the hall and only Dad is there. Mom had gone to work!!!!!! I couldnt' believe that I slept that long. WoW.

Then Dad and me took out the trash and fed the birds, and I am going back for another nap.


This week to Super Sunday

February 3rd 2008 7:57 am
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Well, here we go again. More snow. But its not as bad as they said it would be
Mom wasn’t sure she would be able to get out for work this morning, but it was ok, not as bad as New Years Day.

Dad got to use his snowblower again. I think he has used it more than he used the lawn mower all summer…..

I got to play with Tracker yesterday and the other night a lot. The other night I was worried about him. It was cold. Mom said 8 degrees and Tracker had been out almost 3 hours and he was crying and crying but Mr. Steve never let him in. Mom got on the phone and boy was she mad……. Mr.Steve said he forgot… How can you forget??

But yesterday when Tracker was here he looked ok, and we played a lot it was warmer yesterday. Today when Dad got done snow blowing we went to the store and Dad said he was going to build a fire for Mom tonight. I LOVE fires.
That must mean that tonight is Friday night, HOORAY. That means that Mom and Dad relax tonight and we sit and enjoy the fire and the new TV.

Oh Oh Oh I forgot to tell you, we have a new TV. Yep. It’s a Sony and its HDTV and I don’t know what that means, but I know Mom and Dad have wanted a new TV since way way way before I was born….. Dad said it was time and I guess he got a good price on it, at least the seems happy. Mom likes it and if they are happy I am happy. The old TV you had to use the remote to turn on and off and the sound was going, so I guess it was time.

Cathi and David are coming Sunday for some of Dad’s famous ribs, and coleslaw and Cathi is bringing pie and then we are all watching the Super Bowl., whatever that is. Mom said she has lots of snacks…. Huh….. I hope its something to eat and I get some.

Mom said tomorrow is Groudhog day…. What the heck does that mean. Does that mean that the fat little groundhog that lives under Mr. Roger’s deck has his
Own day??? I don ‘t have my own day. ….. I gotta find out more about this groundhog day thing.

I guess its no big deal. Iguess he comes out of his hole and if he sees his shadow its 6 more weeks of winter. He sure didn't see it here, its overcast.

OK NOW ITS HERE SUPER BOWL SUNDAY. Cathi and David are coming oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!!!

More later



January 28th 2008 5:29 am
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I spent almost all day outside today!!! It is still cold, but it was warmer today and Trackers Dad let Tracker out for almost the whole day so he was over here and we played and played and played.

Then Mom and Dad and me went to the store, after we got home Dad was wiring something and they they called my sis Ashleigh again. She had to have her tonsils out on Friday and they keep checking to make sure she is ok.

I know she is cause, she is healthy and she has a great human sis Chelseigh that will help take of her and my Beth and Kevin Ashleighs human parents would never let anything happen to her.

Bailey my cousin, he's a yellow lab, and Autumn the kitty will keep her company till she can go back to college.

Mom and Dad are moving furniture and changing the rug in the family room, gee I wonder why. Mr.Andy came over and helped Dad move the TV from one corner of the room to the other corner. Then Mom and Dad moved the couch around and the love seat too. STRANGE!!! Maybe we are having company???? OOOOOOOOO I LOVE company!!!!!!

I can't believe I am so tired. Mom was laughing at me, she said Rocky you collapsed you must have really really run your little legs off today. I looked and my legs are still there, but boy are they tired legs.

We sat down to read and all of a sudden Dad said Rocky bedtime, I was soooooooooooo sleepy I really really didn't want to go out and pee but Dad took me out I peed, we came in and all I remember is walking down the hall and laying down on my pillow and then Mom got up and went into the bathroom and when I opened my eyes again, she was dressed for work!!!! What happened to night????

I followed her down the hall and she fed me breakfast and we went and got the paper and I took care of my business and I came in and went right into my little house, (I was too tired to make it down the hall), and I went right back to sleep........

Mom went to work, maybe some day she can sleep in too........nighty night.



January 28th 2008 5:15 am
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Man what a week and weekend. The whole week, was cold, cold, snow, cold, cold, sleet!! BUT come Friday night and I couldn't wait, my fire night, and guess what MOM and DAD went out!!!!!

How do you like that????? They were home before bed and we got some Rocky time on the couch but I wanted my fire. Oh well, I slept on the floor near there bed, but I sure woke up early. Mom and Dad left so maybe I have my days wrong, but I was pretty sure I counted 7 days and it should be Saturday???? Well Dad left for work and soon Mom left so I curled up for a nap. Before I knew if Mom was home and she looked a little different.

HMMMMMMM OH I see her hair is different. It is a little darker Auburn and she got a great haircut and she looks great!!!!!! She was unloading some groceries so I helped her and we put stuff away. Then Dad came home and he told Mom she looked great too...

Mom finished getting the pasta salad ready for supper and she took chicken breasts an sliced them so they were thinner. Then off her and Dad went to Mass. I know they won't be gone long they go to Mass every week to pray for everyone and ME>

Man supper smelled good. They had hot chicken sandwhiches and pasta, and then Dad and Mom quick straightened up and we went in the family room and BUILT A FIRE!!!!!

My Dad makes the best fires in the whole wide world!!! Then we stayed up really late, reading them, getting petted and mushed over, me, and just had a really wonderful time...



Outside time

January 24th 2008 4:45 am
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Boy oh boy, I am getting really irritated. I haven't been outside much this week at all and its already Thursday!!

Between the snow and the ice and the YUCK Mom won't go out for very long and most of my pup friends don't come out except for just a few minutes. If it weren't for Tracker I wouldn't see anyone!! He is too little to know better. He is 4 months a nice Beagle and his Dad must think he has built in long underwear cause he is outside for hours. Mom called his Dad last night and told Mr. Steve, he is too little to be out this long and its too cold. It was 10 Mom said and the wind was really blowing. I was out for about 25 minutes and then I wanted in.....

I wish it would get a little longer, I love the snow and I love it outside BUT when it gets really nasty, Mom has to wash my feet with warm water because the ice stick between my toes and it hurts!!

MAN, and I thought I would love winter. Don't remembe last winter cause I was just a baby. Wonder how long before we get spring???

Mom took a new pictures of me last Friday take a look. Aren't I CUTE!!!!!

My Dad makes the bestest fires in the whole world. Last Friday night he made one I can't wait till this Friday night.

Maybe the fires are a good reason for winter, yep thats it. I don't remember having fires in the summer. Ok, guess I can stand winter for a little longer:D



January 23rd 2008 4:03 am
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We sure have been busy. Between snows Dad has been trying to keep the driveway clean so we don’t fall!! Mom and Dad use these ice creeper things that Dad found. Mom walks way better in them when we have ice.

Ya know I don’t mind ice but I HATE when it sticks on the web between my toes.

I have to lay down and work on them for a serious amount of time to get it all out, except when MOM takes me out. She usually remembers to wipe my feet and she even washes them if they put salt on the street.

We had a really really nice fire the other night. Must have been the weekend
Because we don’t have them in the middle of the week.

Dad keeps moving furniture around in the family room and I don’t know why. He took off the cover on the wall to see if he had a wire.

Had a wire, has he looked in the basement lately?????? He has all kinds of wires, I know cause sometimes I find a piece and I chew and chew and chew on it, then I put it back on the floor sometimes two or three days later and its nice and clean. : D I never swallow it and I don’t swallow the screws I find.

Anyway, Dad has all this fancy glass stuff and glasses piled in the room with the new fouton. I thought that was going to be MOM’ S room to relax in. Today he decided to move the cabinet that the glass goes in and he is putting it in the KITCHEN!!!!

I wonder why????

Tracker keeps coming over to play with me and sometimes Dad lets me out to play with him and other times he gets mad. Trackers Dad doesn’t watch him and poor Tracker, Mom said the other night it was 3 degrees out and Tracker was tied in Mr. Steve’s backyard for a couple of hours. He is just a 5 month old beagle and that was pretty cold.

Mom is hoping Tracker gets loose and someone comes and takes him to a nice house.

Got to run Dad is going back downstairs and I want to go.


A BIG SURPRISE and more snow.

January 15th 2008 5:13 am
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Wow. got up this m0rning and there is lots of snow. I didn't know we were going to get snow, don' t think Mom and Dad did either, they looked a little upset. Mom said, are you going to drive me to work so you can get the oil changed in the car? What does that mean???? Oil changed???? I never see oil on the car, maybe its in the trunk.... Dad has all kinds of STUFF in the trunk. Jacks, a tire, a soft sided cooler in case he buys something, and its hot out, an extra bowl and leash for me ; D a first aid kit.....

Ya know in all the time I have been here I don' t think he has ever used anything in the trunk...... Oh well, it must make him feel good.


Starting the night before last night I get to sleep on a pillow next to Mom and Dad's bed!!! HOOOOOOOORAYY FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is so nice. Last night I almost had to go into my kennel. The deer were in the back yard and I barked at them, it wasn't time for Mom to get up and she was not a happy person. Rocky QUIET. QUIET or you go in your house..

sooooooooo I stopped barking darn,,,,, those deer do not belong out there. They never come to play with me, just come to eat the corn Dad put out and Mom put out a rotten apple and I bet they ate that too. They better not touch my carrots!!!!!!!!

Mom got up and got ready for work, she has a bad cold and she said her chest hurt, and she sure coughed a lot last night. Then she fed me and we went out to get the paper. Thats when I found out how much snow we had. Wowee a lot. I love the snow, its fun. I don't think Mom likes it tooo much really early in the morning....

Mom had to go to work, but I have Dad all day to myself.

NICE DAY FOR ME. hugs, and arf everyone.......



January 9th 2008 4:55 am
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Boy Mom and Dad went back to work, but mostly its ok, because when Dad is here Mom is at work and when Mom is here Dad is at work and then they are home together.. So I guess its ok. Wish we could be all together all the time..

The snow started to melt and then four days ago it got really really warm.
Just like summer. Mom said it is 67 degrees Rocky! I don 't know what it is but the only thing I don' t like is the water.

The street looks like a lake after you cross a wide thing of ice. The huge piles of snow from the plows are starting to shrink... Then the next day and then yesterday it rained I mean it poured a lot!!!!!

Almost all the snow is gone and Mom and Dad and I have been walking and walking and its soooooo fun....

Dad has been working around the house and Mom seems to clean a lot, but I guess that is her job.

Tracker has been over to visit a lot. Mr. Steve doesn't seem to keep him home much, I love it, but Dad gets worried that Tracker will get hit by a car. He really dosen't have a lot of sense and his fence is not in yet.

Two more days and Mom and Dad will be home for the weekend which means lots of trips in the car and extra walks. Wonder what the weather will be like, seems like it is getting colder again!!


And the days go on

January 9th 2008 4:47 am
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I tell you, one of the reason's I have not been on here lately is the weather.

Mom comes down the hall and says HAPPY NEW YEAR! Rocky sweetie, and Dad comes and they feed me breakfast and ......................

are you ready for this?????.......... We opened the door and there was so much snow we couldn't see. Dad measured and we had 15 1/2"

Mom and I went out and tried to plow our bodies down the driveway. I LOVE SNOW!! Mom finally took off my collar and I jumped and jumped and ran and ran and ran. It was so deep in some places I ran under the snow. Man thats fun. Dad was trying to snow blow a path down the drive, but after 2 hours Mom made him stop.

We had so much fun. Built a huge fire, Went out a few times to play, it wasn't windy and I loved it. Mr. Todd from next door plowed us out just when it started to get dark..

Mom finally said, Rocky we have to go to bed, because I have to go back to work tomorrow.

WORK???????? Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOO You mean they won't be home every day any more??????????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO



December 31st 2007 10:07 am
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I sure hope this never ends. Mom and Dad have been home a whole lot lately. We have been taking walks when the weather is nice and having fires in the fireplace and lots of company.......

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Mom said tomorrow is New Years Day and it will be 2008 and every body is happy because we are going to start a brand new year.

I sure hope it is a prosperous, healthy new year for everyone. Yesterday we took down all the Christmas decorations and the lights, now the house looks sooooooooo empty.

But Mom is going to pick up some herbs and she is going to try to transplant her orchids. That will sure give color to the house.

Oh boy the sun just came out... hooray!!!! I hope it melts the ice I keep falling on . Mom says I shouldn't be falling cause I have four feet instead of just two, but poor Mom she slips all the time so if its slippery she won't take me out.

Dad just said lets go Rock so I have to sign out and go for my walk. HOORAY!!!!!! I LOVE DAD

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R E V E R Y O N E !!!!!!!!!

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