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Rocky a Puggle

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April 4th 2007 4:40 am
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I guess I must be doing something right!! I get a special nummy when I Poop outside now. How come they didnt' tell me this the first day? Jeepers are they good. Wonder if I can go more than twice a day.
Wonder where they get those nummies? Wonder what kind of a word nummy is...



April 4th 2007 4:50 am
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Well so far I have met, Baby, Lucy, Polly, Boots, Sophie, Red, Shadow, Gus, and dogs whose names I don't know. They all seem pretty cool. Mom lets me go slowly up to them, she waits while I sniff them and they sniff me. So far, they all seem nice except one, he seems jealous or some th ing.

The people around here all go ooooooo and ahhhhhh when they see me the first time, now they all know my name, and talk to me when I walk by. Mom won't let me stop and play with them all the time, I don't understand. I could play for hours and hours, I never get tired!!!

There are sure a lot of people and animals around here and I noticed they all run around their yards, but none of them walk around except me. They don't even leave their yards. I must be special.


still April 4,

April 4th 2007 11:13 am
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How come no one is home yet? I am getting really lonely. I don't mind my kennel, in fact I like it, but usually by now, I am running through the house!

Wonder what is going on. Bet they will be home soon, (editor note: Yep in less than an hour).

Thank goodness it is getting warmer, I LOVE being outside.



April 5th 2007 6:28 am
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What happened. I went outside and stepped into SNOW!!!! Almost 1/2" it was so nice the last couple of days.

I don't mind snow, but I like being outside and the kids come and talk to me, and they won't come when its like this. Besides they only come when I get ready to eat supper. I don't know what happens to them all day. I am ready to play but they get into this huge car thingy and disappear!

Maybe it will get nice and they will come over later. Ho hum, guess I will spend the day napping and chewing on my terry cloth bone. Maybe when Dad gets home he will play ball with me : )

Boy its still snowing!! Its not sticking too much but its still snowing!! It is almost Easter, all Moms little flowers are up. I think they are crocus, last year I guess she planted tulips and crocus and the deer and the rabbits ate every one as soon as they popped up. I heard her telling Dad that if that happened again this year, she was done planting!!


Still chilly

April 6th 2007 7:49 am
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It is still chilly out but not as bad as it was and hooray Dad is home!!! Yippee yippee. I heard Mom and Dad talking last night when I was supposed to be sleeping and I guess they are going to a funeral today, does not sound like a lot of fun. Glad I am not going.

I think I might be spending a lot of time in my bed today though. Oh well, what can you do.....

Mom said I am going to meet Uncle Jim on Sunday.. What is an Uncle Jim? Hope its something nice. I know there is an Uncle Bob and Aunt Pam but I have not met them either. Wonder what they are......

Oh well, Mom and Dad will protect me, they won't let anything hurt me so I am not tooo worried. Mom protected me when we heard that bang noise the other night. She just said, oh don't worry Rocky it is only the flap covering the exhaust fan in the kitchen. I wasn't scared the next time I heard it.

Mom and Dad are soo cool, and they have a nice house. My last house had two cars and garbage cans in it. I like this one better. My kennel is right inside the house!! I have windows all over the place, and squirrels, ,and racoons and deer and ducks and the other day 8 turkeys walked right through the backyard!!! Wow!!!



April 9th 2007 5:00 am
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Hooray, Mom and Dad are both home. Gee its nice, two people to try to trip and that will play with me.
Mom has been fixing cheesey potatoes, boy they smell good!! Every time I go to this certain room, there is food food and more food. I keep giving them the poor me look, but they don't give me anything. Poor me.

Tomorrow is Easter, Mom says she has a pretty dress for when she talks at Church, but she doesn't think she will wear it, it is still snowing.

This Uncle Jim person comes tomorrow.

Hmmmmmm should be interesting.



April 9th 2007 5:06 am
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Wow. Mom and Dad got up early, and left. Mom was wearing some sort of jumper thingy with a sweater and Dad was in a suit. They look so nice.

Oh gooody they are home. Here come the good smells again. Still no snacks, darn, Oh well, every time I go out and "do something" at least I get a snack then.

I love sniffing under the snow, and sniffing and sniffing, no one outside today to play with. I don' t understand. Mom says it is cold, I don't think its that bad!

Oh goody Uncle Jim came. Boy is he fun. He smell like he might know a dog, but I didn't see it. He throws balls, and everything. He is a better pitcher than Mom she is awful. I chased and chased and chased. They ate and all these good smells kept coming and coming.

Then we played some more...when Uncle Jim left I was really really tired I am after all only 5 1/2 mths old......Gee I was tired. I fell on Mom's lap and that is all I remember till Dad made me wake up so I could go out and Pee. Then I came in and went into my bed and went to sleeeeeepppppppp


Monday 4/9

April 10th 2007 3:56 am
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Gee, I am still a little tired, but DAD is home all day, oh joy!! He dosen't play with me as much as Mom but he likes to go for walks. I love being outside and seeing everyone.

I saw Baby, she lives across the street and her Mom and Dad today, Baby and me run back and forth and back and forth.

I keep trying to get these birdies that walk around pecking. Mom said they are Robins. They have orange fronts. The walk around and then they pick the ground and they get a worm! YUCK!!!!! I would much rather sniff duck leavings, why would they like worms???

Mom came home last night and her and Dad ate, but I didn't get any again. They never let me have what they have......only dog food. Oh well

We all went for a walk again last night and saw some new neighbors. I love the smells. The people across the street have something living under the leaves in their front yard and I keep trying to dig it up. Mom and Dad keep pulling me away. Mom thinks it is bunnies. Goody...... Wonder what a bunny is???

I sure like where I am living now. I see all kinds of birds I think they are called. At night I see this thing walking and Mom always says, look honey, the raccoon is back. I wonder what a raccoon is??

I guess most of the kids are gone away on vacation. That is what Mom said, cause it sure is quiet outside. I hope they come back.

Well time for my morning nap. Yawwwwwwnn


oh oh

April 10th 2007 5:26 am
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Mom says she dosen't think I can go to Tennesse with them. What is Tennessee and why can't I go? Now they are talking about taking me and putting me in a kennel in Tennessee. What is a kennel?

I know I have cousins in Tennessee and sisters and an Aunt and Uncle. guess I am not going to see them. I have to stay in the kennel because my Aunt and Uncle have new carpeting and a dog and a cat. Gee, poor me. Oh well, maybe I can make new friends in Tennessee????

At least I get to ride in the car to go and come back. That will be fun.

Maybe I will find out more later.


More Puggles. AND an honor

April 10th 2007 12:32 pm
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First of all, guess what???? My diary was selected as a Daily Diary Pick on Doggster. How about that and I am only 5 1/2 months old!! I am destined for great and wonderful things!!!

Mom and Dad are so proud.

Now for even more good news~

Rudy and Xena, just contacted Mom and asked if we could be friends. Mom said sure and guess what? They are both really cute and Rudy is a Cocker Spaniel he is really cute.

Xena is a PUGGLE, just like me. I was beginning to think I was the only Puggle around. Boy does she look like me, AND she rings a bell to go outside too!

Of course, I ring the bell, a lot of times just to go outside because I love it out there. She chews her Dads hair like I chew Mom's. Mom thinks I will outgrow this, I don't think so!

She also eats everything in site!!

I am sooooooooo happy. Wonder if she likes to flush birds on her walks too?

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