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Shortdogus Maximus Von Doxie

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August 3rd 2007 8:11 pm
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Just to add a little humor to my page,I suggest watching my birthday video while listening to the jaws theme song.BOL.It's hilarious!


My 10th birthday

July 30th 2007 8:53 am
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Mom really spoiled me yesterday on my b-day.She decorated the dining room with red,white,and blue streamers first then she made the cake with was a very yummy concoction I think mommy said it had dog foos in it with Iams savory sauce to make it more tasty.After that she tried to get my brothers to cooperate.Hey,I cooperated at SNOOPY'S birthday,but he couldn't do something as simple as stay in the chair.So mommy and I had my party with out the other dogs until we went to the park.Only Jackson came with us because he's not really dog friendly.So,this was my first dog park experience and I really enjoyed it.It WORE ME OUT,though me being my age...and weight.I met so many dogs!!They just come up to you and expect to play,well I had other plans.I had about 150 trees to mark!There was this chihuahua the size of a hamster I liked though.She was fine!Too bad I'm neutered,huh?After the dog park,we came home and rested,then mom fell asleep and I didn't hear from her until the nxt morning!She fell asleep and my day wasn't over yet!It was only like 5 PM(see,it's summer break from her school and so she likes to stay up all night.).So,she woke up at like 3AM in told me sorry and "happy birthday I hope you enjoyed it."And I did.I really did.We liked the park so much mom wants to take us there every weekend!


Starting to bond

July 20th 2007 11:17 pm
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I am being much more tolerant with Jackson.Sometimes,I'll even play with him.But,sometimes he doesn't just play with me,he JUMPS on me!I'm too old for that!
Snoopy is the patient one.He loves to play with the kid,but he can get too rough for him and get him all riled up.Today,Jackson hit his head on a table he tried to run under really hard.Mom doesn't know who to scold.So,she just puts J in his crate for a while to calm him down.What's weird is they NEVER play outside.Jackson doesn't even like when she shuts the door to let him him out.He runs right back up to the door.
I hope he knows he can't jump on my when he's bigger.He'll kill me!


July 20th 2007 11:11 pm
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10 things about me!

July 12th 2007 7:48 pm
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Hey everyone,I found a great idea on my pal Clutch's page(
Here is 10 pawsome things about me you probably didn't know:
1.I am a retired show dachshund
2.I am obese
3.I am loyal to mommy(and to my stomach)
4.I have a purple harness
5.I got a new i.d. tag.
6.I'm scared of balloons,crates,and the vacuum
7.I was in one show and did great!
8.I love Dogster
9.I like to walk down the street.
10.I know alot of commands

Thanks,Clutch for this cool idea:)


Age is on the prowl

July 3rd 2007 12:49 pm
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I am 9 going on 10 and I feel like I'm 16!I'm lazy (which I always have been),I whine a lot for no reason,I am extremely impatient with Jackson,I can't chew my food as well,and the list goes on.I'm not in poor health.The only real problem is thr chronic arthritis.I'm really not that old,right?I mean,my breed's average life span is 15!That means I should have at least a good 4-5 years left in me!


The new puppy

June 13th 2007 2:46 pm
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Hey everyone,
I'm typing this for 1 reason:
1.To complain--
It all started Sunday,June 3 when Jackson came into my life.I was always used to being the only dog of the house.When Snoopy came along,I dealt with it and just was very tolerant but I have HAD it with this kid.I'll tell you why:
From your point of view, Jackson looks like an adorable bundle of fur,right?well here's what this little punk does to me when ever he gets the chance:
1.He bites my tail
2.He bites my face
3.He BARKS in my face constantly even when I'm trying to get some rest(old gramps's like me need their sleep,you know).
I want him out of this stage.He's 7 weeks old right now and my friend Vincent said wait until he's 8 weeks and the brain will start kicking in.Weeeel I'm counting down the days!!

Wish me luck,

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