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Buddy's Point Of Veiw On Trouble


November 22nd 2007 5:20 am
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One of the first things you should know about me is that I love to run and jump, just like Bear.At first I was afraid of the jumps and wouldn't go over them. But after awhile of training me I started jumping higher and higher. I didn't like jumping high very much though because it looked so huge when I was running up to it. My owners noticed it too and started training me to go over long jumps. I really liked it and after about a year of training I covered 7 feet!!! It was a huge accomplishment!!!!


Bone Trouble

March 22nd 2007 2:34 pm
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Have you ever had something invade your house? I did and I am going to tell you fellow dogs out there all about it. Well, one afternoon my masters went out shopping at the pet store. As always I eargerly awaited their return with high hopes of bringing something tasty back with them. When I heard the van come in the driveway and the door opening this is what I saw. Emily,Jordan and Dad coming in with a gigantic animal. I have never seen something like this before. It smelled like a bone and looked like one but it was too big to be one. (Or so I thought) Anyways they threw the thing in the back and told me to 'Eat It.' So, I went out and looked at it.Then Emily and Natalie AND Jordan came out and started moving the thing towards me. Ii barked and growled but the thing didn't even move by itself. Then I overheard my people talking later about "Buddy being scared by cow bone "It was quite embarassing.


Ant Poison

March 21st 2007 1:10 pm
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Well, today my masters went shopping and came back with a most peculiar thing. They said they had been having trouble with a creature called ants and this strange thing was supposed to kill them. So, anyways. I went to see if they had bought me any food and my nose stumbled upon a weird box that seemed to contain a blue coloured liquid. Hhhhhmmmm..... I said to myself, I have never in my life ever seen something like this. While I was wondering what to do with it my master came and snatched it out of my paws. (what rudeness) They put it on the table in the backyard and then let me outside. So as any sensible Golden Retriever would do I reached up and grabbed it. Then I decided that I would taste the strange looking thing. When I had almost finished it my masters came running out yelling "BUDDY DON'T EAT THE ANT POISON!!!!!!!!!" Then they took it from me and called the dreaded vet. After talking with the vet they attempted to shove cotton and milk down my throat. (disgusting blah cough!) I have learned never ever to eat the box containing 'ant poison' I would advise you dogs to do the same.

Buddy The Golden Retriever

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