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Four Days Of Fun In Wisconsin

May 23rd 2011 9:44 pm
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Just as planned we left St Louis in the wee hours of Thursday morning. Right from the get go the girls, Morgan and Laney, let me know that they did not particularly care for me. They both curled their lips and showed their teefers! I thought about singing Kumbaya but didn't think it would help with these grouches. I got the message but they kept reminding me throughout the trip! Sheesh, women! We stopped a number of times for the pawrents to eat, and for everyfur to have plenty of potty breaks. I peed and marked throughout Illinois and Wisconsin LOL. Mom brought us snacks - chicken and rice balls, and some kind of chicken swirly things .....Mmmmmmm. We shared with everyone.

Once we got to Wisconsin, even before we checked into the motel, we went to a county park that has awesome cliffs and shelf rock for beaches at the shore of Lake Michigan. I love to try to bite the waves and jump into the water when it recedes. I got into the cold water up to my belly! Shortly after this event the pawrents ate dinner at Cornerstone Cafe in Bailey's Harbor where we stayed. Then on to the motel to turn in for the night. We were tired!

At the crack of dawn on Friday everyone got up and drove to Fish Creek, WI for sight seeing and breakfast. The pawrents ate at the White Gull Inn where Good Morning America says is the best breakfast in the US. They had the famous stuffed french toast that is stuffed with cream cheese and cherries. We all then went shopping at a pet gift store called Pet Expressions where Mom bought some Scottie things. Then we toured Frank Murphy County Park and went to Sister Bay, Wi dog park where we all ran loose! We stopped for lunch at a little Norwegian cafe and Angela took all of us for a walk after. We also toured a big state park and checked out endless views of Lake Michigan. Lastly we went to the rally grounds to set up our chairs and X-Pens and meet up with old friends from other states.We were tired!

Saturday was the rally. and we got there early (after a breakfast at the Cornerstone Cafe). Ultrasounds were offered to check for bladder cancer as Scotties get that more than any other breed. There were classes on making stepping stone memorials, a pet psychic to tell you your future, a pet masseuse, photo booth, lectures on things to do with your dog, handling a multi dog family, and Scottie nutrition and weight management ( I was told I need to lose a pound and a half hmmmmpf). And there was LOTS of socializing amongst the pawrants. There was also an auction of many Scottie collectibles to raise money for Scottie Rescue and for the Health Research Fund. Awards were awarded to those who greatly helped in rescue and health areas. I walked in a 2 mile Scottie Parade in the town and tons of people lined the streets for blocks and watched us. I went with Vicki the head of the STL Scottie Rescue and Mom rode on the Scottie wagon. After the rally there was a craft fair in the town square and Mom bought some Scottie jewelry. Then the pawrents ate dinner at a Supper Club in town which was a steak house .... none of us Scotties got any left overs. We were tired!

Sunday morning we awakened at 5 am and hit the road to come home at 6:30. It was like the reverse of going to Wisconsin .... snacking, peeing, eating meals. The trip one way is like 10/11 hours due to all the stops. I made it without getting bited this time but Morgan and Amos really got in a tussle for a few minutes. Not too much blood and no one badly hurt. Mom and I got home around 8:30pm and ... we were tired!

Can't wait to go again next year!!You can see photos of my trip here: Door%20County%20Scottie%20Rally%202011/
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