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Our Lucky buddie died on Sept 9, 2011.

Today would have been my Lucky buddies' 8th Birthday.

May 3rd 2012 8:41 am
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I can't help it, I remember important dates in my life and today would have been my Lucky buddie's 8th Birthday. I miss him so very much each and every day. And it's just not fair that his life was cut short by what his former owners did to him to cause such a severe spinal injury that put him in so much pain at times and eventually caused his death. Today is not a good day emotionally for me at all but I know my Lucky buddie is having a nice 8th Birthday pain free at the Rainbow Bridge with his sister Gracie girl today.

I Miss you and will always, always love you my Lucky buddie. I will see you again when it's my time to go. What a reunion that will be.



Our Lucky buddie.

October 11th 2011 8:36 am
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Our Lucky buddie died on Friday evening, September 9, 2011. Ever since we adopted him from the local Shih Tzu Rescue almost 5 years ago, you could feel his spine and see it sticking up. Thru an x-ray our vet did, Lucky had 6 of his vertebra fuzed together and one was even out of line. Our vet said each one of those vertebra would be a surgery and that was way too extensive to do 6 operations on him.The vet said she didn't even know how he could walk. The vet said this could only have happened by someone giving him a good swift kick. The people who gave him up to the Rescue did this to him. I have no idea how anyone could ever hurt an innocent dog. Lucky was on pain medication for that. He had his good days and bad days and towards the end the good days seem to number the same as his bad days.

That Friday (Sept 6th, 2011) was one of his really bad days. All's he wanted to do was lay on the crate pad I put on the living room floor for him. He always slept in our bed at night but that night, I didn't want to move him so I laid on the sofa near where he was on the floor. Not more than 5 minutes later he let out this horrible sound. I yelled to my husband, we have to take him to the Emergency Vets. My husband carried Lucky buddie, still on the crate pad, out here into the kitchen to head to the garage. Lucky buddie died in my husband's arms. I knelt down to him and kept saying "No Lucky buddie, No". We still took him to the Emergency Vets. I held him on my lap in the car the whole time, petting him and telling him what a good boy he always was. We knew he was gone but the Emergency vet confirmed it. We had him cremated by himself and his ashes are in a box in our living room.

I go between complete sadness over his death to anger over the people who had him lst who did that to him. It's only now that I can bring myself to update his Dogster page. He & I had a very special bond. It's not that I don't love my other two dogs, I do but Lucky was my "heart dog".

You are no longer in pain our precious Lucky buddie. We miss you so very, very much. You are gone but you will NEVER EVER be forgotten.

Your loving family.

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