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A Heart Full of Love by Soozee

Woo Woo Woo Stop Playing with The Nez & Scratch my Butt!

April 12th 2008 9:58 am
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Every time Mami plays with Mrs Nesbitt I have to give my disapproving "woo woo woo!" She knows that petting The Nez and the Kitties is off limits! I have to constantly remind her to stop that and to scratch MY BUTT! I don't have fleas or anything; when Mami first got me, every time she saw me itching myself she would scratch it for me like Puppy People should do! Why should I have to heard the cats, push all the kibble out of the bowl onto the floor, bark at squirrels and do all my strenuous jobs AND scratch myself? That is what My People are for! Geez!

Lately I have been barking at my butt because Mami won't scratch it on command like I taught her. I have been bringing her my butt comb and sticking my butt in her face like always but suddenly NO JOY!. (i have been wanting mami to upload that video but we can't afford the membership with all my health problems, we don't have a dollar to spare) Barking at my butt helps but I heard Mami telling Daddy that I only love her because she scratches my but. THIS IS NOT TRUE!
I DO love Mami and the butt scratching is just one facet of my love for her. My People sometimes get funny ideas....but still, giving up my butt scratching is just CRAZY TALK!

I'll be going back to the vet next week for hopefully my last heartworm test...please everyone PRAY that I test negative!!! Also please add my itchy butt into your prayers!


Please Keep Praying!

March 29th 2008 1:22 pm
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Still, as of my appointment Wednesday I STILL have heartworms! What a long, painful journey it has been for me! Dr Lamarsh says hopefully soon they will all be gone and I can play again. I sure hope so! Walking slow everyday with Mami & Mrs Nesbitt on the leash is booooring! Since I can't run around for a while she and I have been working on my commands. I like that a lot! Mami is very consistent with me and I listen to everything she says. This is why she loves me more than Mrs Nesbitt! hahaha
But still I want to run! Chase squirrels! But most of all I DESERVER TO BE HEALTHY!

I sometimes wonder why my past owner never gave me my heartworm medicine. The woman told my Mami to give me ivomectin when Mami asked about what&when for the medicine but we know now that I NEVER got it and anyone who has collie-type dogs knows that IVOMECTIN will kill collies because of their blood-group. With the severity of my heartworms combined with my age, Dr Lamarsh says that I never even got a taste of heartworm medicine!

Animals are expensive, like children or any other responsibility we need to be first on the list...not a new tv, or video games and toys. Our medicine is very important!

Which all brings me back to thanking Mami and everyone who has prayed, bought mami's clothes and jewelry in an effort to help me get well. We appreciate each and every one of you, everyday and thank God for your help. Also thanks to Miss Martha in Cali for sending us help, she is a wonderful friend..even though she is a cat person we still love her! ;c;



One Last Vet Visit!

March 17th 2008 7:46 am
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Well, on the 26th Mami is taking The Nez and me to the vet for our Doctor stuff. Please pray that I test Negative so my treatment for heartworms will be complete! I'll get my meddacin for my heartworms to take every month like my original owner was supposed to do. If I test positive then I'll have to get dosed with the poison until all of the heartworms are gone.

Mrs. Nesbitt is having two large fatty tumors removed. The one on her tummy looks bad but the one in her booty is driving us all crazy! She cries and rubs her booty on everything until she's worn all the hair off it. Looks kinda messed up! Mami has been putting her dresses on to go out so people won't think she has mange or something.

My Mami's birthday is on the 19th...I'm hoping by the 26th I'll know if I'm negative for heartworms...that is ALL Mami said she wants for her birthday is to Have Healthy Animals!

please put your paws together and pray for us,


Night Alone at the Vet!

March 2nd 2008 8:44 am
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I had to be left overnight! Mami cried but I was ok, they are good to me at the vet. Miss Ann is very sweet to me there and so is Dr Lamarsh. I got goodies and my medicine. I missed my kitties though. I love my kitties but they had different kitties there that meowed to me their stories. It is fun to be right in the middle of the action. Lotsa smells & action at the vet! Almost as fun as squirrels!
So now at the end of March Mami will take me back to see if I test NEGATIVE. I hope so, I'm tired of having heartworms. I want to run around again but STILL I have to be still. I have gained some weight (like Mami) and we just nibble and hand around. We have been bye-bye in the car a bunch doing fun stuff so now I hop right in. Used to put up a fight, my old owner never took me anywhere, including to a vet to get heartworm medicine!!!!

Finally I am home again. Mami got some big juicy bones for me & Nez that were so yummy that the carpet got stained. Oh well, Mami should get back to scrubbing that up.


Heartworm 1st Treatment

January 30th 2008 2:44 pm
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My Mami took me Monday for my first treatment on Magazine St. It cost a LOT of money, my Mami sold all her jewelry, small clothes (cause she's fat now...shhhh!) and even my Meema donated a bag of her gold jewelry to sell to pay for my heartworm treatments.
My Mami is she had lots of gold bling! She says she would have fought God for me and I believe her. oxoxoxo
I love my Mami. She bought me a HUGE, smoked mastodon bone. Mrs Nesbitt has been sneaking licks & chews on it.

I have to stay on a leash, there are gates in the hall and the kitty door is closed when the gate is down. I don't like the leash. I was never taught to walk on a leash. I was never taken Bye-Bye in the car. I wasn't brushed much although I'm starting to like it but only on my butt. My butt itches. I want to run around! The large, adult worms in my heart and lungs have to be absorbed into my blood stream. Too bad I couldn't crap them out. I'm good at that! So I have to walk slowly with Mami while Mrs Nesbitt runs wild like she does.

First thing Mami did when she saw me was to smell me. What a good dog she is! :) She says I smell differently now. I don't have "that heartworm dog" smell anymore.

I'm just chillaxin now...I asked Mami to put on some Radiohead and Nirvana.....I'm in my bed with Mami and NO Mrs Nesbitt! Chewing my bone and thinking about stuff. For all that read this, please pray for us. OXOOXOX
Snarky :) woof!



July 29th 2007 7:12 pm
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I feel pretty awful since my surgery Tuesday. Mami has been upset because she found out that I have HeartWorms, I tested Heavy Positive. Mami just got me a few months ago and then I went into heat. The lady I used to belong to didn't care for me. I thought she did but now I know better since my New Mami loves me better and got me fixed. Some things I have had a hard time getting used to, like getting brushed everyday and kissing on the mouth. I never had that before. I have stopped wincing when people wave their hands at one here hits me.

My old family has over 30 dogs and my New Mami is going to DO SOMETHING about the backyard breeding and neglect. I hope all those pups there get good homes like I have here now with Mami, Daddy, Mrs. Nesbitt and all our cats.

I'm not looking forward to the heartworm treatment. They have to practically poison me for 2 months to kill them. At least I'm fixed now....I'm glad I didn't become a puppy factory for some greedy person.

Now, if I can just get Mami to calm down. She pets me and cries and it makes us ALL sad! :(

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