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Adventures of Misty and Me

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Exciting Things

March 21st 2007 5:11 am
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Exciting things might be happening. I think I hear talk of getting me a friend! I love friends, I haven’t met a friend I didn’t like, I love them all. I want to play with them all, Mom says “no, you can’t visit that one behind the fence barking at you” when we go for walks. To have one not behind a fence would be so exciting! I hope they will not like my “baby”. I think it is a girl, maybe older than me from a shelter. She is really pretty and looks to be little and has longer hair than me. Right now they are waiting to see if the shelter thinks we are a nice family for her. When Mom showed me her picture, I leaped in the air she thinks that means yes I like her and she is right!


The giant basketball!

March 14th 2007 6:25 am
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I saw and amazing thing yesterday when I was out for my walk with Mom. As we were walking down the sidewalk I saw the black and white longhaired cat that I chased up the telephone pole last week. She was just sitting there and as we walked toward her I thought she would run away but she didn’t, as we got closer and closer she blew up bigger than a basketball, she didn’t hiss, just blew up. It was an amazing thing to see, I did the only thing I could think of – ran and hid behind Mom! She said you big sissy I thought you were the great skunk hunter!


New Rules

March 12th 2007 9:15 am
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New rules at our house. Only go out on the leash when it is dark out. I do not like this new rule, Mom does not like to look at the wood pile in the dark, how am I supposed to know if the skunk is hiding there?



March 10th 2007 3:27 am
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I had quite an adventure this morning. When I went out at 5:30am this morning I saw something in the wood pile and quick like a flash I ran and caught it! Mom said "No, put it down" I didn't I was so proud I caught it I didn't listen. She said again "PUT IT DOWN" this time I did, but not before I got skunked. Now I've had a bath and got to use the new skunk shampoo Mom bought, I guess she knew I would get into trouble some day! Now we don't know if the smell is outside or in, but at least I smell better. Mom said skunks aren't our friends.

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