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Tails Of An Eskie: By Bitsy M. Wilson

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An Entry From Mom

April 14th 2013 10:43 pm
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Bitsy had many more adventures after the ones she "wrote" here. There were more vacations, more hair cuts. We had big parties where she loved all the attention. We had another baby. We moved. Bitsy made new doggie friends and continued friendships with old ones. Life was full and busy.

Eventually, though, her energy dwindled. She had surgery to remove a cyst and then had an eye problem. It seemed to cause a downward spiral in her health. Last week she stopped eating. She refused things that she normally loved and threw up even water which sent up red flags for me... although I tried to ignore what my gut was telling me. As a mom, you are acute to the slightest cough of your child. But I admit, in this situation I was in denial. I took her to the vet thinking, "Oh, she has a tummy bug. She'll be fine." But her breathing was labored. She was weak and lethargic. And I knew, deep down that it was nothing good.

She had cancer. She had a mass on her heart and it had spread into her lungs. I cry as I type this... it still doesn't seem real.

Bitsy was such a wonderful dog. She pranced and bounced when she walked. All the pictures I have of her she's smiling (even in the ones she reluctantly posed in like the angel wing shot). She was great and patient with the kids, even in the end. The vet said she was the sweetest Eskies he had ever met. Never growled in aggression or nipped; couldn't even show her teeth. I look at pictures now of other dogs thinking that maybe another will fill this void I feel but none of them will ever take her place. She was one of a kind and I'm thankful that I had nearly ten years with her.

So this is our last entry. I am sad that there are no more opportunities to picture what goes on in her head. But I hope that she is sitting at Rainbow Bridge, looking over her Dogdom, waiting for me.


My Pack.

December 28th 2009 11:13 pm
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It has been so long and I have sad feelings about that... I'm doing the sad face as we speak. It gets mom every time.

Speaking of mom, she's on vacation with dad and the "baby". I'll get to that last part. Right now I'm sitting at the Pet Palace, watching Animal Planet. I like that show "Dogs 101" where they talk about all the different kinds of dogs. Wonder if they'll ever do one about dogs like me? Mom says my ancestors used to be in that human show they call a "sir-cus"! Those Border Collies are pretty cool though. The way they look so serious when they herd sheep. I try to be intense but mom just laughs at me. Hmph.

And what would I need to be intense about, you ask? Well, it's this whole baby business. Let me backtrack. Mom got huge - I think I wrote about that before. Then one day she didn't come home for a while. I spent a few days chasing the cats around the house and eating cat morsels with little recourse (Dad came back a few times but he looked distracted). Then she finally shows up with this little human. I mean REALLY little. It doesn't have much fur and it squeaks and makes all kind of weird noises. I was so confused. The little humans that come by on Halloween aren't even that little. This one was actually kind of... cute. It smells good, too! After smelling it thoroughly for a few days, I developed these feelings. Like I needed to protect it. So that's what I do. I have perfected my growl and it has come in handy because for whatever reason, people come to see the little human all the time. I muster up all the intensity of the Border Collie I can and give my best growl. Mom seems a little embarrassed, but it's my job! This little human is now part of my.... pack. Yeah, my pack.

Gotta go, it's play time.


What's a "baby"?

September 27th 2009 12:25 am
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With Hallo-ween coming up again I expect there to be a bit of excitement in the air. Everyone shuffles around in my Dogdom with their silly decorations that are supposed to scare those small creatures that show up every year... The leaves fall off the trees and the weather gets colder; just in time for my coat to grow back in from when I had my haircut. I like that part of it.

This time feels different. The inside of the house is changing. Mom and Dad get packages constantly from the man with the loud truck that makes me and all the other dogs on the block go crazy. They talk in high pitched voices when they pull out very small human furs (they call them "clothes" I think)... I know my mom can't fit those things. Speaking of fitting into things, she is huge now! Her belly makes her look lop-sided. I'm not entirely sure how she stands up without falling over... it's already one strike against them that they don't walk on all fours.

Mom and Dad keep talking about something called a "baby". They ask me if I'm going to wake the baby up with my barking. I'm not even sure what that means. But I am curious to see what all this "baby" business is.



October 18th 2008 9:43 pm
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It's that time of year again. There are leaves all over my Dogdom, the mornings are crisp and cold, and the dreaded "Hallo-ween" is coming up. Mom talks about it constantly. CONSTANTLY. It's annoying if I do say so myself.

Lately I've been hearing things. I hear car doors slamming at the neighbor's house. I hear the noise of the mailman's truck outside. It seems lately I can hear the rustling of a squirrel at the end of my Dogdom. With so many noises going on, I feel the urge to tell mom.... everything. Doesn't she hear it too?? She acts like she doesn't want me to tell her but I know she does. I heard her say once, "No one could ever break in this house... the dog is better than the alarm!" And she's right. I'm ferocious. I would scare any bad people away. Hallo-ween is a perfect example. I scare those short little creatures away every year with my growls. I digress.... I tell mom everything. I think it's in her best interest to know when a butterfly flaps it's wings or when the neighbors are mowing their green stuff. Mom, however, does not seem amused. She seems rather... annoyed. Hmmm.....


Grrr... pet sitting.

August 20th 2008 4:09 pm
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My Mom has started this new "bizness" where she looks after people's pets while they're gone. Kind of like when I go to the Pet Palace but without having to leave home. I wish I had a pet sitter while my humans were away... seeing that I hate the car and all.


But what the heck?! She's always leaving. I watch her go back and forth, fumbling with her papers and keys. I just lay out on the cool tile in the kitchen, hoping that she trips over me and has to stay home! She showed me some pieces of paper with my face on them. She says I'm her "mascot". Obviously this is a good thing because she smiles when she says it. All I know is that when she comes back from "sitting" (which makes no sense since she stands the whole time...) she smells like other dogs/cats!!! AND she smells like my dogdom which means they get to go on WALKS!! What gives?! I love my mom more than they do!!!

Grrr... I don't think I'm going to like this pet sitting thing.


DogFox.... Bear?

March 13th 2008 8:59 pm
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Soooo... Mother took me back to PetSmart. Oh how I love the smell of that place. I had to add my scent to the floor with all the other smells. Mom wasn't very pleased... and neither was the other lady human that stepped in it. Teehee!

As punishment she sent me to the back of the store to be "groomed". Okay so you probably know I've had this done before. I did look rather spiffy in my short coat. However this time they cut me shorter... and they put bows in my hair!! GAH! I tried my best to pull them out with my paws, but not having actual fingers makes even the simplest of things difficult. Mom made the whole experience that much more unbearable by dancing in front of the window where I was getting my hair cut, making me even more antsy. Seriously? She couldn't wait 30 minutes longer? *sigh* humans.

So I get home and Dad walks through the door. He actually didn't make that low grumbly noise at me when he saw me. His voice became high... kind of like the cats when they talk. He called me a "little bear"... whatever that is. Mom said I looked like a fox. As I rolled around on his side of the bed (forbidden when my coat is in it's full glory) he called me a "DogFoxBear."

Call me what you want, furry human. Just know that I have first dibs on your pillow.


Thankful... for turkey!

November 30th 2007 8:39 pm
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And so.... the humans leave me yet again. But now it's ok because they have been dropping me off at the Pet Palace. Aaaahhh yes, it is what the humans say, the lap of luxury. This time it was for the day they call "Thanksgiving". Mom tells me all the time that she's thankful for me. Whatever that means. It must be good because she gives me a kiss on the nose when she says it. I just kiss her back... hopefully that will put me in her good graces for when I decide to raid the cat box again!

Anyways, so I'm at the Pet Palace. There's a nice lady there (the same one from last time) who introduced me to this Cocker Spaniel. He was quite the charmer! We were the bestest of friends the whole time I stayed there. But the best part was when the nice lady gave us all a little bit of turkey!!! MMMM... now THERE'S something I'm thankful for! I had dreams about it after that. They were so real.... I was skipping along in my dogdom when all of the sudden a piece of turkey goes in my mouth! So I start to run and run. I called to it to say I wanted more, but I couldn't find it anywhere!! My Cocker Spaniel friend was there and he was helping me. He called out to the turkey.... but to no avail. Then, I saw a piece laying in the grass in the distance. I ran towards it but it never came closer!!! I ran and ran......

Then mom called the cat up on the bed and he stepped on my tail. How rude. *sigh* Until next "Thanksgiving".


Eskie haircut, Eskie vacation!

September 9th 2007 9:19 pm
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It has been soooo long since I've written. I am what my humans say.... "sorry".

Since it has been so hot and I have been shedding everywhere, mom decided that I needed a haircut. Who ever heard of an Eskie getting a haircut?! It was a dreadful process. Not only did I have to suffer through a car ride, but also sit there while they washed, dried, and cut me!! I hate water!! I hate blow dryers!! *sigh* the things we do for beauty. Mom loved my new cut though. She said I looked like a white fox.... whatever that is. It was nice to not have that heavy coat on during the hot weather and mom says she likes not having to vacuum as much. Smitty the cat also had his hair cut (he tells me his experience was worse.... he lost a whole toe nail! I think I'll count my blessings.) Smitty lost much more hair than I did. I've heard over and over that he looks like a lion. I'd like to see these creatures they keep talking about!

So my humans went on vacation again. They go to the same place every year at the same time. Now that I go to the Pet Palace I don't care where they go! I get my own vacation! I wish I were there now... so many things to do and smell. I did miss my humans, though. Mom always remembers to get me treats from a special dog store where they go on vacation. She calls it "Outer Barks". They have fresh brownies and cookies... mmm... I love chocolate! She also got me my own Redskins bandana! Dad loves football. He tries to get me to play with him but it's just too rough. Besides, I don't chase balls for anyone and I'm too pretty to get dirty! I'll be his good luck charm though with my lucky bandana.

I'm getting sleepy now. Until next time!


The Pet Palace

April 3rd 2007 7:45 am
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So!! Life has actually been exciting lately!! I must tell you...

The first part isn't so great. Mom took me to the vet to have some kind of surgery. Mom was acting weird the whole time. She was hugging me and telling me she loved me. Gah! I kept trying to tell her, I'm almost 4 now I think I know all that stuff! She looked worried so I gave her a kiss and told her it would be okay. Then some strange man came out and tried to take me away. I was NOT happy about that. Everyone knows how I am with strangers! The man picked me up and Mom just sat there and let him! He just better be glad I'm not a biter! Mom waved at me as they took me back... I was so confused. How come she wasn't going with me?

The next thing I know I have needles and stuff stuck in me, then the room went dark. I slept and slept for what seemed like forever. When I woke, I was super sore and had a big cut on my tummy! When mom came to get me I was SO happy to see her. Of course the car ride wasn't fun as usual BUT at that point I was just so glad to be away from that scary place. When we got home mom wouldn't let me jump on any of the furniture, but she did carry me, which was weird. I was really too sore to jump anyway. She told me I never have to wear a doggie diaper again! Yay! That thing is so unfashionable. It makes my butt look big.

A few days later Mom and Dad went on vacation again. Normally I tear up the house in protest or get shipped off to Bennington's house. Not this time, no no! I went to the Pet Palace!!! It was a long drive there. I noticed mom brought my food with us which I thought was peculiar. When we got there this nice lady greeted us. Of course even though she was nice I was still scared. Mom was looking worried again and I had a feeling I was going to get left there! The nice lady picked me up (jeez what is it with humans needing to pick me up lately??) and took me to this room where they calmed me down and we watched TV. From there it was pretty much smooth sailing. I was princess for a week! There were treats, TV, music, lots of play time and they let me have free roam of the place at night. I didn't even notice Mom when she came to pick me up... I didn't want to go home! I gave mom lots of kisses for taking me there :) Mom needs to go on vacation again!


Hair, hair everywhere!

July 16th 2006 8:08 pm
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It's that time of year again. It's hot outside and my fur is coming out. I hate to sit still for brushings! There's so much else to see and do. It seems to never stop coming out. Am I going bald?? I'm only 21 (in human years)!! Dad says they should get me shaved.... wonder what that means?? Mom says she would never let that happen so it must be something scary!

To top it off, Smitty the Persian is shedding, too. Except he gets "mats". I'm glad I don't get those! My coat is nice and picture-ready. I'm always ready for my close up! As a result of all the hair, hair, everywhere, mom and dad kick me off the bed when we go to sleep at night :( I like my crate but I like the bed better!!

As I mentioned earlier, I just turned 21, or 3 in dog years. Mom gave me Vienna sausages for my birthday (the day of "fireworks"). Happy Birthday to me!!

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