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Life in the eyes of Molly

the best season of the year is here!

November 26th 2007 8:51 am
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ahhh, how i love the fancy Christmas lights and the tree in the corner that sparkles with glass ornaments....The season to be jolly is here. The day after we all stuffed ourselves with turkey(i had some too :D) mommies stashed their beloved pups in a puppy purse and got some fantastic deals as daddy put up the new Christmas lights....bliss. i cant drink coffee, but i would still like to pass the cheer :P this holiday season,mommy and i are planing to spread Christmas peace,joy and especially love,now if only i could get into the soup kitchen, bol!

Merry Christmas!


My Birthday Party!

June 30th 2007 12:59 pm
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We had my party today for my first birthday! We had so much fun! There was doggie cake and doggie ice cream- oh and the same thing for humans too. There were games a fashion show and a bone(cake) walk too.Can't forget about the presents! I got 3 dresses 1 t-shirt 1 pack of rawhides and 2 squeaky toys with one extra squeaker-is that pawtastic or what!? I had 2 poodles come and 2 Jack Russel terriers and a beagle. I think it was too hot for the other doggies to come,or maybe their mommies just had amnesia. ;)
I actually turn 1 on July 5th, but we're going somewhere called "Kansas city" I wonder if its a special type of dog park. But mommy says it will be loads of fun. I hope so, i wanna have fun on my birthday! Heck, I wanna have fun all the time * cues "girls just wanna have fun" music and then dances* bol.


Oh no!

March 29th 2007 7:47 am
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Today I started to reverse sneeze (wheeze) really bad when my sweater was on!
I'm glad Mommy knew what to do,she pulled off my sweater and rubbed my neck as she prayed.then she put me down for a second while she ran to get some water.(from a glass, my favorite!) I calmed down and started breathing normally. Mommy assured me that from now on there would be no tight sweaters! Good! I like dreses a lot better!


Bogster, Gagster, or is it Booger?

March 8th 2007 5:52 pm
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Today, my owners were going on a website called ummm.... well I'm still getting my english words right, but I think it was Doctor, yes thats it! Well ,they put images on the computer of a beautiful dog., oh wait, thats me! They said all sorts of things about me, what I like and dislike, and my favorite place to go. Why are they posting my personal information on the fishing net?( or so they call it) And why are they putting images of me on there? Am I being put up for sale?!! Oh no! That is a completely horrid thought! I must behave better! Okay, no more barking in my kennel, and going to the bathroom is for outside only! I'll show them what a good dog I can be, and they won't sell me! I need to go kiss up( or lick up).

Until next time,

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