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Princess Belle by day...Phantom Menace by night!

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Let the games begin!

November 23rd 2009 7:32 am
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I finally got a little alone tIme with my mom this weekend. Our girl's time together has been cut in half since piddle pants moved in. Mommy took me, and just me :0) to a "My dog can do that" game day. Some of my old pals from class were there and I even made some new friends. This 4 month old little rottie boy really enjoyed jumping all over my head...go figure!
We all got split up into 4 groups and then each group took turns at the board. The other dogs on my team saw me warming up and said "thank Dog she's on our team!" (hehe) A little girl helped us roll the dice to move the spaces on the board and then we had to pull a card with a behavior on it. I had to go thru mom's legs in a figure 8 then we both had to lay down (London bridge is falling down) , sit and stay while mom bounced a ball (boy that was a toughie) I even had to lay down with a cookie between my paws and wait for the "okay" to take it!!. I guess all that time in class really paid off cuz this was like taking milkbones from a pup. I was like "is that all you got? C'mon! bring it!!"
Our team was in the lead but the competion was breathing down our necks! After the last round we were in a tie with these really long haired fuzzy dogs so we had to have a tie-breaker! ahhhhhhh! Now I'm good at breaking stuff but I wasn't sure if that would work here.
The rest of the peeps lined up and we all had to zig-zag thru them and not pull on or leash or leave our mom's side... no foodies lure allowed!! shhhh, don't tell but my mom was sweatin' this a little. HAH! low and behold to her surprise...that's right, I aced it. Unfortunately the little pup on our team was a little too curious and wanted to play with all the down the line. He was so cute though so you couldn't be mad. I didn't care that we came in second I was just happy to spend some alone time with mom. I lubs her and I think I really made her proud.

until the next time,


Fun and Games! Tag your it!

October 9th 2009 7:04 am
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I gots tagged by Nikita

OK, here's da rulez:

Tell 7 random facts about yourself.

Post these facts & the game rulez in your diary.

Then tag 5 dogs (don't forget to list their names) who must tell 7 random facts about themselves. Let these dogs know they've been tagged by sending them a Paw-mail or rosette.

OK ... here's 7 facts about me ...

1. I love to cuddle in bed wif my mom. She scritches my ears sooooo good first thing in the morning.

2. I'm a skeerdy dog about going down stairs unless they are outside.

3. When I steal stuff from my skin kids I go in the kitchen and sit by my treat jar til somebody makes me "drop it" so's I can have a cookie. (hehe I'm a stinker!)

4. I can file my own nails on a sandpaper board.

5. I would like to catch a bunny someday.

6. I don't give kisses. I just smack you wif my nose if you ask for a kiss.

7. When mom or dad come home from work I lean against them for loving and curl my ear out like Yoda cuz I missed them so much.

OK, I'm gonna tag:
SJB, Bernie, Jasmine, Rory, and Duke

OK everyone...YOU'RE IT!!! Lets have some fun!!!!!!!!!!!!


What's so bad about relatives??

August 25th 2009 10:01 am
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I lubs my Nana, you've all seen pictures with me and her right? Well, it seems I gots another one...cept this one is called Grandma! She's Daddy's momma and came all the way from New Mexico to meet me...and see the skin pups I guess.

She came to my house so I sniffed her and stole her tissues. She asked for them back so I said OK. She thinks I'm funny and keeps calling me "he" and stuff...last time I checked nuthin' new grew down there and I'm still pretty but it's okay she's a senior.

She doesn't cuddle and scritch my ears as good as my nana but she does have some sweet smelling leather moccasins. I grabbed one of them bad boys after I licked her footie for a while. I found out that Grandma likes to play tug! YAHOO!! Mom ruined our fun by saying "drop it" but I got a nice bone to chew on.

I think I like this Grandma, I heard her say I'm the best one of all and she doesn't believe any of the stories daddy told her about me when I was little. I guess I truely am unbelievable!!

Oops! gotta go! lunchtime for the humans! I can't wait to see if she uh "drops" some foodies accidentalike from the table!




July 27th 2009 10:46 am
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This past Sunday was like any other Sunday cept there was just one littl problem...I RAN OUT OF CHEWIE BONES AND BULLY STICKS!!! Don't panic I alerted mom to the situation. I grabbed a couple of the kids toys to chew on but mom caught me. Then I got the big guns out (smarty glasses on) and snagged one of mom's slippers. Yup, that did it. She loaded me up in the car and whisked me off to the pet shop to pick out a bone. #zoomaway!

Okay after what seem like hours in the car (we caught 1 red light), we finally arrived at the pet store. So I'm minding my own business sniffing every stuffie bin and some cat foodies on the floor and a whole bunch of critter carriers...wait go the kitty foodies on the floor...okay now off to my food section. Mom got my food and then the delicious bully sticks and even offered me one to carry home.

I don't know...I didn't take it...Did you ever have the feeling you were being watched? That strange eyes were upon you? Just then I turned around and there were 12 little Aliens starring at me! AAHHHHHH! Some were hissing and some were making weird throaty noises and I stayed very still until one of the little fuzzy aliens jummped so I cried and went down to a puppy pose. I noticed everyone in the store was watching me and they all started to giggle!

What the H-E-double hockey sticks are those things?! Mom esplained that it was kitty adoption day and those were kitties...suuuuure they are. Big help mom, thanks. I think they stole her brain. Sucked it right out with those weird noises they do. I wasn't letting them suck my brain out so I walked away clean man.

I guess I did good cuz mom gave me treats from the counter and said I was being so good. Then we hung out with the non-alien peeps for awhile so they could pet me. I said hello to everyone who came in, looking as adorable as I could to keep them distracted from those "kitty" things. I lost a few of them though and they actually took a "kitty" out. I bet it's faux fur wasn't as soft as mine.

Either way me and mom were safely back in my car heading home where I settled on the couch for a nice chew session. Geez, what we don't have to risk for a few bully sticks. I should get combat pay...


Weekend at Bernie's!

July 6th 2009 6:18 pm
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Today started out like any other day. I pounced on mommy to wake up and feed me then I check out my yard to water the grass and for any new smells. Then mom says "wanna go for a ride?" (insert head tilt) DO I EVER!!!!
So me my mom any my skin pup headed off to a far away land called Coneneniecut. After a very productive trip )I barked at a few trucks and motocycles on the way) we pulled up to somebody's house and to my surprise another car pulled up too. Who comes out of that car? None other that the fluffernutter hisself...BERNIE!!!!
OMD what a fluffy boy he is and his mom said he got a hair cut! I ran and sniffed him and played for a little then we walk around and watered the yard to let everypup know we had been there. My mom gave us some treats for being really good pups and when my mom decided to give Bernard some loving I started yelling at him that that was MY mom. He didn't listen though...(hehe) oops I forgots, he deaf! So I stuck my head under mom's arm to get some loving too. His mom and dad petted me lots and told me I was cute! Oh and his mom gave me a bag with stuffies and treats!
Then after a while of pictures from the the paperazzi we decide to do lunch at a fine Connenenenniecut Burger King. (My skin pup got to pick!) Bernie and I both had burgers and we stoled a couple of fries. Sadly after lunch it was time to say goodbye but I know I'll get to see him again.
Thank you Bernie and your mom and dad for a wonderful day!


Class field trip!

June 17th 2009 4:02 pm
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I went back to school but not the kind you're thinking of. My skin pups had "pet day" at their school and Mommy said I could go! Then saddly she had to work and couldn't take off so yesterday I sat at home alone. See, my dad had to help with the class picnic so I just hung around the house.
Then to my surprise daddy came home and said "let's go!" Yeah? me? YAHOO!!!!!!! So off to school I went!
There were dogs and cats and rabbits...(keep going Belle)...and little rodent fellas. Daddy kept me with the doggies just to be on the safe side! I got to meet some new pals and make friends and my friend Sophie was there too!
But the best part was when all the kids came running to see me! Some of them knew me and gave me hugs. I was really excited and my nubbie was waggling a million miles an hour! I did some tricks for them and made them laugh.
When it was all over I walked home with my dad and my skin pups and hit the couch for some well deserved naptime. I still can't believe it, I the Phantom Menace, actually got to go to a human school. Now that was a great class trip.

Life is good..zzzzzzzzzzz


hehehehehe I'm Baaaaaack!!

June 8th 2009 6:50 pm
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Okay enough's enough! I'm loving all the attention for being good but sometimes I just gotta be me!
Today mom brought me out in the field with the kids and I'm being all good and not popping the skin kids ball and not pulling or barking at the dog accross the street and mom's all happy. So as a reward she walked me along the neighbor fence where the rabbit hangs out. See he's gots an apple tree. Anyhoo I'm sticking my snouter on the ground and sniffing when suddenly I stopped. I smelled something so enticingly stinky that I just had to roll on it...both sides! Mom could smell it from where she was standing with my 15 foot lead so that should give you an idea of just how stinky it was!!

Mom was overjoyed and and clapped for me to come to her, which I did happily, but she wouldn't let me lean on her...haven't figured that part out yet. But we went in the house and I jumped in the tub to play in the water and mommy rubbed my neck and my ears and ARRROOOOOOO it felt so good. Then she toweled me down and kissed my head and gave me a really yummy beefy cookie. She loves me so much, I can tell. Princess Belle or Phantom loves me either way.



Soccer balls...not just for popping anymore

June 8th 2009 12:18 pm
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Did you know that furless kids have another use for soccer balls other than us chasing them down and getting a good grip wif our toofies so we can grab and run? Well they do!

I got to go to my boy's soccer game yesterday and I sat with my mom and watched the boys run up and down the field and kick the ball with their footies. Not one of them grabbed the ball with their toofies! I thought one was going to because the ball went flying right towards him but instead he just kicked the ball with his noggin!

In addition, this being good thingy is paying off bigtime. Lots of kids and their grown-ups were at this big park and they were all kind of skeered of me *shrug* I dunno why. Mom had me do some of my cool tricks for treats and soon all the kiddies wanted to try. I was real gentle with even the littlest humans and they kissed me and hugged me in return. I even got a pat on the head by a few of the moms and dads.

We didn't win the game but my dad took us all out for icecream anyway. I got my very own small niller cone. Mom held it for me while I slurpped it up then I gobbled up the cone and cleaned my footies (I dripped! tee hee).

So what I've learned this weekend is show off what I've learned in school and make the peeps, big and small, laugh and you'll get a niller cone...and maybe another day out with the family real soon!


Who knew?

May 28th 2009 8:22 am
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Okay so my mom has worked hard throwing cookies at me for the last 2 years to help me become the best little girl I can be. Everyone kept telling me how much fun I could have if I learned to behave but I never dreamed!
I thought last weekend was pretty cool running around and playing with my furless pup's birthday party friends but Memorial Day weekend was the best EV-ER!! I got to go to a workshop with 15 other doggies. We all played nice and learned some cool new ways to make our parents throw cookies at us. But the best was yet to come!
I got to go to a BBQ at my friend Petey's house!!!!!
Me and Petey ran for hours around his huge back yard. I sniffed new sniffs and we played with balls and toys. The kids blew bubbles for us. If my mom needed me she just whistled and I came zooming. I didn't even have to wear a leash or anything!! I got loving and petting and a TON of dropped foodies.
Nobody was afraid of me. As a matter of fact one person said I was magnetic and asked if I was a therapy dog...tee hee! he don't know me vewy wewll do he!
On monday mom and dad and my furless kids had to march in the parade so they left me home. It was okay with me though cuz I was so wiped out I slept all day on the couch on my back with my footies in the air!
I guess I'm gonna give this being good stuff a fair shake after all. Ya never know what it will get you....but I bet it's meat flavored!!

~Reformed Phantom Menace---OUT!


Street Fair!

September 18th 2008 10:43 am
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Guess what?! Mom took me to the fair to practice walking thru crowds. We went with another doggy friend who needs practice too and there was foodies and pupcorn all over the street and lots of peeps to pet me. I was being a good girl with the foodies.

The first dog I saw I pulled at and when I was good and calmed down mom let me say Hi. Then another dog and another and I was better each time.

The Canine Carousel lady had water bowls out for pups to get a drink and told us what pretty doggies we were.

Just when mom thought we had the crowd thing beat at the end of the street was the ------ Petting Zoo!!!!! That's right my pals there were sheep and goats and a llama and a calf even!

ALL BETS WERE OFF! I didn't care what treats mom had in the pouch of hers!

I crouched real low like and did the stalky walk up to the fence and gave those strange creature "The stare" I didn't make any noise or fuss I just stared. They didn't care at all the calf came right over to me. I think he wanted to kiss me!

They guy was laughing at me cuz he's gots a rottie too. I didn't want to leave but mom said we had to go. There'll be other fairs and she'll take me again as long as I mind my manners....What is she new?!

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