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Running Away From Home

It was a bad-dog day

March 1st 2009 5:23 pm
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Saturday was a "bad-dog" day. It stared out as any ordinary Saturday with Daddy getting up early to play WOW and Mommy and I snoozing late and reading the news. Later, however things got weird. Mommy thinks there was something cosmic that made all the dogs behave badly, but I don't know. It's hard to tell. There are so many sounds in the atmosphere that I can hear and Mommy can't. Humans have inferior aural faculties.

Anyway, it was warmish on Saturday so I went outside. Most of the snow was gone revealing a wonderfully stinky mud! I rolled around a little in the stinkiness. The second time I went out, I found a BIG BAG OF GARBAGE on the back steps. Ohhh! Yum! Things took a turn for the worse when Mommy opened the back door: There I stood over scattered shreds of plastic and spilled coffee grinds. I was guilty and in trouble. Since I didn't have to go inside right away, (Mommy said something about being "a dirty garbage dog" and "staying outside for the rest of the afternoon") I decided to roll around in the stinky grass a little more.

Later, I got the wettest, soapiest bath of my life. Now there is so much clean on me it will take weaks to wear off!

But that's not all! In order for it to be a "bad dog day," other dogs have to behave badly too. Mommy and I, in my squeaky-clean state, were reading in the bedroom when we saw two big tails swish in the window. Two wolfish Malamutes trotted though the yard and into the woods. I barked to them to mind the invisible fence. Mommy rushed outside to catch them--in her socks. Then the worst happened: Larry the dog catcher showed up in his dog-catching truck! Mommy says that Larry is not a dog-catcher, but I know a dog-catcher when I sniff one. Mommy talked to him and to the wandering Malamutes' human. I barked. I don't know if those dogs got caught or just wandered home again. I hope they had a most excellent adventure.

On Saturday night, I learned that my friends the Beagles landed themselves in the Doggie ER for eating chocolate. They're OK now. I know what it is like to eat too much chocolate and end up in the ER. Oh the horror! The horror!

Well, we are having another snow storm tonight. I am curling up on my fuzzy blanket and sleeping until spring...


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