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Running Away From Home

Skunky Night

August 19th 2008 8:39 am
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Last night, I had gone to bed and was snoozing away when Mommy roused me and told me I had to go outside. I stretched and yawned and followed her outside. Trotting off to the back field to "go" I smelled a strange odor in the air. As I sniffed, I nearly tripped over a skunk crouching in the high grass.


I barked. It stared at me. I barked again and circled it waiting for it to run. It didn't. Instead it hopped about and did a little twirling move landing with its fluffy tail toward me. I charged. It hopped again and I was suddenly overcome with a stink so powerful I almost sneezed. Then I heard Mommy shrieking from the house. I ignored her. I was determined to chase this peculiar critter. I circled it again and it hopped under the wisteria plant.


I ran around and around the wisteria in a barking frenzy. Mommy turned on all the lights and cheered for me. She came out with a flashlight and lit up the Skunk. It was an itty-bitty skunk puppy, but dog alive it had sprayed me. I rolled in the grass to get the stink off me. Then I barked at the skunk again.

Still stinking, I rolled in the dirt for a minute before Daddy grabbed me. Mommy was talking to the skunk telling it how cute it was and how it didn't have to spray stink all over the place, no one was going to hurt it. I thought for sure, given Mommy's cooing that the skunk would be in my bed that night, snuggling with my Mommy. Grrrrr.

Daddy plunged me in the bath tub and at first I didn't mind because I was not enjoying the stink wrought by Mommy's new pet. But after two soapings and a tomato rub, I had enough.

I wasn't allowed in the bed, but after everyone was tucked in I sneaked over to Mommy's side and checked for the skunk. It wasn't there. Thank Dog! I leaped up and snuggled in and Mommy let me stay and snooze next to her.

If I see that skunk tonight, I'm going to grab it and shake it...well, maybe not.


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