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Running Away From Home

Good Day!

July 15th 2008 5:06 am
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Yesterday was an excellent day! We had many human visitors to the house who I showed off for. They all said I was so cute and gave me pets. The men who came to measure for the furniture were the best. Mommy said not to invite them to play because she was working with them to decide on a new couch. But, I didn't listen and I jumped all over them and took all my toys out to share. I even pulled the stuffing out of one toy to show that I am ruthless with rodents. The furniture men were impressed, Mommy was hardly amused. She said that dogs won't be allowed on the new couch! Whatever. I don't abide by such unjust and arbitrary rules. I will use non-violent protest like MLK and soon I will be able to sit on any couch new or old whenever I want to.

There have been some new developments in the yard. In addition to the laughing chipmunk in the garage and the stone wall chipmunk, we now have the gutter chipmunk. It makes an awful racket scuttling around in the downspouts. It disturbs me in my sleep. On Sunday I staked it out and waited thinking it would have to come out the downspout eventually. I was mistaken, a downspout is also an upspout when you are a chipmunk. The gutter chipmunk went up and across and travelled around the entire house in the gutters and the along the roof. If only I could negotiate a ladder, I could get up there and chase that gutter chipmunk into the trees so we can have some peace and quiet.

In other developments, we now have 10 baby turkeys. I wasn't sure what they were, so I didn't chase them. Mommy said not to chase them, but we all know that what Mommy says usually means the opposite.

I tricked Mommy last night! She took two HUGE carrots out of the cooling machine and put them on the food table. When she turned around to wash another, lesser vegetable, I sneaked over and pilfered a carrot. I was half done with eating it before she noticed! I got the entire carrot, not just a little circle piece like I usually get. If only Diggy were here, he would have laughed at my trickiness!

Well, this morning I am watching out the window for Cupcake. He hasn't been outside much the past few days. His Mommy said she is afraid a fox will get him. Poor unfortunate Cupcake locked up in the house because of a fox! Ha! And my Mommy said Diggy sent that fox. Thanks Dig!

Yawn! I'm just going to take a little snooze and keep one eye open for that cat.


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