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Running Away From Home

Sunny Day!

April 23rd 2007 1:24 pm
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Today is a sunny day!! We went for a walk this morning, but we didn't go to the beach. Instead, we went a long, long way away and I got tired and hot and thirsty. I just wanted to rest in the shade for a few minutes. I found a nice cool spot and lay down, but no-oh! We had to keep going. I put my tongue all the way out to keep cool, but I was still so hot. I just wanted to have a sip of water. When we got home, guess who hogged all the water? Yes. Diggy! Mommy had to give me a special water bowl of my own, but Diggy slurped that up too! Finally, he wasn't thirsty anymore and I could have a few puny sips.

After our hot, long, boring walk, we took a nap. We've spent the rest of the day barking at passing cyclists, walkers and other dogs. Oh, and the people who keep coming in our yard! Why do they keep coming in our yard? Mommy says not to bark at them, but they are in OUR yard! There they are again! Oh, no, I barked too much. I think I'm going to be sick...excuse me... blech!

OK, I'm better now. Mommy says to settle down and relax and have another sip of water.

Over the weekend I met two Jack Russells. One came dashing across the street with his brother, a hotdog. We wanted to play, but our parents wouldn't let us. Especially since Diggy can't be nice to new dogs. He has to warm up to them. If our parents would just give him a chance, he would be nice.

The other J.R. sneaked around the shrubbery while we were on a walk. He startled me so that I tripped on my leash and did a full front flip in the air. It didn't feel so good when I landed on my head in the grass.

Mommy laughed at me and I was so embarassed. The sneaky dog had a pointy nose and Mommy pet him! Then she picked up the pointy sneaking dog! We had to walk around and around until we found his home. We finally found his home and he went in with his family. I hope Mommy told them not to let him sneak so! It is rude to sneak like a cat when you are a dog!

Well, I think I will settle down in my bed and relax. It may be time for an afternoon nap.


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