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Fun and Adventures With the Tater Tots!

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Home Sweet Home

December 2nd 2008 10:30 pm
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Aaaaaah! Momma got some pretty good news today... finally! Well, it still isn't pawfect, but still, it sounded like music to her ears!

That darn ol' mean mortgage company has been messing with Momma's head fur over a month, but today she finally got someone to listen to her!

No sale going to happen this Friday! WOOHOOOO!!!

That ol' mortgage company says yes, Momma made her payments, and we get to stay right here in our home, sweet home... at least fur now. And as long as Momma and Daddy can keep up with their re-payment plan, we gonna be stayin' here FUREVER!

Looks like today Momma's goin' to be smilin' more than cryin'! *happy dance*

Hmmm.... now let's go see what we can chew up today while Momma's at work... just to show her how happy we are!

Woofs 'n Taterwags, Penny, Zelda, Teddi Sue & Link ♥


Oh, My!

December 1st 2008 11:39 am
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Wow. What's up with Mom? All she ever does is cry these days.

She's soooo happy that Austin is out of the service and home with us fur the Howlidays this year.

She's soooo scared about the 'house stuff' she keeps talking about and this ''Trustee's sale' thingy that's supposed to happen on Friday.

She's soooo happy fur Travis and Kaiti about their wedding coming up this Saturday.

She's soooo sad she's losing her 'little boy'.

She misses our Gramma and Grampa and our Uncle soooo much, especially during the Howlidays.

And she's soooo thankful fur the wunnerful furiends we have here on Dogster.

We think we'll just go lay by the woodstove and take a nap. SHEESH!

Woofs, wiggles 'n Taterwags, Penny, Zelda, Teddi Sue & Link


TAG! We're "it"!

November 10th 2008 1:23 am
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Our handsome and very sweet little furiend, Bailey, and one of our favoritest hometown pals right here in Eugene, Ziggy Moonbeam, Tagged us and now we're "it"!

Now we get to have some fun! ***Here are the rules...***

*** I have to list 7 things about myself in this diary entry.

1. Penny Ann is the Alpha Tot. She is the oldest and has lived here the longest. She rules the roost here at our house!

2. Link is the only boy Tater Tot. He'd looove to have a brofur someday! BOL!

3. Zelda Marie, Teddi Sue and Link are full fur furblings. Their fur pawents are Tiger, a purebred Chihuahua, and Reba, a purebred Miniature Pinscher.

4. Teddi Sue and Link are "wombmates", and they are 6 & 1/2 months younger than Zelda Marie.

5. Link and his humom and daddy moved to their own home in August of 2007. He comes over to Gramma's & Glen's *rolls eyes* to play with us other Tots every weekend and sometimes during the week, too. (Someday soon Glen will give in and let Link call him "Grampa"!)

6. Zelda Marie is the closest of all us Tater Tots to our kitty sisfur, Rosie.

7. Teddi Sue was stolen along with Mommy's car, 300 miles from our home, in April 2007. Our Dogster and Catster pals joined forces and searched day and night fur nearly 8 weeks 'til they found Teddi Sue and brought her back home to our family! WOOHOOO!!! We LOOOVE our furiends! You can read all about Teddi Sue's adventure in her Diary.

*** Now I go Tag 7 of my pawsome pals! I let them know that they have been Tagged by sending them a pawmail or a fun rosette and ask them to follow the rules in this Diary entry if they wish to play.

These are the pals I will be Tagging...

1. Sparky
2. Ziggy Moonbeam
3. Tinker Belle NPC
4. Brutus
5. Dayzee
6. Daisy Mae
7. Rosie

*** Have fun, everypup! Thanks fur playing Tag with us!

Woofs 'n Taterwags, Penny, Zelda, Teddi Sue & Link


How To Post A Hover Picture

November 9th 2008 9:08 pm
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Oh, boy! Are we excited now?!!! Thanks to our furiend, Kiki, we finally figgered out how to do one of those really pawsome hover pic thingies! YES!

We've had a couple of wunnerful pals try to explain it to us, but we just couldn't quite get it. *BLUSH* We aren't sure what finally made it click, but it did! And now we're havin' all kinds of fun sendin' fun pawmails with hover pics and posting hover pics in forums everywhere! *jumps up and down, bol*

Here are the instructions in case any of our pals would like to learn how, too.

1. Right click the picture you want to post and save it in your hard drive.

2. Go to and open an account.

3. Browse and save the picture in your photobucket album

4. Copy the direct link of the picture in the photobucket album

5. Go to

6. Paste the direct link in the first box

7. Enter the Description of the picture i.e. Kobe in Sombrero

8. Click on Create Forum Code

9. Copy the forum code

10. Go and post in the forum and paste the forum code where you want the picture to be, it'll give you the picture.

We hope you all have as much fun with this as we are! And thanks again to everyfur who has tried so hard to make us unnerstand. *BLUSH* We finally GOT IT!

Woofs 'n Taterwags, Penny, Zeldy, Teddi Sue & Link


YIPEE!!! We're Back Online!

November 3rd 2008 6:05 pm
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Hi, everyfur! Sorry we disappeared so suddenly. Our pawputer went completley ka-poot on us! But thanks to our furless brother, we're back online! *jumps up and down, bol* Woohoo! It's a furbulous pawlace to be! We got our wags back in our tails! Sniff ya around.

Woofs 'n Taterwags, Penny, Zeldy, Teddi Sue & Link


Woofs 'N Yubbies To All Our Pals

October 22nd 2008 4:31 am
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We try hard to be here on Dogster everyday, but because our pawents stay so busy with their landscape business (They're not getting any younger, ya know?!) and also, our daddy is totally anti-pawputer, *sad* sometimes it's hard fur us to stay caught up. Thank Dogness fur furiends who understand if we take a li'l too long to woof back, or if we miss an impawtant event, or have to run out of a pawty mid-woof.

It breaks our heart when somefur takes one of our blunders pawsonally. :( The last thing we ever want to do is hurt someone's feelings. Our furiends here on Dogster mean everything to us and have made all the difference in our world. It is sooo nice to be truly loved and cared about and to love and truly care about others.

Even though we are canine, our typist is human, and sometimes she fails us miserably... whether it's because she furgets, falls asleep too soon after work, because our daddy is feeling lonely fur our attention, or whatever. Rest assured it is NEVER because we just don't care or don't think it's impawtant, or that we don't appreciate the kindness and love of a furiend.

We'll try to come by and woof more regularly. Our own furmily's Dogster grrroup pretty much died out (except fur a few extremely loyal pups) when Teddi Sue was stolen and we were spending every minute we could looking fur her. And, of course, we all know that the search paid off, thanks again to our PAWSOME furiends here on Dogster & Catster!=;=;=;:c9|:|~a~

Gee. Thanks fur listening... and fur understanding. We appreciate the love and furiendship of all our pals. We have LOTS of it to give, also!

Huggers 'n Taterlove, Penny Ann, Zelda Marie, Teddi Sue & Link ♥


We're Here! We're Here!

September 30th 2008 2:27 am
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Hi ya everyfur! We just want to woof at ya quick and let everyfur know that we are here, but we have.... FALLEN *echoes* - BEHIND!!! *echoes*

We haven't had the wooftime to keep up with all of our pawsome furiends out there woofing us wishes and sending us pressies fur our pages and Pal Requests....

We're so excited about all this attention, we're finding ourselves in full-body wiggles and we can't stop chasing our tails!
WE EVEN MISSED ALMOST A WHOLE PAGE OF PAWMAILS FROM ON THE 16TH- OR SO!!! We just found them a few minutes ago! *BLUSH*

So, if anyfur is out there wondering what happened to us...*bol*... nothin' happened! *BLUSH* We're woofing and wagging like crazy and we hope you'll wait fur us. We ARE the luckiest pack to be furiends with the most pawsome furs. We all appreciate all of your kind and thoughtful expressions. We'll be woofing with you soon!

♥ Huggers 'n Taterlove, Penny, Zeldy, Teddi, Link and Rosie kitty, too!


Daily Diary Pick... AGAIN! 9/23/08

September 28th 2008 3:37 am
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OMD! Our Diary has been chosen once again as a Daily Diary Pick! We are so very honored and humbled!

Granted, we are a few days late in woofing our thanks fur all of the congratulatory woofs, pretties and Pal Requests that we received, but pawlease do not let that diminish the appreciation we have fur receiving the honor and all of the special, loving attention from our pawsome pals! It's been a very, very busy week fur our typist... right, Mom? ;) And we are making a valiant attempt to get everyfur thanked pawsonally before this weekend is out.

We do have some more woofs to share regarding certain events that have taken pawlace here on Dogster over the past couple of weeks, but fur tonight our typist is having a tough time keeping her eyes open and her fingers hitting the pawper keys. We'll come back and woof some more tomorrow.

Thank you again, sooo much to everyfur who has sent furiendly woofs, pressies and Pal Requests and helped to make us feel loved on our special day. And thank you to HQ! You guys RULE!

Yubbies 'n huggers, Pen, Zeldy, Tedder
& the Yick Man!


WOWSER, Bowser! We're a Daily Diary Pick!

September 13th 2008 2:00 am
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Another big "Yipee! comin' at ya from The Tater Tots!

HQ has given us the honor of being chosen as a Daily Diary Pick! And Dog! Are We honored! *Chests puff up, ears stand tall (except fur Penny Ann - she's a weiner dog! BOL)*

What a pawsome week we've had here on Dogster! We are truly humbled.

~Casper's fund-raising goal has been met! *HIGH PAW*

~Sassy won a pawsome prize and she's giving it to US! *BIG HUGS*

~Our kitty sisfur, Rosie, was twice chosen as a Daily Diary Pick! *GO, ROSIE!*

~Our dear, ol' pals Mugsy and Tidbit have come back on Dogster after being away fur waaay too many months! *tails wag furiously, BOL*

We know there are also lots of other super-kewl events and activities going on around Dogster this week. In a way, we're glad we're not able to list them all here, right now. That means there are just too many super-kewl things about Dogster to list! BOL

In light of the somberness of remembering the heroes of 9/11, we're very grateful fur the happy times we enjoy here on Dogster with our pawsome pals.

So many impawtant things to be remembered... we must all remember to count our blessings each and every day!
As of this very second, we have at least 2,723 blessings - that's the number of Pup Pals we have listed on our Dogster page! BOL

Thank you, HQ, fur choosing our Diary as a Daily Pick! (((HUG)))

Woofs, butt wiggles 'n Taterwags, Penny, Zelda, Teddi Sue & Link


Yipee! GO, Casper!

September 12th 2008 3:05 am
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WOOHOOOO!!! Sassy won the Dieseldoggie gift certificate and wardrobe closet in the raffle to raise funds fur Casper's surgery! But, guess what?! She's giving the prize to us!!! OMD! Thank you, Sassy! *chasing tails, bol* We are sooo excited! We can hardly wait to get to Dieseldoggie to check out the goods! We'll be the best-dressed Tater Tots on all of Dogster!

We're sure that everypup knows the plight of Casper, the 7 month-old, cute li'l Pomeranian. The li'l sweetie is only expected to live fur 6 more months, at the outside, unless he undergoes heart surgery ASAP.

Well, that just would not do fur his pals here on Dogster ( and Catster!), so everypup (and everykitty!) pulled together and came up with ways to raise funds fur the $3500 surgery he needs to save his life.

A Dogster group, Have a Heart, was created. The group hosted a raffle as the main fund raiser fur Casper. Several pawsome furiends donated prizes fur the cause.

* A closet wardrobe & $20.00 gift certificate to
-Donated by Diesel's mom

* Basket of doggie cookies
- Donated by Cosmo Enyce Politan's mom.

* A Tastefully Simple gift package include items from
- Donated by Tessa's mom.

* A beautiful blanket made and donated by Dayzee's mom.

* $55.00 gift certificate to The New York Dog Shop
-Donated by Brodie's mom

* Basket of doggie grooming supplies. Shampoo, brushes etc. valued at over $50.00
-Donated by Sophie's and Kiki's moms.

* A Bath & Body Works gift card value $50.00. Check out Bath & Body Works at
- Donated by Tessa's mom.

* $200.00 gift basket of women's fashion jewelry
-Donated by a very generous Anonymous Donor

* $100 Gift Certificate for the Fairfield Inn/Mariott Hotel

* A gorgeous Tote Bag in Animal theme made by Griffin's mom. ***Sorry we don't have Griffin's ID. *blush* If Griffin wants to give us a woof, we'd be oh, so happy to include it here.***

We just think it is sooo pawsome of all these furs and their mommas to be so generous. And a grreat, big woof of appawse to all who have showed support, said prayers, bought raffle tickets and/or donated to Casper's cause in any way. You ROCK fur supporting Casper's cause! It has all been alot of fun, another outstanding show of Power of the Paw here in the Dogster and Catster communities, and a smashing success! Casper's surgery plans are being made and by the end of the first week of October, he will be recovering from his surgery!!! *HIGH PAW*

Fur now, let's all keep showing our support fur the li'l sweetie-pie and his family by sending our love, pawrayers and best wishes.

Times like these are when we feel sooo proud to be part of such loving, caring, pawsome communities such as Dogster and Catster. Our family has been on the receiving end of The Power of the Paw and it feels just as heart-warming and wonderful to be on the giving end.

Dogsters (and Catsters!) ROCK!!!

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