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Fun and Adventures With the Tater Tots!

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Summertime! *HAPPY DANCE*

July 14th 2010 10:39 am
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Anywoof who has been reading our Diary over the past several weeks knows that fur awhile there, we thought we might just up and float away with all the rain we were getting here in Western Oregon! :O

Well, we're happy to woof that summertime has finally arrived here in Eugene! *HAPPY DANCE* Our paws are dry and we've got our shades on, ready to have some summertime fun!

For the past couple of weeks, we've had beautiful, sunny days - temps in the 8o's and even some 90's! Daddy filled up our "kitty" pool and Teddi Sue had been biting splashes to her little heart's content!

Today we're going to clean up the canoe that our pal, Flicka, sent to us and put it in storage for safe-keeping. After all, this is Western Oregon and we know that when October arrives, we'll be puttin' that canoe back to good use!

There are some good points to getting alot of rain. We are blessed to live in a place where there are lush, green forests and the grass is always cool and soft under our paws. But Gee Willakers! A pup's gotta be able to enjoy a little warm weather and bask in the sunshine, too! We're gonna try to talk Mom and Dad into packing up the picnic basket and beachball and taking us out to the coast one of these weekends in the very near future. Sounds like a blast, huh?! Just wish we could bring all our pals along! We'd love to be able to play beachball with you! ;)

TaterWAGS & BIG TaterHUGGGSS, Penny, Zeldy, Link & Teddi Sue ♥


Ten Reasons Not To Buy A Pet Store Puppy

July 13th 2010 10:48 pm
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We want to help Dogster spread the woof, so we're posting a link to this article here in our Diary.

Thank you, Dogster, for sharing this infurmation and helping to enlighten people on the "cons" of purchasing a puppy from a pet store. *HIGH PAW*

Ten Reasons Not To Buy A Pet Store Puppy.


Please Lend A Pal A Helping Paw

July 12th 2010 2:40 am
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Our pal, Binx CGC, SDIT, needs his pals' help!

His momma, who is a hard-working student, has entered Binx's picture in a photo contest in which the First Place prize is a $50 gift certificate to anywhere in Orlando, where Binx lives. Binx really wants to win so he can help his momma pay for his allergy tests. He could use that gift certificate for his Dogtor bill.

Right now, Binx is clinging to First Place by a hair! :O
Wouldn't it be nice if a buncha his pals could lend their paws and help him win?! Voting is super-fast and easy! No registration or any of that stuff. All you have to do is click a paw above his picture and you're done! Voting is allowed once a day and the contest runs through August 31st.

Come on, everywoof! Let's please lend a super-sweet pal a helping paw!


Thanks, everywoof! And Binx thanks you, too! :D~


Is It Summer Yet?

June 26th 2010 12:48 pm
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*pulls canoe onto a small hill, hangs socks up on paddles to dry in the sun, spreads out a blankie for a picnic lunch all the while thinking how grateful they are for Flicka's canoe and paddles*

We have actually had a few sunny days! It may have even hit real close to 80 degrees a couple of Mondays ago! Mom actually broke a sweat at work! So, yep, we think summer is here!

If the weather continues on the way it's been for the past week and a half or so, we really have nothing to whine about! We're now enjoying cloudy, overcast mornings with the sunshine breaking through in the afternoon and highs somewhere in the mid-70's or so. This is pawsome! Lots of pups are suffering in the 90 and 100 degree heat. We want Mom to get us some zealies so we can send some of those pawsome shade trees out to those who are panting.

This sure would be great weather for a trip out to the coast! Maybe we can talk Mom and Dad into taking us. We're gonna try! Cross your paws, everypup, and wish us luck! Oh! And have a yappy, safe summer, too! Stay cool! ;)


Still Rainin'....

June 6th 2010 2:46 pm
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Wowser! Still rainin' at home in Eugene! We're glad we hopped on board with Your Key To happiness and are now on a pawtastic cruise in South America! :D~ This is the life!


One of Our Dearest Pals is Dog of the Day Today!

June 4th 2010 2:14 am
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You all know our dear furiend Ebony, is Dogster Dog of the Day, today! YIPEEEEE! We are sooo doing our Happy Dances! Ebby is the most absowoof, pawsome choice as Dog of the Day, 'cuz she's an absowoofly pawsome pal and she's quite ravishing, as well. She has a family who just couldn't be filled with more love and kindness! Love & Kindness spills out of Ebony and her family and gets all over their furiends and puts smiles on faces, wags in tails and happiness in hearts!
Way to go, Ebby! Enjoy your special day in the spotlight, grrrl furiend! We love you, dear furiend. ♥

BIG Taterhuggggs, Penny, Zeldy, Link & Teddi


Dogster Has Changed!

June 4th 2010 2:06 am
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Our noses are a bit out of joint as we are having a ruff time finding our way around the "New Dogster". We've been doin' a little bit of whining, but no one seems to be listening - that's pawbably an 'okay thing'. We don't want our furiends to think we're bummers. Doesn't everywoof have a bit of trouble in life sometimes, which warrants a bit of whining? We mean, Heck, there wouldn't be such a thing as whining if it wasn't a legitimate pawt of our nature. Or at least our humans' nature. Still, it's a li'l embarrassing bein' whiners. Now, even more embarrassin', Momma figgers some of our pawblems have been with the browser we've been using. It's the same one we've used for the past couple of years, but it doesn't seem to like the new changes. So, we are trying a different browser now and already, we were able to click on a pup's name on the Community Page and it took us to her page! WOOHOO! It worked!
So, we need to bite our tongues, be patient and understanding and give ourselves time to learn and get used to th "New Dogster". We know we'll love it because all the pawsome furiends are still there and the same and that is really what we love about Dogster. Our Furiends! Everyting else will fall into place. Especially with the Big Dogs at HQ working so hard to make improvents and changes for better security and to make Dogster - over-all - a more wonderful site!
So, we may whine a little, but we're going to buck up and take on "New Dogster" and learn to appreciate all the wonderful changes! YEAH!!! *high paws*

Now, pawlease excuse us while we go study fur a bit. ;) And thanks fur letting us whine just a little.

((((HUGGGG)))), Pens, Zeldy, Link & Ted ♥


Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!!! BOL!

June 2nd 2010 9:58 pm
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Will it ever stop raining??!!! *

*sitting by the window, watching the rain drops fall*


Mommy Has Never Laughed So Hard! :))

May 3rd 2010 10:22 pm
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Tonight Sassy's mommy called our mommy and they talked for almost 2 hours! Or we should say they laughed for almost 2 hours! bol!

Mommy has been very sad and worried about Sassy's mommy. Sally has been very, very sick and she needs a new liver to save her life. She has had alot of pain and sickness and complications. She has been in and out of the hospital alot over the past couple of months.
Sally has been sad because she misses Sassy when she's in the hospital. Right now she's at home with Sassy and Sassy's daddy and she is in very good spirits. Tomorrow she goes to the doctor to have the staples removed from her last surgery, but for tonight she's happy and was snuggling Sassy and telling Mommy stories that made Mommy ROTFLHBO!

Mommy hasn't called Sally, even though she's been really worried, because she's been afraid to disturb her while she might be resting, so she was sooo happy when her phone rang and she saw that it was "Sassy's Mommy" calling!

Sally is one of Mommy's very dearest friends in all the world, and we know that there are several other Dogster Moms and Dads who feel the same way. Sally is one of the most caring, giving, loving people Mommy has ever known.

Sassy's family has been through an incredible amount of pain and suffering and health issues over the past year or more. Sassy's daddy has been battling cancer and had 1/2 of a lung removed. He's been going through treatment and Sally has been standing by him, being strong for him. Now Sally is sick and Jimmie and she are being strong for each other. They have a wonderful daughter, Brandi, who has been there for them 100%. She helps take care of them and Sassy.

She has started a Facebook group Rally For Sally, in support of her mom so all you Facebook fans out there can join and give your support.

A few Dogster pals have started a Dogster Group, Stomp Paws For Sally. You can click on a link at the top of the group's main page asking for an invitation to join the group and show your support there, also.

There is a thread in Plus Power of the Paw, Sally - Sassy's Mommy where Plus Members can go and post to show support and find a link to Light A Candle for Sally. The candles burn for 48 hours so we recommend re-lighting your candles every day or two.

Sally mentioned to Mommy how grateful she is for all the love and support she has been receiving from her family and friends and that it has really helped to keep her going and keep her spirits high.

Sally and Sassy have been Dogster members for over 4 years and have always been here for every pup and their people who ever needed support in any way. Now Sassy's family needs support and Power of the Paw and it's time for everywoof to bark out loud and stomp our paws and show Sassy and her family the love we have in our hearts for them! Come on, everywoof! BOL!


OMD! We LOOOOVE You, pals!

April 19th 2010 12:34 am
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Having been deluged with hugs and woofs and, yes, even meows, we've decided we'd have more furiends mad at us if we're not here, than if we stay and keep sticking our paws in our mouths. What a pawsome feeling! BOL!

Thanks, everywoof and everypurr, for being so absowoofly pawsome and such devoted furiends. We'd really be lost without our pals. Really!

BIG, GIGANTIC Taterhugggssss, Penny, Zeldy, Link & Teddi ♥

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