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Fun and Adventures With the Tater Tots!

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Away For Awhile.....

November 15th 2010 11:35 pm
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We thinks we's goin' to be without internet fur awhile, so we won't be sniffin' around Dogster fur awhile. :(

We'll be back as soon as we can. Til then, know that we love you, we miss you, you're the bestest furiends in all the world and we're keeping you all close in our thoughts and hearts. If we're still away fur Thanksgiving, we wish all our pawsome pals and their peeps the bestest, most blessed and safe howliday, spending time with the ones you love. Cherish the time you have together and don't furget to tell those you love that you love them.

Love's ya, everywoof!

Woofs, Taterwags & GREAT BIG Taterhuggggss, Penny, Zeldie, Link & Teddi Sue ♥


Dogs Live Here

November 11th 2010 2:01 am
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If you don't want to be greeted with paws and swinging tails don't come inside because dogs live here.
If you don't like the feel of a cold nose or a wet tongue, don't come inside because dogs live here.
If you don't want to step over many scattered toys, don't come inside because dogs live here.
If you think that a home ought to smell of perfume, don't come inside because dogs live here.
If you don't mind all of this, you will be instantly loved when you come inside, because dogs live here.

Author Unknown


Sassy's Beautiful Mommy

November 6th 2010 1:54 pm
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Our furiend's, Sassy's,(who is everyone's furiend), mommy, Sally, is very, very sick and she needs our prayers.

You can join a support group, here on Dogster, Stomp Paws For Sally!, to show your support. You can also join her support group on Facebook, Rally For Sally. I will edit this entry later today, or this evening, with a link to Rally For Sally.

Please pray for Sally, that her condition improves, and that her family finds strength and comfort.

Lots of Love & BIG Taterhugs, Penny, Zelda, Link & Teddi Sue ♥


Please join the Facebook group and show your support for Sassy's mommy..... Rally For Sally.


World's Coolest!

November 2nd 2010 12:44 am
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Mom finally found a little time to get us entered in the World's Coolest Dog & Cat Show!

We always have so much fun looking at all the entries and voting for everyfur. We hope our furiends will vote for us, too.

We each have a little badge on our pages that you can click on to take you directly to our voting pages.

Rosie's even entered this year! So, don't furget to check out the kitties, too! The Funny Face category is always a kick! BOL!

We're off to do some voting! Have fun, everyfur! And good luck!

Woofs & Taterwags, Penny, Zelda, Link & Teddi Sue


Thank You, Ernie George, For Giving Us Such A Pawrecious- Gift. We'll Use It Well, Dear Furiend! :)

September 25th 2010 7:14 am
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We just found out, last night, that a very special pup, Ernie George, earned his "Lifetime Achievement Award" and made his Journey to the Rainbow Bridge on September 6th. Our hearts are heavy and we share the tears of his family.

Ernie has been a fun-loving furiend to many on Dogster since July 2008. His happy, carefree, unique and colorful pawsonality has endeared him to any and all who have had the pawleasure to make his acquaintance. 'EG' colors the Dogster Community happy with his kind and loving woof. Ernie filled a place in one's heart that could never be filled by another, and he will most certainly remain anchored in those hearts, and remembered with a special fondness, furever.

Though, for the past few weeks we've not been real active on Dogster, we have been here, and we just cannot understand how we somehow had not learned, for 2 & 1/2 weeks, that everybody's furiend, Ernie George, had made his Journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

With wet eyes, sniffly noses and very red faces, we admit that, having been wrapped up in our own sorrow after being dealt a tragedy within our own family, we have failed to keep a watchful eye on many of our furiends, who we dearly love and care about. As a consequence, our hearts ache with regret, sorrow and shame that, for two and half weeks, we have not expressed our sympathy and support to a loving furiend and his family when they need it more than ever.

We wish we would have been less self-absorbed, and checked our corral of furiends activity on the days we have logged on. To think less about our own feelings and more about the furiends who care about us.
If we had, we would have known two weeks ago that Ernie had made his Journey, and we would have been here for him with our love and Taterhugs, and given his wonderful, loving momma the support she deserved and needed from friends.

Mom got us more zealies last night so we finally went to Ernie's page to congratulate him on being DOTW. That is when we discovered that he is an angel now - when we saw his page, his picture with wings, and all of the special gift angel wings, angel and rainbow furever stars, and paw charm and heart rosettes that have been gifted to him by so many of the furiends who love and care about him.

Our tears are running freely. Not only for Ernie George's family, as we know they are missing him painfully, but for the fact that we were too wrapped up in our own family's sorrow to have noticed that of our furiend's.

We're here now, offering our love and support, letting Ernie know how loved he is and that we care and that he will always be in our hearts and never forgotten.
Being here now feels right in our hearts, but we have learned a hard lesson.

We can't go back to September 6th and fix it. We can't say to Ernie, "Wait, let's do that over! We want to be thinking of you and your momma, not only of our own pain and sorrow!"

And any other times that we have been so concerned with our own troubles - or happiness - or worries, etc... that we have overlooked a friend's, cannot be done over again, either.....
A friend waiting to hear her friend say "Happy birthday!".....
A lonely friend waiting to hear her friend say "Hey! Just wanted to stop by and see how you're doing!" .....
A worried friend waiting to hear a friend say "Try not to worry, it'll be okay. And if it isn't, I'm here for you."......
A sweetheart waiting for her sweetheart to say "I'm so happy to see you! I've been thinking about you all day! I LOVE YOU!"....
The list could go on and on and on....
All we can do now is look ahead and remember what makes our hearts feel right.

We wonder if Ernie George knows what his Journey to The Bridge has led us to realize and really think about.
Does he know, that because of him and his Journey to The Bridge, and because of what a kind, loving pup he's been, that The Tater Tots just became much more sensitive, thoughtful and selfless to the furiends? The ones that care about them? The furiends they love and cherish but maybe, so thoughtlessly, haven't shown by their actions how much they love and cherish them?
Does Ernie know what a pawrecious gift he's given us - as well as the gift of his furiendship?

We think he does know, because he's, obviously, already doing his job as an angel! For sure watching over us right now! And he's smiling!
Ernie is just as pawsome an angel in Heaven as he was a furiend on Earth!
We want to thank Ernie George for being such a great furiend and a loving pup and for helping us learn to be better furiends to the ones we love.


We have some new rules that we will strive to live by.....

Each day that we log on to Dogster, we first will check our pawmails, answer them, and thank furiends for any kind woofs or gifts we've received.
Then we will check our corral and keep an eye on the furiends we love, so when support is needed, we will be here to give it.
If hugs are needed and tears need drying, we will be here to lend a shoulder or a paw.
If there is an important, happy, exciting event, we will be here to share in the joy and give High-Paws.
We will be here for our furiends throughout the sunny days and throughout the storms, as they have been here for us for the past 4 years.
We will be here to help make the memories - happy, sad, fun or serious - that make Dogster the wonderful, special, loving community that it is.

We wish Ernie George peace, happiness, everlasting youthful strength and vigor and, of course, as many bones as a pup could possibly wish for! ;)
EG will always be remembered and will furever hold a special place in our - and so many others'- hearts.
We send love and ((((BIG Taterhugs)))) to Ernie's family - especially his momma, who always took such loving care of him and gave him a happy and safe life.
Also, we congratulate Ernie George, and give him High-Paws, for being honored as Dogster's Dog of the Week. He is so truly deserving of the honor!

Fly high and fly free, Ernie George! You'll be furever in the hearts of those who love you - and some of "those" are us!

Tons of love, Taterwags & BIG Taterhugggss, Penny Ann, Zelda Marie, Link & Teddi Sue ♥


A Very Special Angel Watching over Us

September 5th 2010 1:54 am
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Our momma would like to share some words....

On Thursday morning, I received a phone call from my only sibling. My brother called to inform me that his only child, his daughter, Jennifer, my only and beloved niece, is no longer with us on this Earth.

My beautiful, intelligent, loving, precious niece, Jennifer Lynn, had her life brutally taken, while she was in the supposed safety of her own home. She was beaten and stabbed repeatedly by a person, or persons, who is/are still out there, somewhere, enjoying the freedom to come and go as they please. We pray to God that whoever is responsible for such a horrendous crime will be caught and punished to the full extent of the law.

I am completely devastated, and at a total loss for words. I can't comprehend how a person could do such a thing. Jennifer grew up close to our family. My sons were her best friends and playmates - practically brothers and sister to one another. Jennifer was my precious "Angel Face". She was so happy and fun-loving and full of life. She was very talented artistically and very intelligent and always sensitive and caring to others.

I cherish the memories of the beautiful girl that I loved more than any girl in the world. I remember watching her laugh and gaze in wonder at the animals at the Portland Zoo. I remember her laughing and playing in the Willamette River, splashing water at my sons, her cousins. I remember the times she shared ice cream cones with the boys on our front porch on hot summer days here in Eugene. I remember the time that she and Austin stole a pack of Lifesavers from the Fred Meyer store, when they were eight years old, and Jenny's mom, Lori, and I made them return the candy to the cashier at the store and apologize and promise never to steal again. I remember the hikes up Skinner's Butte and to The Arboretum. I remember the hugs and kisses and how Jenny loved it when I called her "My Angel Face". I remember the countless memories, too numerous to list. And I remember the special love that Jenny and I shared - the little girl who was the daughter that I never had, and who grew into a beautiful, lovely 28 year old woman, who was robbed of the chance to live a full life and know the happiness of someday falling in love with her soul mate and having children of her own.

I will never understand why her life was so suddenly and brutally taken from her. From me. From us.

It is said that God has a reason for everything, but it is just so incredibly difficult for me to understand what that reason could be. I try to take comfort in the fact that my sweet Angel Face is in His loving care, held in the arms of the angels, safe in Heaven and watching over those of us who love her so dearly. But it is extremely difficult and my heart is aching with every breath I take.

In three hours, my family and I will begin the five hour drive to the Seattle area, to pay our final respects and say our goodbyes to the beautiful young woman who enriched our lives and will forever own a very special place in our hearts.

Please pray for my beloved niece and ask God to give her parents, and all of us who loved Jennifer, the strength we need to understand and cope with this devastating loss and to go on with life while her memory lives on in our hearts. Thank you so much for your love and support.

Sincerely and with love, D'Ann.

For Jenny, my darling Angel Face,
Rest in peace, my beautiful Jenny, my precious Angel Face, and know that you live on forever in my heart. I love you, my baby girl. I love you so, so much, and I am so very sorry for what happened to you. I long for the day that I can hold you again and never, ever let you go.
In my heart forever and always, Auntie D'Ann

We would like to thank all of our dear furiends, and their mommies and daddies, for the loving support you have shown to our family during this time of tragedy in our lives. It helps more than words can express.

Love & BIG Taterhugs, Penny Ann, Zelda Marie, Link & Teddi Sue


*YIKES* Don't Furget To Vote Fur Binx!

July 27th 2010 1:37 am
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*paces back and forth*

That Greyhound is a mere 40-something points behind Binx tonight! :O


GO, BINX! *high paw*

Woofs & Taterwags to all our pawsome pals! :D~


Lots of "Thank You!" 's - And Keep Votin' Fur Binx! BOL!

July 23rd 2010 9:58 pm
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There sure has been a lot going on with us lately! We have many furiends we'd like to thank!

We'd like to woof thanks to these furs for sending pawmails, comments and pressies congratulating us on receiving Diary Honors this month....

The family of Daisy (2004♥2007) and Ella.

The Cali Crew.

The family of Nina,Spanky, Cody, Katie and Hannah.


The family of Sandy~SD, Rascal (1996-2010) and Whiskey (7/5/92-9/29/08).

The family of Hansome Jack and Zoie.

The family of Demon Flash Bandit and Angel Zoom Smokey.

The family of Bizkit~Social Director, Sluggo, Sneakers (In Loving Memory), Emilio (In Loving Memory), Archie, Star, Skye, Ciao-Li, Jean Louise "Weezer", Sheba (In Loving Memory), Katie (In Loving Memory), Arlo (In Loving Memory) and Cami (In Loving Memory).

The family of Kiko and Josie.

The family of Walker, Alexandria, Molly, Pookah, Edwina (Eddy), Emily, Nelly~Bell~May, Morris, Cleopatra~Grace, Nekko, Itsumo, Jerry and Tinkerbell.


The family of Buddy, Maggie and Peanut.

The family of Ebony, Wrinkles, Sweet-Pea, Sunshine, Raven, Tux, Furby and Diamond.

Saphira, CGC.









And, of course, a BIG "Thank you!" to the mysterious Diary chooser at HQ. We thought we knew who chose the Diary Picks, but found out we're wrong. :-/ It's still a mystery! bol!

We also want to thank all our furbulous furiends who joined us in the Anonymous Beachball Rosette game! We had sooo much fun watching the thread in Plus Fun grow, and everywoof trying to guess who "Anonymous" was! :D~ We'd like to list everwoof individually, but we there were just waaaay too many to do that and still get this entry done this year! bol!
We did get some special pressies for our page from some pups and we'd like to woof a special "Thanks!" to them for that.....

The Boys.

Nina & the gang



The family of Tosha and Jay Jay jr.

Teddy, CGC.


The family of Missy and Tyler.

Bonzer, who won the Grand Prize for guessing correctly!

We wish we could have sent every, single furiend an Anonymous Beachball, but we don't think Dogster even has that many zealies! bol!

More "Thank you!" 's go out to everyfur who has been saying pawrayers and sending Power of the Paw for Zelda Marie. She is taking her new medication, and will continue to do so for the rest of her life, and she seems to be doing pawsome! Dogtor Nancy told Momma that the meds might make Zeldy a little bit sleepy or "droopy" for a few days, but all we've noticed is that Zeldy seems happier and perkier than ever! :O That, of course, makes all of us happy! :D~
And even more "Thank you!" 's to everyfur for the congratulatory woofs, pawmails, comments and pressies that Zelda and our kitty sisfur, Angel Rosie, has received for their Diary honors this month, also! they'll be working on special Diary enties of their own, very soon, to thank each furiend individually.

We think that just about covers it. *scratches heads* We hope we didn't miss anyone. If we did, we apawlogize and just want each and effury furiend to know how much we love you and how grateful we are for your furiendship.

Oh, and everyfur! Don't furget to KEEP VOTIN" FUR BINX EVERYDAY! PAWLEASE! :D~

Woofs, Taterwags & BIG Taterhugggss, Penny, Zeldy, Link & Teddi Sue ♥


Diary Pick, Diary of the Day and PAWLEASE GIVE A PAW FUR- A PAL! BOL!

July 19th 2010 1:34 am
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O - M - D!!! What could be more pawsome than finding out that our Diary was one of yesterday's featured Diary Picks? We'll tell ya what! Finding out that today it's the Diary of the Day!! WOWSER! Thanks, HQ! You ROCK! But then, we've always known that! BOL!

We're extra excited about this because lately we have been trying to help spread the woof fur everyfur to VOTE FUR BINX ONCE EVERY DAY so he can win a $50 gift certificate to help his momma pay his Dogtor bill!

You can read about the contest in Binx's Diary. He's had some dogtor bills and his momma is a very hard-working college student.
Anyways, there's this very fast, graceful racing Greyhound, who is catching up and Binx really needs the help of as many furiends as pawssible to vote fur him and help him stay in 1st place! Don't furget, everywoof, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO VOTE ONCE EVERY DAY THROUGH AUGUST 31ST!!!

Voting is sooo fast and easy! Ya just have to GO HERE AND CLICK ON A PAW ABOVE BINX'S HEAD! (We bookmarked the page fur even faster & easier access!)

So, having our Diary featured in Diary Central is extra-pawsome as we're hoping thousands and thousands of our incredibly pawsome pals will see this and go running as fast as their paws will carry them to help Binx out! It would be sooo cool if Binx could help his momma pay that dogtor bill! She'd be sooo proud of him and he'd be pretty doggone proud of himself, we think, too!

Thanks fur the helping paw, everywoof and thank you, HQ, fur choosing our Diary! We wuff you! :D~

Taterwags & BIG Taterhugggss, Penny, Zeldy, Link & Teddi Sue ♥


OMD! Don't Furget To Vote Fur BINX!!!! :O

July 17th 2010 1:44 am
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That Greyhound is catching up! :O

Come on, everywoof! Don't furget YOU CAN VOTE ONCE EVERY DAY until August 31st to help Binx win that $50 gift certificate to help his momma pay his dogtor bill! Thanks, everywoof! Our pawsome pals ROCK!


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