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Fun and Adventures With the Tater Tots!

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Starting Out With a Sincere Apawlogy : (

February 23rd 2007 1:24 am
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Wow. Is our mommy's face red or WHAT!??! Dogster sent her an email woofing that somepups have woofed complaints because we don't have our picture on our new page yet! Gee. Mommy never would have started our page before she took the picture if she would have had any inkling that somepups would be offended by it! Boy! If only everypup could see MOMMY now!!! *tears* Well, everypup can't, so they'll just have to take our woof fur it that she is really, truly sorry if we have offended anypup.
As soon as Mommy read the email, she hurried to find a picture with as many of us in it as she could. Tomorrow morning we are getting our picture taken together and she will put it on as our primary photo. She'd do it right now, but it's twenty minutes past midnight and she doesn't wanna wake up the twins.She actually had our li'l background fabric all hung up and ready to go today, but we were never all awake at the same time when she was able to set us up fur taking pictures. It's not easy having 10 week old twins, you know! But it sure is fun!!! Zelda especially thinks so! Mommy swears that she knows the twins are her real, full, fur siblings. She loves them sooo much! We think Teddi Sue might think Penny Ann is her fur mother, cuz she's the same color! Poor Teddi doesn't understand that a spayed purebred Dachshund cannot give birth to a 1/2 Chihuahua, 1/2 Miniature Pinscher puppy!!! BOL!
Well, gosh. Somehow, suddenly, this just isn't as fun anymore. We are sooo thankful fur the MANY, MANY pals who woofed that they love The Tater Tots or Mommy would pawbably just delete our new page. We guess it is really true that just a couple of bad apples.... well, nevermind. We only wanna woof nice stuff so we just need to let some things go and put hurt feelings aside. We are one HAPPY group of pups and we are thankful to have each other and a loving furever home with pawrents who love us fiercely!!!

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