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Fun and Adventures With the Tater Tots!

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Valentine Tagged By Our Pawesome Pal,

February 2nd 2008 6:42 pm
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Pippin, our pawsitively pawesome pal, has tagged us! *high paws* Thanks fur woofin' us to play, Pippin! *jumping up and down, tails wagging super fast*

Here are the rules fur Valentine Tag:

Once you have been tagged, you choose five wishes for Valentine's Day and write them in a diary entry.

Then you choose five of your furiends to tag. Include their names in your Diary entry, so everyfur knows who you're tagging.

Next, let each of your five chosen furiends know that you are tagging them either by pawmail, or by sending them a fun rosette. Let them know they can read the rules on how to play by reading your Diary.

Here are 5 wishes that we have fur Valentine's Day...

1. We wish fur everyfur to have somefur to be their Valentine. (If you know of somefur who has no Valentine, pawlease let us know, 'cuz we'd looove to be Valentine's with EVERYFUR!

2. We wish fur all of our furiends and their families to be happy and healthy and loved on Valentine's Day.

3. We wish fur our momma and daddy to give us lotsa extra snuggles and treats on Valentine's Day. (Actually, we wish fur that EFFURYDAY!) BOL

4. We wish fur our kitty sister, Rosie to feel happy, healthy and strong, and no coughing at all.

5. We wish that Penny Ann's husband, Buster, would come back to Dogster and send Penny some love and kissies. He's been gone fur about a month and a half now, and Penny Ann misses him lots.

Okay. Now the hard pawt. Figgerin' out just FIVE furiends to tag!
OMD! It's always really hard to just choose a few, cuz we love all our pals sooo much and we want them all to play TAG with us! We better go find the one of Daddy's icky ol' socks to use as a blindfold. Then we'll take turns pointing our paws at somepup... or kitty... in our corral. Of course we'd have to peek in Rosie's corral to choose a kitty furiend!
Well, here goes! Here's the furiends we're going to tag!

1. Lakota - One of the cutestest Poms we know and who pawbably has more pals than anypup!

2. Murfree - A furry sweet and handsome li'l Puggie. He, being such a sweetie and a senior pup, holds a special pawlace in our hearts. We haven't heard his woofs lately and hope he's doing well.

3. Wilson - A furry special and dear furiend who helped us find our Teddi Sue and bring her back home after she was stolen. We love you and we miss you, Wilson. ((((HUGS))))

4. Bitsy - a beautiful, sweet kitten who just got a new baby Bully sister, so she could use a li'l extra lovin's.

5. Bridget - An absowoofly gorgeous Doxie! She and her family are some of our furry special fellow Oregon pals.

It's sooo much fun playing TAG! It's sure a grrreat way to learn a little bit more about our furiends, and what they enjoy. We hope you all have as much fun as we are! WTYL!
Love & Taterhugs, Penny Ann, Zelda Marie, Teddi Sue & Link ♥


Dogster Daily Diary Pick! OMD! OMD! *tails wagging- furiously*

January 22nd 2008 2:55 am
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Yippee! Another exciting day fur us Tater Tots! Dogster has chosen our little ol' Diary as a Daily Pick! Woohooo!!! *chases tails, bol* We are so very honored!
We'd like to thank all the really cool peeps at Dogster HQ. *high paws* You're all just pawesome! And we'd like to thank all of our super pals. You pups are the grrreatest and we jus' love ya all to pieces! We'd like to thank our mommy fur being our typist and sitting up at all hours of the night (and morning!) to let us get our woofs out. We could go on and on and on... but we think you pawbably get the idea! BOL
Well, we're off to see what kind of furbulous adventures lay ahead fur us this special day. Thanks again, everyone! We love you all!
*scrambles away, tripping and falling over one another, creating a large cloud of dust...*


We found a copy of the furst Auburn Reporter story on- Teddi Sue...

January 16th 2008 9:32 pm
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***"Teddi Sue" is a 4 month old Chihuahua/Minpin mix. Her 'mom' D'Ann was driving home from a trip and stopped in Auburn, WA for a quick bite to eat. Teddi Sue was in her car in a small blue crate with a blanket over it so no one could see inside, and D'Ann checked on her every 10-15 minutes. When D'Ann came out the last time, the car was gone with little Teddi Sue inside. The car was found several days later near the area where it had been stolen, but Teddi Sue and her crate were not inside. D'Ann has been staying in Auburn and looking for Teddi Sue. If you know anyone in the area or any other dog forums where this info could be added, please alert them about this missing puppy! The police have been helpless, and when the car was found they refused to have people come out and check it for fingerprints to see if they could figure out who stole the car and might have Teddi Sue...***

The following article was written by Robert Whale of the Auburn Reporter way back in April 2007, several days after Momma's car got stolen with Teddi Sue inside of it.

Thieves took the car, and the little dog, too

D’Ann Lally nearly has worn herself out looking.

Not so much for the car stolen from her April 16 as she grabbed a bite to eat at the Muckleshoot Casino restaurant before heading home to Eugene, Ore.

Auburn police found the Toyota Camry abandoned on M Street Northeast on April 20, its interior trashed in an apparent joyride.

What police didn’t find was Teddi Sue, the 4-month-old miniature Chihuahua-pinscher Lally had left in a cart in the back seat when she was inside the restaurant.

Lally’s heart is broken.

“My whole life is on hold,” Lally said. “She is my baby. She means more to me than the car.”

Lally has devoted nearly every waking hour since to looking for the little black and tan dog.

Stranded, Lally spent her first night in a local hotel room, using up all of her cash on hand. A friend of her brother’s then allowed her to stay at her home in Federal Way and use her computer and phones to get the word out about her dog.

Lally’s host, Lori Batinik, doesn’t own any dogs, but sympathized with the Oregon woman’s plight.

“It’s horrible,” Batinik said. “I can’t believe somebody would steal her car with her dog in there. I mean, it’s great she got her car back, but she cares more about the dog,”

Along the way, Lally has found a lot of friends. One of her best friends since the theft has been the Web site, whose “Dogster Pals” have made her cause their cause, her pain their pain.

“All these Dogster people have been working day and night, all day long sending out e-mails. There’s this big thread going about Teddi-Sue that’s probably about 15 pages long. People have been making phone calls and e-mails, anything they can do to get the word out about her. It’s unbelievable. People I have never met all over the country are helping me,” Lally said.

“… One of my closest Dogster Pals is Fed-Exing some money up to me so I can stay here and keep looking for her so I don’t have to go back home right away. I am just overwhelmed,” Lally said. also opened up Pay Pal account, affording her money she needs to continue her search.

(D'Ann here: did not open a PayPal account to help with the search. Dogster Dee Tobin and her friend Daina, used Daina's PayPal account to accept donations from Dogster and Catster pals. The funds were used for trip expenses, gas, lodging, printing fliers and registering on lost & found websites, etc... and for the reward fund. did help spread the woof by posting Teddi Sue and her plight as Dogster's Dog of the Day, and by keeping a running commentary on the search through blogs on their website.)

Lally and Batinik visited the Animal Shelter in Kent on Friday, hoping to find Teddi Sue among the tail-wagging denizens. No luck.

“She is an angel, the sweetest little thing,” Lally said of Teddi Sue.. “She has her hyper moments, but she is usually calm and normal. In the early evening she’ll tear around the house for a half-hour, then scrunch down. I call her my guinea pig. I have four dogs, and every night all four of them sleep with me. It drives my husband crazy. Home won’t be home without her.”

Even now she can hardly believe the dog is gone.

“I was gone maybe 15 minutes, came back out to the car to check on Teddi-Sue to make sure it wasn’t too hot I went back in, came out again maybe 10 minutes later, and the third time I came out the car was gone. My heart just dropped into my stomach. I said, ‘Oh my god, Teddi Sue!’ I had covered up the cart with bags at each end. I ran back in and said, ‘My car is gone.’ I spent two hours searching the parking lot. I searched everywhere. I called 911 and reported it.”

Lally wants to believe that Teddi Sue is still safe, and that somebody knows something. She was last seen in a plastic blue pet carrier with a wire door.

“If people learn about this, maybe they’ll say, ‘Oh, so and so just got a puppy like that right about that same time that looks just like that dog.’ Enough good people are out there that somebody is going to see her, somebody is going to say something. It might take some time. I just pray someone out there is feeding her and keeping her warm.”

“There is a reward. No questions asked. I just want the dog back,” Lally said.

Momma says the story is fairly accurate. One part bothers her. The part where it says she searched the parking lot for two hours. Momma didn't search for two hours! She knew where she had parked her car! The parking lot security guards *yeah, right...* searched for two hours, and wouldn't even call the police until they finished searching! *Grrrr* Momma called 911 while the, eh-hem...uh, "security guards" looked for her car.

Anyways, none of that really matters anymore. All that matters is that Teddi Sue is back home with us now, and we have alot of wonderful Dogster & Catster furiends who love us and who we love... furever!

Teddi Sue has been back home with us since June 4th, 2007, thanks to the help and perserverence of sooo many of our Dogster and Catster furiends! And thanks to Jessica, who took good care of Teddi and gave her back to our family!

Mom will dig up a copy of the follow-up story in the Auburn Reporter, and she will help us post it here. It's a much happier story than the furst one!

***This information was found here: 157


What?! Christmas is Over??!

January 13th 2008 8:18 pm
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Woof! Time is just flying by! Hard to believe it's already been almost three weeks since Christmas!
We haven't even had a chance to woof about the rest of the pawesome snail mail we got! So that would be what we wanna woof now.

As we woofed in our previous entry, we got a couple of furry nice Christmas cards. One from Tucker, Gracie Jane, & Meemo, and also one from Spanky, Amber, & Skye. Each of those furmilies had photos of their cute li'l furry faces enclosed and we always enjoy seeing them right here in our livin' room with us! BOL!

And, did we mention...The Brown Box!?! Spanky's family sent a Brown Box just fur us Tater Tots! We finally got to open our pressies on Christmas, and what a pawesome surprise! We each got a pretty charm to wear on our collars! Penny, Zelda and Link got nice, sorta flower-shaped ones with pretty designs and Teddi Sue got a beautiful red heart one! *giggle* That's 'cuz Spanky's her SWEETIE! OOOH LA-LA!!! *Teddi blushes* Anyways, now we're all super-stylin' with our pawesome collar charms! Thanks, you pups! Ya know we love ya like you're pawt of our furry own furmily. ((((HUGS))))

They sent our kitty sister, Rosie, a pressie, too! She got a stocking filled with an assortment of shiny, sparkly toy balls and some really cool, cute stuffies to play with! Us pups wanna play with Rosie's pressies, too, but Momma won't let us. *pout* She says that we would pawbably just kill the stuffies and break the balls.... and she's pawbably right. But, heck! Isn't that what stuffies are for???

Zelda Marie got a special pressie of her furry own from her sweetheart, Kiko. He sent her a pretty pink squeaky butterfly with sparkles. She loves it soooo much! She's super into anything that is pretty and sparkly and shiny. He also gave her a cute li'l yellow squeaky bunny with a soft, warm, fuzzy blankie that matches!

We got even more snail mail after that! We got cards from Miss Molly, Lucy Lu, Joe Noodle, and Riley, some of our pals who live right here in Oregon!

We also got thoughtful and loving cards and woofs from all of the following pals:
Handsome and thoughtful Shiloh.
The beautiful sisters in Seattle , Daisy Mae and Annie.
The famous Roo Crew, including Samuel Jacob, Mickey, Bernadette and their kitty siblings, Sara, Baby Cat, and Wally B.
Sweet, loving and ruggedly handsome Arthur.
Pawesome pals Ringo, Webster and their kitty bro, Dusty.
Mommy Sassy sent a picture of her pretty self along! And she also gave us some zealies so we could woof some love to our pals! Thanks, Mommy Sassy! ((((HUGS))))
Cute li'l River sent along a picture, too! *big smiles*.
And last, but definitely not least, we got a lovely family portrait of The Fun Loving Family, including Suzy, Beatrix, Cinnamon, Honey, Johnny and their baby brother, Charlie.

Now, we count on Momma to help us keep track of impawtant things like woofs and pressies, soooo hopefully she was really on the ball and didn't get all goofed up and confused like she does most of the time. "OUCH! Well, Mom, it's true! OUCH!" *hides behind the couch* "OKAY! Sorry!" ...."OUCHIE!!!"
Thanks you guys! We really appreciate - "OUCH!" - all the love and woofs! - "Owie, MOMMA! We said we're sorry!"... But IT'S TRUE! *yikes* We gotta run now! FAST


WE GOT MAIL!!!*jumping up & down, wagging tails furiously*

December 10th 2007 5:51 pm
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Today when Mommy came out of the Post Office, she had some envelopes and a li'l brown box.. and they were fur US!!!...The Tater Tots! How wonderfully pawtastic is that??!!!
We got to open the envelopes and found that we got pawesome Christmas cards from our furiends Tucker, Gracie Jane, & Meemo, and also from Spanky, Amber, & Skye! Each card has a butiful picture of our wunnerful pals! It's sooo pawesome to have pictures that we can set up in the livin' room so we can look at our dear furiends every single day! There's jus' one li'l pawblem! The brown BOX! There are four li'l pressies in there, one fur each of us, but there's also a li'l note that says "DO NOT OPEN 'TIL CHRISTMAS!" That brown box came from Spanky's family, cuz we know Joanne is their mommy!!! OMD!!! How can we ever wait 'til Christmas??? That's still 14 days away!!! OMD! OMD! *chasing tails, bol* All we can say is Mommy better hide 'em from us 'cuz we jus' can't resist! But... we will! Oh, boy!!! We can hardly wait! Fur now, we'll jus' lay by the warm, cozy fire and look at pictures of some of the mos' pawtastic furiends a pup could ever woof for! Thanks you guys! You're the best! Woof!
Love & Tater hugs, Penny, Zelda, Teddi Sue and Link


THE Diary Entry!

November 19th 2007 11:52 pm
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Gee. We haven't been able to get out and really woof lately! See, Mom and Teddi Sue have been , well... sorta.. hogging the pawputer!
They have been workin' real hard on gettin' a real special Diary entry done fur Teddi Sue. It's extra special 'cuz she says she has a whooole lot to be thankful for, and she wants to try and list every single one - and thank every single furiend fur everything! *thinks hard, stares* Wow! That would take a long time! Hmmm... We wunner if it's even pawssible! That's an awful lotta thankkin'!
Well, ya know.... Moms can be pretty amazing! They got a couple more days! Let's see what they can do!
Meanwhile, in case we don't get a chance to pawperly wish all our furiends a happy, love-filled Thanksgiving, we're wishin' it fur ya right here... right now! We love you all soooo much!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

♥ Penny, Zelda, Teddi Sue & Link ♥


Feeling "Blue"

November 11th 2007 1:49 pm
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We've been called upon by our friend, Mica - The Wonder Pup, to lend a paw in the quest to find Blue, a beloved pup missing from his home since May of 2007.
We can certainly empathize with Blue's family as our own Teddi Sue was stolen in April of this year. With the outpouring of support and love from our Dogster and Catster friends, and by the grace of God and the Power of the Paw, Teddi Sue was found and reunited with us after being missing for nearly eight weeks.
While Teddi Sue was missing, of course, our family was completely devastated. We wondered if she was alive, and if so, was she safe, happy, warm and fed? Was she being treated with love and care?
So many horrendous thoughts plagued our minds and only with the support and love shown to us by so many Dogster and Catster friends, were we able to continue to keep hope and to search for her in any and every way we knew how.
Our Mom isn't real computer-wise and she really had no idea where to begin in the online search. That is where we were just totally blown away by the way our beloved friends came to our aid and just really got right down to business, emailing shelters and veterinarians. They registered Teddi Sue on every online lost and found pet website one can imagine and then proceeded to check those sites daily for any word of her. Flyers were made and distributed and posted all across the state of Washington. Every single Dogster in the state of Washington received a pup pal request with Teddi's information and were asked to post flyers in their area.
We just cannot explain how overwhelmed with gratitude our family was and still is. Without that love and support, we would have been all but totally hopeless and helpless to find our little girl and bring her back home.

Now this is a way that we can have a small part in trying to help get Blue back home to his family, who is no doubt as devastated as our family was. Blue's family needs to feel the love and support. It is essential for them to be able to keep the hope as they are probably feeling quite frustrated and hopeless at times. They must not give up! We must not give up!

Here is what we are all being asked to do:

First write an entry in your diary titled "Feeling BLUE" (If you don't have a diary now is as good a reason to start if any!) Then write a message expressing how it feels to miss BLUE or friend or how you would feel if you were lost/separated from your family.

PLEASE include this information (ok to cut & paste) in your diary.

Blue, a black and white Siberian Husky (4 year old male, brown eyes, micro
chipped) has been missing since May 8, 2007 from Brighton, MI.
Dogster page:
Website :
Telephone: (313) 550-6095
Reward offered for his return, no questions asked.
Permission and gratitude for cross posting. Thank you!

Next pick 5 to 10 pals* ****important**** make sure they are unique as in pals of yours that might not run in the same social circles as we want the tag to reach out not move in circles amongst us or tag pals with many different pup pals and send pawmail or rosettes including a message..

You are dear to me, a special friend. Please read my diary and see how much a friend means to me, especially if they were missing. This is a very unique tag, you do NOT have to tag anyone else but I ask you in the spirit of friendship to write in your own diary and title it "Feeling BLUE" and how
you would feel if you were lost or separated from family & friends and include BLUE's information which you may take from my entry."

Now, we are off to find which pals to tag so they can post in their Diaries and help to try and reunite Blue with his family.
Tune in later to see who we chose to tag. Thanks soooo much for your help and support!

1. Digger
2. Tillie
3. Cindy Sue
4. The Fun Loving Family
5. Sadie (CPE),(BBB), & (UPD)


Oh, No! Not Seattle! *YIKES*

November 3rd 2007 11:51 am
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Mom's goin' on a trip up to Seattle this weekend! She said there's no way she's bringin' any of us doggies with her! And she's not drivin' the Camry, either! *whew* She's drivin' the new work truck that we got from Uncle Steven! *yes!*
Well, we're really going to miss her, and we're really going to miss playing with our pals on Dogster. Mom said she'll try to get home early enough so we can play a little tomorrow evening. *Shhhh* Don't tell her, but we're hopin' she gets home early enough to let us go play at the new dog park... just fur a little while!
So, guess this is it, 'til tomorrow night. *hangs heads, sits down to wait fur Mom* Woof ya later, pals!
Lotsa Tater love, Penny, Zelda, Teddi Sue & Link


Yippeeee!!! We're One of Today's Picks!

September 18th 2007 8:57 pm
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*jumping all around, tripping over each other* What an exciting day! Mom came home from work an' turned the 'puter on fur us and, of course, we went straight to Dogster where we found out that our diary is one of today's picks!

Okay Tots! Let's go line up in the kitchen! Mom bought us some new cookies an' it looks like we've got cause fur celebration! Let's get ready fur the "Who wants a cookie bounce - fest! bol (see the video on our page) *all four Taters go tearing off toward the kitchen*


Good News Fur Sassy!

September 9th 2007 2:18 am
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Well, we're woofin' this a day or two late, but it's just about the best news ever! Sassy's biopsies came back negative fur cancer ! *bouncing and leaping all around, bol* Whoopee! And yip- yip-hooray! She may not be completely outa the woods yet. There are to be a couple more tests, from what we unnerstand. The fact that there was no cancer in the mass or the liver is jus' the most wunnerful news in the world! Looks like Sassy will be blessing us with her beautiful presence fur a good long time!
And there's even more exciting news from Sassy! Her true-love, Rusty , has asked her fur her paw in marriage! We are so, so happy fur both of those wunnerful pups! They are finally experiencing the happiness and joy that they deserve.

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