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Fun and Adventures With the Tater Tots!

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Starting Out With a Sincere Apawlogy : (

February 23rd 2007 1:24 am
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Wow. Is our mommy's face red or WHAT!??! Dogster sent her an email woofing that somepups have woofed complaints because we don't have our picture on our new page yet! Gee. Mommy never would have started our page before she took the picture if she would have had any inkling that somepups would be offended by it! Boy! If only everypup could see MOMMY now!!! *tears* Well, everypup can't, so they'll just have to take our woof fur it that she is really, truly sorry if we have offended anypup.
As soon as Mommy read the email, she hurried to find a picture with as many of us in it as she could. Tomorrow morning we are getting our picture taken together and she will put it on as our primary photo. She'd do it right now, but it's twenty minutes past midnight and she doesn't wanna wake up the twins.She actually had our li'l background fabric all hung up and ready to go today, but we were never all awake at the same time when she was able to set us up fur taking pictures. It's not easy having 10 week old twins, you know! But it sure is fun!!! Zelda especially thinks so! Mommy swears that she knows the twins are her real, full, fur siblings. She loves them sooo much! We think Teddi Sue might think Penny Ann is her fur mother, cuz she's the same color! Poor Teddi doesn't understand that a spayed purebred Dachshund cannot give birth to a 1/2 Chihuahua, 1/2 Miniature Pinscher puppy!!! BOL!
Well, gosh. Somehow, suddenly, this just isn't as fun anymore. We are sooo thankful fur the MANY, MANY pals who woofed that they love The Tater Tots or Mommy would pawbably just delete our new page. We guess it is really true that just a couple of bad apples.... well, nevermind. We only wanna woof nice stuff so we just need to let some things go and put hurt feelings aside. We are one HAPPY group of pups and we are thankful to have each other and a loving furever home with pawrents who love us fiercely!!!


The Anonymous 'Love Bug' Strikes!

February 26th 2007 1:14 am
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Hmmmm.... grrreat! Here we are, all sitting up at one o'clock in the morning, trying to figger out who the 'Love Bug' is! hehe! We took a little sniff around our page - we do that sometimes, you know, to make sure everything is as it should be - and there it is!!!! A sparkling, twinkling, furever star from the Anonymous 'Love Bug' ! There has got to be a way to crack this! One would think that with four of us... and Mommy, we might be able to come up with a place to start! We are totally stumped. Maybe if we go sniff around the main Dogster forums.....*hurries away, stumbling over one another*


*pant, pant* We're Back, Everypup, And Look At The- Pawmails!!!!

March 20th 2007 11:19 pm
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Well. What a weird weekend! We missed our own St Patty's Day pawty. We jes' hate it when this happens! SOMEone .... we won't woof WHO..... gets all grunchy and miffy 'bout us bein' on the 'puter. Hmmmmm. We bet there's lotsa mommies who can GUESS who it is! But anyways, this was one of those times when we figgered it was best to lay low and keep our tails tucked fur a few days.
So, now we're back and boy, oh boy! These are also the times when we can really see jes' how many grrreat friends we have who always think of us and like to woof us and give us beautiful presents to brighten up our pages! Mommy checked her email and found 116 emails which were almost ALL pup pal requests and replies and furever stars and rosettes from our friends!!! Then, when we looked in our pawmail box and found 36 pawmails, we were jes' so happy and our hearts were just filled with love! Woohoooo!!!! It feels soooo good to be loved! Isn't that what life's all about??? Bein' loved and havin' friends and pups that ya care about and that care about you?
We really wanna woof big thank you's to everypup fur all the stars and rosettes and friendly woofs that piled up while we were mopin' around waitin' to get back to our pages. We stayed up half the night last night and spent most of today catchin' up on everything. We still need to do some work on our pages to get them all up to snuff fur Easter. Thanks to everypup fur being so patient and understanding while we get caught up. You guys are all jes' the very best! Who ever woulda guessed that some of our closest, bestest and truest friends would be the ones that we have never even met in real life?!! It's true, though. And we jes' don't know what we would ever do without them. These are the friends that share our good times and fun, bad times and sadness. We laugh and cry and holler and sing and dance together! We all watch out fur each other and help each other. We are jes' so amazed and we really are very thankful fur Dogster... and Catster, too! Our kitty sister, Rosie had quite a few emails and pawmails waitin' fur her, too. Life is really good. Thanks , everypup, fur bein' our friends and bringing us so much happiness and love. We love each and every single one of ya's! Woof!
wiggles, wags and grrreat big Tater hugs, Penny, Zelda, Teddi Sue and Link


A Weekend With Daddy!

April 14th 2007 3:59 am
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Mommy's goin' bye-bye in the car this weekend and she's taking Teddi Sue with her! The rest of us are stayin' home with Daddy to guard the fort.
We aren't real happy 'bout her leaving us, but we need to stay home and take care of Daddy. We'll take him fur some walks and help him eat up that big bag of baby carrots that Mommy brought home the other day!
We're gonna miss woofin' our pals. Daddy doesn't turn the computer on fur us, but we'll keep busy barkin' at squirrels an' goin' fur walks an' eatin' carrots! Mommy pawmises to be home in time fur Penny Ann' bridal shower on Monday evening in Admirable Stars at Cammie's Restaurant.
We gotta go help Mommy pack her bag now! Woof to ya later, Diary! *runs off stepping on each other and barking*


We Are The Tater Tots

April 20th 2007 12:22 am
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Everyone knows there are FOUR of us! Of course there are four!
Penny Ann, she's the boss. We all love Penny! She's the Weiner Tot!
And Zelda Marie, she's the beautiful big sister. She's our Super Tot!
Link's the li'l tough guy. He's our Juvenile DeLINKwent Tot!
And Teddi Sue, she's the pretty li'l baby girl. Li'l Tedder Tot!

We need you to come back home to us, Tater Sue. We love you and miss you.
Just listen, Teddi !!! Everypup is woofin' fur you! We can hear them! All your friends and your family, praying that you are safe and warm and fed.
Please, please come back to us now, little girl! You are so very loved.


Mother's Day Wish

May 13th 2007 5:36 pm
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Here it is already Mother's Day. We have a special wish, but we can't woof what it is... or it might not come true. We're waitin'. The day's not over yet!
We really, really wanna see a big smile on Mommy's face. *puts paws together and bows heads* Happy Mother's Day, Mom!


Yay! We Get to Play a Game of Tag!!!!

May 23rd 2007 8:15 pm
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We've been invited by Barney -Playing in the Clouds, Sir Snickers Alot, Sassy, Otto - The Registered Service Dog, Nickita Sophia, and The Fun Loving Five to play a game of tag! Yipeeee!
Here are the rules:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!
Here are our 7 random facts:
1. Link is the only male Tater Tot.
2. Zelda Marie just had her furst woofday on Monday, May 21st.
3. Penny Ann is the only Tater Tot not related by blood to the other Tater Tots.
4. We all love to go to work with Mom and Dad.
5. We have a kitty sister named Rosie.
6. Teddi Sue was stolen from us and we miss her a whooooole lot.
7. We are friends with the nicest, most loving and caring pups and their families in the whole world!

Here is a list of the pups we will tag! We'll try to tag pals who haven't already been tagged.

1. Sammi, Rox, Rocky (the MinPin), Georgie, Boogie, Daisy (the MinPin), and the N'Walins Gang. Have fun, you guys!!!! hehe!


PLEASE HELP FIND CHEYENNE... UPDATE: Cheyenne has been- FOUND and is home with her family!

June 12th 2007 11:58 pm
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Update: 8/30/2007 Cheyenne has been found, safe, and is home with her family!

CHEYNNE IS MISSING _ PLEASE READ! SINCE APRIL 7th 2007. $1000 REWARD FOR INFORMATION LEADING TO HER RETURN. Cheyenne has always been shy and submissive - hence the name Cheyenne - we call her Shy-Shy or Shy-Girl. - However once she gets to know you she is all love and so sweet and such a love. She was 3rd of the 3 dogs we (my husband and I ) have had for the last 1o years. We have just recently lost our 10yr old Rotti "Duke" to cancer - and about a week and a half later we took Cheyenne and Star - (Star is our 5 yr old female Rotti/Border Collie mix) to the groomers Love & Care Pet Salon- on Saturday April 7th in Tukwila, Wa. 98168 We got a call a couple hours later telling us COME QUICK - your dog just jumped out the window and we can't catch her!.....WHAT! OMG! We drove up there as fast as we could and looked and drove and walked and called frantically until dark. We have been searching everyday and night since. She is still Missing. - we are completely devestated by all of this - and Star too - is so sad lately - losing both her best friends in 1 week! Cheyenne is like her pup. She has mothered her since we first brought her home. I have been searching everyday in every way possible since then - i barely sleep - and the last 7 weeks have been pretty much a blur - making 1000's of posters and posting them up - driving 1000's + of miles checking every local shelter and neighborhood. Handing out flyers and going door to door. Even hired a search and rescue dog to try and track her - but he didnt get there until 2 days later - managed to track her scent to a wooded area owned by the port of seattle - we have been searching this area for aweek with no luck. We want our baby back! If theres anything anyone can do or suggest to help - please let us know - this is my first time at dogster - i am glad i found it - i have been posting this lost ad and her picture anywhere i can - and emailing to everyone. She is 2 yrs old - and her mother was a golden retreiver and they told me the father was a shepherd chow mix. She is golden tan with a lighter chest and belly with black and grey muzzle and eyebrows - she is somewhat skittish around people she doesnt know and unfamiliar things. She can be very playful and excited - loves to go for walks and drives in the car and playing fetch in the yard but she is shy and easily spooked by things - our cats tease her and like to chase her - she runs from them too, or she rolls over on her back playing the submissive role again - we MISS HER SO MUCH! and are so worried. UPDATE: Cheyenne is still missing as of May 26th - according to all the sightings and work with search and rescue scent tracking dogs she was tracked headed towards home and almost made it - the sightings have stopped coming in in the last 2 weeks - we believe she made it to the White Center area - where she was either taken in by someone or picked up by someone - they may not know she is missing yet - we have been searching for our girl since the day she went missing everyday in everyway imaginable posting 1000's of posters and flyers, hired scent tracking dogs 3 times now - tons of classifieds - still searching all the shelters and rescue - PLEASE HELP US BRING HER HOME! We are offering a $1000 REWARD for her safe return . If you live in the Puget Sound area - especially in the White Center, Burien, West Seattle, or anywhere in Western Washington - PLEASE HELP BY CROSSPOSTING THIS ANYWHERE - you think may help. THANK YOU - Call Chantelle at ***** 206-851-5294 *******

Cheyenne's Dogster page:


http://www.geoci l


If seen DO NOT CHASE ********** CALL CHANTELLE AT 206-851-5294 **************

********** OR PAM MCLAREN (ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER) 206-992-4071 ********



June 14th 2007 11:44 pm
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UPDATE: Cheyenne has been found and is back home with her family!!!! 8/30/2007

Cross post from Chantelle:

June 14th 2007 2:55 pm [link to this entry]
I have been working with a pet communicator for some time now -
and today we have made some breakthroughs -

AS MUCH AS WE ALL APPRECIATE YOUR PRAYERS AND HELP TRYING TO FIND HER - THE PET COMMUNICATOR HAS ASKED THAT YOU ALL PLEASE STOP TRYING TO FIND HER OR EVEN THINKING ABOUT HER FOR THE TIME BEING - Cheyenne is so over whelmed - by all the voices and people thinking about her - and trying to find her - she can sense this and it has frightened her terribly
this woman said that Cheyenne felt like there were thousands of people talking to her and she could not make sense of it and was even more frightened - we have got her to listen to just me and found a place where we both know - that she is now going to try and get to to find me - I am to go there and wait for her with Star -
wether you believe in this or not - PLEASE HONOR OUR WISHES and QUIET YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT CHEYENNE FOR NOW - SHE IS RELIEVED THAT SHE KNOWS WHERE TO GO TO FIND ME NOW -(the pet communicator said she was literally crying inside - and that she doesn't trust anyone else but ME and just wants to find ME and STAR. and really needs to focus on hearing just me - PLEASE CROSS POST THIS INFORMATION TO EVERYONE!!!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH - PLEASE TURN YOUR ATTENTION TO THE MANY OTHER DOGS HERE IN NEED - AND I WILL UPDATE YOU AS SOON AS I CAN !




We're Baaaaaack!!!

July 22nd 2007 1:27 pm
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Well, doggone! It's so good to be back online! We missed alot of fun stuff... like Arthur's and Sarge's pawty fur Winston and Little Moe ... an' Amber's Engagement Pawty, Gracie Jane's birthday, an' every minute it seems like we're findin' out about more fun we missed! The Dogster Dog has left everyone juicy watermelons and beautiful blue stars! How special is that! . A very special pup, Chocolate , just turned 20 years old! *thinks hard, counts on paws*.
Another sweet an' special pal, Freddie The Old Man ,went to the Rainbow Bridge and was also chosen as Dogster's Dog of the Day. He was a sweet ol' guy an' it's nice to know that he is at peace and pain - free with so many of our other beloved pals at the Bridge.
We're sure we missed other birthdays an' special events, too. We're jes' waitin' to find out.
Thank goodness fur Kaiti, who finally was able to figger out our internet pawblems and get us up an' running again! Mom says we were starting to get depressed an' go through withdrawal *scratches heads wonders* from missing our furiends on Dogster! We think maybe Mom was the one going through with- whatever - she - said!
We got real lucky on July 7th and our internet just happened to be working fur long enough to get us through Buster's and Penny Ann's wedding which was a long time coming! The original date was set fur April 21st, but then Teddi Sue , our li'l sister and the Flower Dog, was stolen, so we postponed the wedding. Thank Dogness, and all our wonderful, loving furiends, Teddi Sue was found and came back home on June 3rd. The wedding was lovely, with Buster's brother Brutus officiating and many of our closest furiends in attendance. Buster and Penny enjoyed a furbulous honeymoon on a two week cruise to The Bahamas, a most pawtastic gift from Brutus!
Oh! And also, we find ourselves being Love Tagged by several of our dear furiends! Ummm, hehe, we better get off our tails an' get to taggin' pals cuz there's an awful lotta love to spread an' we're still tryin' to catch up on the furst Tag game! Pawlease don't give up on us, furiends! We're on it! We pawmise! An' thanks fur all the love! *bounces up and down, bol*
We all have things we need to get busy with fur now. Penny Ann will need our help gettin' all caught up with Penny For Your Thoughts and Zelda Marie didn't have a chance to select this week's female Big Chi of the Week in Big Chihuahuas . We'll be sniffin' ya all around Dogsterville and want ya all to know how good it feels to be woofin' again!
Big Tater hugs, Penny, Zelda, Teddi Sue and Link *runs off, stumbling over one another to start catching up on 'stuff' *

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