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Today we went swimming!

Today I got my CGC!

June 16th 2007 8:13 pm
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Canine Good Citizen at your service!

We drove 40 miles through heavy traffic and wrong-way streets to get to the Sirius Dog Festival where I should finally take my CGC. We have missed 4 testings so far, and we weren't about to miss this! Plus, it was fun.

We burned off steam for half an hour in a lovely Sand Point Magnuson Park off-leash bonanza, before the test. I was pooped, as per the Master Plan. Bwahaha.

We arrived late. And without money to pay. Nonetheless! Rhonda the official official would rather have me take this test than stick to schedules!

We camped out at a nearby gas station for a full 20 minutes. Some uncomfortable man offered to let us pay for his gasoline (with credit) to the sum of $27 and reimbursed us $22 (in cash). Money for the test-taking!

It was harrowing. I very nearly almost didn't get through the sit-stay when a person sneaked threateningly (I SWEAR, you could see it in her eyes!!) in the same area that my person whom I was SUPPOSED to be keeping an eye on went but told me to stay behind! But I stayed behind. I was in a perfect sit at the end of three minutes! (They'll never know the truth about the middle bit... bwaha.)

I sniffed the "other" dog. I was nonchalant about the noisy Coke can. I performed a PERFECT sit-stay-recall!

Then we hiked the park for 3 hours! BOOyah!

I am a Canine Good Citizen!

P.S. Levi didn't get to test. Nyah nyah.


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