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Places I've Marked :o3

November 20th 2008 12:06 pm
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Okay, my good fren, Shula, twisted my paw to list 7 interesting places.
Hummmm, let's see:

Mailbox and back
Rest stop in Livingston
Granny's to see her five goats (Lake o' the Pines)
Walking along our neighborhood lake
Vet visits
By the sign that says, 'NO DUMPING'
(No, didn't make it to Gal Isle and now it's hurt
by Ike) It should be up and coming by Christmas, said

OMD, I can't think of anymore! If you're reading this, it's your turn :03


I Tagged You!

November 16th 2008 8:08 am
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tell everyone 7 more things about me and then I'm going to
name 7 more friends to do the same .

1- I love to chase squirrels!
2-I'm a registered pooch!
3-I was born in Texas!
4-I eat just about anything; aka: half goat!
5-I love to play with my tennis ball!
6-I take walks to get the mail!
7-I luv my Dogster/Catster pals!

Here is who I am going to tag:
Bubbles Baby


Trick-or-treat, Y'all!!!!!

October 27th 2008 7:42 am
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Happy Fall and happy Howloween everybody!
Hope you get lots of treats without the tricks; that's what all my pup frens deserve right about now :o3

The weafer here feels like Autumn, for today anyway, ha! They say to wait an hour and the weafer will change here in TX. Feels nice and COOL for a change! Time for the apple cider and hot chocolate, huh?!

A shout out to Clint our human Army buddy home from Korea; a howl out to all my canine furry frens, Hunter, Shula, Bubbles Baby, Chauncey, Zoe and others who I missed. Can you really howl? I can't, pooey.

Have a wonderful all hallows eve.
Treats for all my pals; did you say treats, yep!


Wow, I'm A Winner!!!!!!!!!!!

September 20th 2008 7:32 am
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"Congratulations **Star Tip**!! Winner AFF Virtual Adopt a Puppy/Kitty Game 2008!! From Zoe!!

WOW, I musta taken really good care of my Nutmeg sissy!! It sure was a fun game!! Just couldn't imagine that I'd win outta all those that were pawlaying on there. But I'm glad I did; Thank you AFF and my Meg kitty!!
My Meg


I Survived Ike!

September 15th 2008 1:01 pm
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Howdy y'all,

We are doing good. We were without power again yesterday for most of the day. It came back on at suppertime, yay!
We are also tired since we cleaned up everything (branches and leaves) out of the front yard this morning. What a job that was, whew.
Back yard fence needs work to get it standing up right in places. Got the back gate to close properly to keep me [Star dog] in the yard.

The main thing is we have electricity! We walked 2 afternoons
in a row and he got some good shots of fallen trees and debree in our neighborhood.

5-6 inches of rain and another 2 inches the next nite.
75-90 mph wind (sounded like a freight train).

Glad icky Ike is gone.
Later and hugs,
ST and Kat


Meet My {virtual} Kitty

August 19th 2008 7:02 am
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Howdy EveryFur,
Meet my kitty sissy, Meg. You may know her as Nutmeg on AFF. She's a Tabby cat and pretty sweet some of the time. We enjoy having her around the house, mostly.

Her favorite toy is my tail. She thinks it's a kitty toy or sompin, ugh!
Her favorite food is Purina of course I luv food!
Her petpeeves are she hates to be bothered while she's eating (sometimes at my bowl) and grabs at me if I try to wake her up. She also can't stand it when I'm pawlaying with her toy mouse, ha!

Through it all we are mostly like twinkies! We both like to pawlay, cuddle, get treats and chase each other thru the kitty tunnel. We even share the same fur color :o3 So glad you got to meet my Nutmeg, she's sweet, Purrr! If you have a sissy, you know what I mean. Don't cha? Here she is I'm still a kitten.


4th of July

July 10th 2008 6:26 am
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My Kathy thought that I would have fun seeing the fireworks by our lake since I'm mature 10 now.
Well, I had news for her, I didn't like 'em one bit! So during the whole fireworks show I showed her, ha! Yep, I barked and barked and almost went into the lake if she wasn't holding me back. I saw wierd things in the sky; just like when I see the jet trails, so I was hyper barking the entire time. I was told that there were some pretty ones--rings, smiley faces, saturns, ball ones in all colors! Baloney! Just wished that I could've enjoyed them more. When the fireworks show was all over with, I laid down in the grass relieved by my David and was just fine, LOL!

Guess we won't do this again ... HAPPY BIRFDAY USA!
May God Bless Our Military!

Many Wuffs,


My First Pawty :o3

June 21st 2008 7:52 am
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Hi, I had a pawsome pawty last night!!! I want to thank everyfur who was there for the greetings, rosettes, cake and pawslides!!! It makes an older pup feel happy =) Whose old, well not me, LOL! Everyfur who wasn't there, you were missed! BabyBear, get well soon.

Wow, I received lots of stuff on my doggie page, thanks so much for that and for all the frens I have, woo hoo! Gotta go chase those tree rats now,

Wuv and wuffs,


My 10th!

June 3rd 2008 5:26 am
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Hey Every Pupster,

I turn 10 yrs. on Friday, June 20th and sure can't believe it! Every fur is invited to my special bday pawty, (6 P.M. PST) 8 P.M. Central @ Planet Pawllywood on Dogster; here's the link and it's free to join if you haven't already
Please join me for a piece of Bday cake!!!

It seems like yesterday that I was playing and snuggling with my 4 litter mates, ha! But I'm all grown up now and moving a lil slower. I still like to play and cuddle! I wuv to spot those squirrels, frogs and birds to rowl them up =) My favorite toy is a tennis ball. My favorite food is treats (DID YOU SAY T-R-E-A-T!!!) and especially cheese! My past time is to sleep, boy I like to sleep and have good dreams. I wake up and bark when I hear a weird or loud noise. I also like to "G-O get the MAIL" with my Kathy, then we take an extra walk down our street and back. It's fun! Sometimes I get to see my friend BO who likes to walk too.

Did you say girlfriend??!! Yeppers, I have a special gal who lives in ND and she's very pretty! You may know her as Bubbles Baby! She is very sweet to me and leaves me special photos, gifts and lovely notes on my pup page! Wuv U Bubbs!!!

I have a handsome canine nephew on here; he's good about saying hi and leaving me gifts to brighten my day, thanks Hunter!!! He's an active lil dude too =)

Looking forward to another year jam packed full of fun things I like to do!!! My ultimate vacation destination is the beach!!!

Have a pawsome day,


Our New Pet, Nutmeg!

April 4th 2008 9:23 am
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Hi all Furbabies,

We adopted a virtual Tabby kitten from

Her name is Nutmeg>>Meg for short. Isn't she the
cutest (see above photo). She has my (Star's) same coloring, sweet =)

It's fun except we have to take care of her most
days online, ha! Feeding, playing and litter box training with her, geez!

SPECIAL THANKS TO BUBBLES BABY for making my Blingee (cover photo)
we just luv those super star sparkles! My Kathy finally figured out how to put it
on here, LOL!

THANKS A BUNCH TO HUNTER for treating me with gifts galore; glad we're family and best buds!

Go Houston Astros!

Have a super day,
**Star Tip**

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