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The Trials and Tribulations of Darius

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Makin' Mom Take Time Out

September 24th 2007 11:51 am
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Boy Mom is really busy these days with stuff she calls work. I figured out how to make her stop at least for a little bit and I don't even get in trouble for doing it. She likes to work in "her chair" which is actually big enough for both of us so I tell her that I want to sit in her lap. She can't say no to me (at least not very often) so I get some attention and make her take a break at the same time. I guess that I'm smarter than Kea becuase Kea tries to come get in on the act if she's in the house. Yesterday Kea was outside playing in the yard so I had Mom all to myself. That'll teach Kea to stay outside for most of the afternoon.


What's Up With Kea????

September 11th 2007 10:38 am
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Boy am I getting upset with my sister. Kea seems to be trying to dominate Mom's time. Doesn't she know that I need as much TLC as possible. I'm still traumatized from my surgery (even if I'm not Mom doesn' t know that)!!!!! I wish Mom wouldn't give Kea so much attention these days. I may just have to do something about it.


Life is Good

September 5th 2007 5:20 am
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Boy am I a lucky dog. In fact, some people say I should be called Darius the Lucky. Like many of my pawsome friends, I have a wonderful home, and belong to some great groups. While Yoda is no longer here with me, she's my angel above and Kea makes life interesting each and every day. On top of all of that, while I may only have one eye, I still have one eye and I'm so trusting of my family, that when I lay down I often lay with my eyeless side facing the world. Mom says that I'm doing great and my vet says that I should have no problems with my other eye since the type of cancer that I had was not genetic. What more could a guy like me ask for????


Benign Uveal Melanoma

August 30th 2007 8:58 am
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Mom just got great news. The cancer that cost me my eye won't kill me. The pathology report is that it was a benign uveal melanoma. Mom's so happy right now I can't belive it.


No More E-collar!!!!!!

August 30th 2007 7:09 am
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Yea, I don't have to wear that stupid e-collar any more!!!!!! Mom took me to the vet yesterday afternoon and he took out my stitches and took the collar off for good. Of course he told Mom that if I started really scratching where my eye was that she might have to put the collar back on, but I'm going to try to be good enough not to get resentenced to wearing that darn thing. I was soooo happy yesterday that I almost couldn't sit still on the ride home and Mom had to scold me a little bit. After we got home, Kea and I went out and played for such a long time until the rain chased us back into the house. Now I just have figure out how to tell Kea not to sneak up on my blind side and everything will be fine.


Missing Yoda

August 28th 2007 6:00 am
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Boy do I miss Yoda. She was the one who really helped me when I was a baby. I was with her for over 10 years and now she's not in my life any more. I'm glad that I have Kea to play with, but I miss Yoda so much. I know Mom misses her because she still hasn't put her house and things away yet. I just wish Mom would talk to me about why Yoda isn't here any more. I just don't understand. One day she left with Mom and then she didn't come back. Now I worry everytime that Kea goes places with Mom without me because I really want Kea to come back. She's actually a lot of fun. We're starting to play lots more than we used to and Mom has even smiled and laughed at how we're playing together.


This e-collar is a pain

August 27th 2007 5:41 am
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I can't wait to get this thing Mom calls an e-collar off my neck. I want to scratch my head and may paw runs into this plastic thing. I itch all the time around my ears and where my eye was and I can't do anything about it. At least Mom is nice enough to help me out and scratch behind my ears and around where my eye was. I'm trying to get her to take some new pictures of me. She thinks I should be a pirate, what ever that is, for Halloween this year. I guess I'll have to find out what pirates are and let her know if I'm o.k. with that.


Recovering from eye surgery

August 18th 2007 5:19 am
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Boy has it been tough the last few days. Mom took me for my visit with the veterinary opthamologist and he told her that I had cancer in my left eye and that the best thing for me would be to have my eye removed. He also said that I was already blind in that eye and because where the cancer was a fake eye wouldn't be possible. I couldn't believe it when Mom left me there on Wednesday and did't come get me until Friday morning. On Thursday afternoon they came and put me to sleep and when I woke up the left side of my face really hurt and I had something around my neck. I keep trying to itch my head but I run into this plastic thing that seems to be around my neck. It wouldn't be so bad, but it makes it hard to walk around the house without bumping into anything. Kea keeps sniffing at me and this thing around my head, but I'm hoping that Mom will take it off some time soon. Until then I'll just have to "get used to it".


What's Glaucoma??

August 14th 2007 2:13 pm
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Yesterday Mom and I went to see Dr. K at his office. I've been having problems with my left eye and Mom was a little worried about me. Well when we were in Dr. K's office, he checked my eyes with this funny device he called a tonometer and said that my left eye had a high pressure inside but my right eye was normal. He suggested that Mom and I visit an opthamologist this week because he thinks that I have something called glaucoma. Mom is taking off work tomorrow for us to go visit this new vet and then we'll have a better idea what's up. I'm not so sure this glaucoma thing is good because I'm having trouble seeing out of my left eye and Mom is really worried about me. I know this because she's hugging on me more than usual and she has a sad look on her face and not just because she misses Yoda.


Kea isn't so bad after all.

August 8th 2007 6:55 am
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Well I've (we've) been without Yoda now for almost a month. Mom is still crying and she hasn't been able to bring herself to put Yoda's kennel, bed, and stuff away yet. When she goes into the spare room she comes out crying and there isn't much that I can do about it even though I try. She doesn't seem to realize that I miss Yoda sooo much. At least I've been able to play with Kea. She isn't as bad as I thought when Mom first brought her home, but she still tries to steal Mom from me. I'll go over to spend some time with Mom and if Kea notices, she tries to get in my way and steal my Mom from me. Of course when Kea does that Mom tells her to back up and lets me get up in her lap. Then Kea puts her paws up on the chair and the three of us have some good family time together. Kea might just turn out to be fun to be with after all.

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