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The Trials and Tribulations of Darius

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Big Thanks!!!!

August 11th 2008 8:09 am
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What a special group of Dogster pals. Mom was away and you all sent me and my furbings so many special gifts. I can't say how much I'm touched by your kindness. I'll be barking more now that Mom's back in town. I'm still trying to get her to post a new photo of me with my new look - one floppy ear and a permanent wink!!!!!


Kea's Worried for No Reason

August 1st 2008 8:42 am
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Boy, is Kea upset. We're doing just fine here waiting for Mom to come home. She told us before she left that she was going to do some work and then visit with her mother and the furbings there (Teach, Blue, Abbie, and Sadie). Mom will be home soon, and besides we've got Pam here to take care of us!!!! We can party and not worry about it.


I've Been Tagged

July 8th 2008 5:43 am
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My good buddy Samantha tagged me over the holiday weekend.

1. Helping mom get over the loss of Rhys.
2. Making mom smile.
3. Protecting the yard from squirrels
4. Trying to help Kea adjust to life in our house.

1. Spring Hill, Florida
2. Amarillo, Texas
3. Austin, Texas
4. Lots of different trails around San Antonio, Texas

1. Anywhere Mom is.
2. On Kea's fluffly bed.
3. On "my couch"
4. Anywhere it is cool (I don't like the heat)

These are my 4 friends I am sending this to....
2. Freedom Star Germiquet
3. Bogart
4. Jayden Noelani


Just for the Day

June 12th 2008 5:23 am
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Yeah, I'm so happy!!! Yesterday I thought Mom was mad at me or that I had been a bad boy, but she just put Kea and me in our houses (other people call them kennels) because the someone was coming by to clean the house. While she likes dogs, Kea & I can be a bit overwhelming and Mom doesn't want us to scare her away (or keep her from her job). Today everything is back to normal and I'm SOOOOOOO happy.


What's Up????

June 11th 2008 7:30 am
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I've been a good boy. I don't understand why mom put me in my kennel before she left today. She never does that any more. Why or why did she do this??? What did I do??? Is it my fault?????


Coffee time with Mom

June 10th 2008 1:23 pm
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I'm sooooo happy. Every morning I get to spend some quality time with Mom. She drinks her coffee and watches some television and I get to sit on her lap. Kea keeps trying to get in on the action but she's too big to sit in Mom's lap. I'm just the right size.


Mom's staycation

May 27th 2008 7:45 am
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I can't believe it. Mom was home for over a week. She only left us in the bedroom a few times. She called it her 'Staycation". It was really nice having her here with us. But this morning she had to leave to go to work again. Kea & I would really like it if she could just stay home, but mom says she has to "bring home the kibble".


Upset Stomach

May 15th 2008 1:49 pm
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Yesterday wasn't a very good day for me. I had a really, really bad upset stomach. I couldn't keep anything down and Mom was really worried about me. She was so worried that she stayed home from work to be with me. She even stayed after I got better yesterday in the afternoon. Maybe I can talk her into staying home with me more often!!!!!


My Deer Friend is Back

May 12th 2008 6:00 am
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A couple of years ago I started playing a game with a deer that would run up and down the fence at my house. Last year she wasn't here and I thought she had left, but yesterday she came back. I had so much fun running up and down the fence that I'm a little sore today. Mom had to give me an aspirin both last night and this morning. I hope she comes back so we can play some more. I even showed Kea how to play with her and that tired Kea out for the whole afternoon.


What Next??

May 6th 2008 8:35 am
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Kea and I were out playing in the yard on Sunday and things got a little "rambuncious". Mom had to separate us but we were fine. Next thing I know late that night my ear starts to hurt. Fortunately I don't think I have the auricular hematoma thing again but Mom is putting antibiotic on my ear because it has a cut on it. Can't she understand that I'll be o.k. without the greasy stuff on my ear.

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