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The Trials and Tribulations of Darius

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Flare Up

August 10th 2009 6:06 am
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Boy, I thought I had this pancreatitis thing licked but it has come back to "bite me". I haven't been too hungry lately and not even chicken on my food will do the trick. Mom says that I'm a stinky boy and that my tummy keeps talking to her. I'm not sure what she means about the stinky part but I do know that my tummy is upset. Mom doesn't seem to understand that moving all the boxes is upsetting at well. She finally showed me our new house and it is wonderful. I didn't see a fenced yard so I'm kinda worried about yard time but I trust that Mom will take care of Kea and me.

Woofs to all my buds,



Hey Mom What About Us????

June 25th 2009 5:43 pm
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Mom just doesn't seem to understand that while she has a new job and needs to work that we've gotten used to her being home. We're so happy to see her when she gets back from university that we can't be quiet and we just want to love all over her. Maybe after we get back into our routine we'll be more relaxed, but heck it's been almost a month that we've had most of her attention!!! This withdrawal thing is kinda hard. Maybe the weekend will come soon and we can go walking along the towpath.



What no walks!!!

June 19th 2009 4:14 am
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Hey there, I'm not sure what's going on with Mom. The last couple of days she's been gone and we haven't been out for any new and exciting walks. She's said something about "work" and then one day it was rainy all day long and I just hate the rain. Mom said that today we're gonna have some company so we have to be on our best behavior. Maybe company will want to walk with us???



Another Part of the C & O Canal Towpath

June 16th 2009 5:13 am
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Wow, we went for our third long walk in three days. Yesterday we headed down to Brunswick, MD for another walk on the towpath (I think Mom really likes this trail). The trail was really muddy so by the time we had gone a mile my legs and belly were just covered with black gunk. I was kinda worried that I was gonna get a bath when we got home, but I kept going. The trail wasn't very close to the river and there were lots of tress. While the shade was really nice all the bugs were kinda annoying. Anyway, about 2 miles in there was this thing in the middle of the trail. It was really stinky and didn't move. When we got closer we saw that it was some kinda dead animal (poor animal) so we walked as far away as possible. Kea wanted to go explore but Mom said no way!!!! Anyway, we walked until we got to the place we turned around the day before and then headed back to the car. It was so much fun, but I was so tired. I almost forgot to drink and take a quick swim in the river before getting into the car. I'm glad I went for that swim cuz Momwas gonna give me a quick rinse at home if I didn't.

Let's see what adventures today brings.



Fun, Fun, Fun

June 15th 2009 4:40 am
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Oh boy, yesterday we got to go on another walk on the C&O Canal. We went to the same place but hiked downstream instead of upstream this time. We even got to hike a little bit on the Appalachian Trail (or as people around here call it the AT). There were lots more people on this trail and we saw some guys carrying these big bags on their backs. Mom told us that they were backpacks. They sure didn't look like fun but it did remind us of the backpack that Kea has when we go for really long hikes.

I think all this exercise is good for me. I'm feeling stronger each day and getting up and down the stairs in the rental house isn't as much of a problem any more. My appetite is even starting to come back.

I wonder where we'll go today and what new adventures await us here in WV.



What a Day

June 13th 2009 2:49 pm
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Boy has today been a good day so far! This morning Mom asked us if we wanted to go for a walk and we just thought it would be round our hood, but no, we got in the car and mom had our water bottled (good sign). We drove by the new house (lookin good) and then went past Harper's Ferry and crossed over into Maryland (after a passing through Virginia). We took a turn and went down by a big river. We kept driving through a town and found a place to park. We got out and went cross the street and there was this big, beautiful path. Mom told us that we were going to walk along the C&O Canal Towpath.

We didn't walk the whole length, it's over 180 miles, we walked about three miles and then turned around and went back to our starting point. We saw lots of people and Kea even got to play in the water a little bit. I even got my paws wet to cool down as we were headed back to the car. I was so tired when we got back that I just laid down on the pillow and slept til we got home. But it sure was fun. I even got some of my appetite back cuz I ate most of my dinner and I can't wait for evening treats.

I hope we get to do that again some time soon.



Pancreatitis Acting Up

June 12th 2009 4:49 am
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So it goes, my tummy (actually my pancreas) is acting up again. I know that Mom wants me to eat, I just don't feel all that hungry. My tummy keeps rumbling but not cuz I want to eat. I just don't feel like doing much. I just wanna go for my walks and then relax in the house. I'm sure I'll get better soon, but for now time for some R&R and TLC from mom.



Walkin', Walkin', Walkin'

June 5th 2009 3:34 am
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I can't believe it. I'm gettin a nice long walk almost every day now!!! I sure hope that Mom never goes back to work cuz she has so much time for me and Kea. We're walkin most mornings after breakfast and goin round the new hood. The streets all have houses on them and there are lots of green places for Kea and me to snuffle at. Then there are these funny cars that go by and people that swing these club like things at this tiny white ball. Mom calls it golf - I guess she tries to do that thing some times too. I'm thinkin that we're not gettin a walk today cuz its raining and I don't like to go out in the rain, even for walks. Mom had to bribe me just to go outside earlier. Maybe the weather will clear up for later.



New Home!!!!!

June 3rd 2009 5:08 am
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We're finally here!!!!! We safely made it to our new home in West Virginia. Boy was it a long time from San Antonio to Charles Town. It seemed like we were driving for hours and hours. But Mom did her best to make sure that we were able to get some time out of the car. I'll bet we got to know lots of different truck stop parking lots and rest areas. We even stayed overnight in two different hotels.

I'm still getting used to all the people that are around me right now. When I was in San Antonio there weren't that many kids and definitely not as much noise. Mom just doesn't understand that I'm trying to warn her about all the stuff that's out there!!! I guess I'll get used to all of it soon enough.

I can't wait to start exploring our new home area. There are lots of places to go explore. Mom's thinking we might start camping but I'm not so sure that's gonna happen until next year after Mom settles into her new job.

Gotta do more exploring. Bark at ya later,



So That's What's Up

May 19th 2009 4:44 am
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Okay, I understand now. My house is being turned upside down cuz we're all moving. I know Mom tried to tell me this but I guess I didn't believe her. You should see how messy things are, but Mom tells me and Kea that we're gonna have some people come in tomorrow and pack everything up for our move to some place called West Virginia. I'm not sure where that is as I'm a Texas boy and I've only ever been to Florida (and driven through a few states on the way). Mom says it will be fun but we'll have to wait and see. Hopefully once we get settled she'll give me some keyboard time to reconnect with everyone that I've been missing for the past few months.

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