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I've been tagged!

October 15th 2007 8:03 am
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The name of the game is list 7 facts about yourself and you then tag 7 new friends. Make sure to let them know they have been tagged by a gift or pawmail....let the games begin!!!

My 7 Facts:

1. I was abandoned at a shelter as a pup and rescued by an organization called K-9 Rescue. I stayed there until my new pawrents came in 1998.

2. I once ate a hole in the wall and in the carpeting

3. The pawrents taught me to ring a bell to go outside and potty

4. I have Degenerative Myelopathy which is a neurological disorder that is making me lose the functions in my hind quarters.

5. I've gotten pretty gray in the last two years but I'm still darned handsome.

6. I love my little sister Mia and belong to the group Shih Tzu and Friends United (I'm one of the friends)

7. I just had surgery and am still recovering. Two stitches ripped open and can't be re-stitched because of the location. I'm on the mend but it will take longer than anticipated.

Now I'm off to tag 7 pals.........



Ooops I did it again

October 10th 2007 9:20 am
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I had to go back to te vet this morning. Seems I was celebrating the good news yesterday a little too much and decided to jump up on the bed. This caused stress at the suture area and resulted in two small skin tears where the stitches are. The stitches stayed put but the skin didn't. The vet started me on antibiotics, medicated pads to clean the area twice a day, and ointment for the open holes. Unfortunately it is going to take at least a week or two to show any improvment. The tumor was in an area high motion and that will hinder the healing. The stitches will also have to stay in at least an additional week. On the bright side the holes allow drainage and that will prevent swelling or fluid build up. This is just a tricky area to mend, but we'll get it done sooner or later! Oh, and lucky me.........I got a new and much longer cone so there is less of a chance of rubbing the incision sight. What's a guy to do. I think I'll mope around today and see if I get a few extra treats for looking so pitiful.

Bruno out


Pawsome news!!!!!

October 9th 2007 3:55 pm
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I have great news everypup! The pathology came back and said that the tumor was a neurofibroma and that it was removed with clean margins. They are optimistic that the procedure was a curative one and there should be no further problems! I'm happy to also report that my sutures are looking better and the modified cone is working great. The stitches will be taken out at the end of next week. This is such pawsome news and your prayers have helped me through this whole ordeal. Thanks everypup! Love you all.



That darned incision

October 7th 2007 9:29 am
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It's in the worst possible location. I'm not licking it anymore because I have the cone on, but when I look down or try to lick the sore, the bottom of the cone was now rubbing my shoulder. So the t-shirt is back on and there is still a bit of irritation and the pawrents made yet another modification! They have now taped a towel to the edges of the cone to soften the rubbing it may cause the incision. I think I'll pass on posting these pics, I'm beginning to look like I'm already in costume for Halloween. I do feel better though and my movement is pretty much back to normal. I'll have the pathology reports back by the middle of the week.



I've been coned

October 6th 2007 2:05 pm
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I did really good about not licking yesterday after they put the t-shirt on me. I was so proud of myself. When everyone went to bed though I got a bit bored and licked the shirt a little where the incision is and then I licked a little more and more and more! By the time they woke up in the morning I licked through the shirt and my incision was getting red and sore. The pawrents weren't happy and stuck the stupid cone on me. I hate the cone :(

Anyway, I'm coned until the stitches come out now. I am feeling better though and getting around on my own pretty well. I would just like to say again how grateful I am for the love and support. Barking out



Much better day!

October 5th 2007 5:20 pm
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I'm feeling so much better today and am actually getting around on my own today. I even barked a bit, so that is always a good sign. I got a slightly smaller breakfast but my dinner was normal portioned. I didn't have the heart to tell the humom that I threw a party with a few friends from STAFU. Miss Dixie Monroe brought the Egg McMuffins and hash browns while Veronica supplied the ginger ale (which I suspect was spiked because Teddy got a little sick). Then we all went outside for a game of flag football. I was just the ref though because I'm still recovering. Molly helped me out since she was sidelined, too. Dogster rules! I've met so many great pups, both big and small. love ya all



I'm home

October 4th 2007 6:56 pm
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Listen up Dogster dogs.......when your pawrents take you to the vet's office and leave crying, something bad is going to happen. Take a look at my shoulder, they made a huge cut in my arm! Something about a tumor and at least I have my Halloween contest. I'm downright sore as can be. When they got me home I refused to leave the car. They were not getting me out no matter what they tried and I dug my nails into the seat and stood my ground. They finally got me out about a half hour or so after we arrived and then they sat out on the lawn with me so I could get my myself together and willing to try getting inside. They had a nice blanket down and everything for me so that was nice. We stayed out for a couple hours since it was so beautiful outside and the fresh air was great in helping my body wear off the anesthesia. I'm on pain pills and feeling a little better. It's been a long day and I'm exhausted. I'll post more later but wanted to say thanks once again for the prayers and also for the pawsome star and rosettes!

Heading to bed,


Quick pupdate!

October 4th 2007 8:01 am
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Whew, the surgery part is over and thankfully the tumor wasn't too attached and therefore relatively easy to remove. I'm currently getting my pearly whites cleaned and then they'll call again and give the humom another update. They did say the tumor appeared to be removed with good clean margins and now we'll just have to wait for pathology. God bless you all for the good thoughts and well wishes. They seem to be working wonders! They did leave the lipoma on the bum area though. It will be just too much for me at this time and since it isn't bothering me, it was best to just leave it alone. We'll update again later.



Surgery tomorrow

October 3rd 2007 1:56 pm
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The humom promises to post an update after she gets word from the surgeon tomorrow. It will probably be late afternoon or early evening. It's a big day and the family is very nervous. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers and know they are very much appreciated.



Surgery date has been set

September 27th 2007 7:42 am
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I'm a manly dog and didn't think I was going to write a diary, but here I am typing on the keyboard - so read it if you want to.

Went to the dogtor on Tuesday getting belly rubs and lots of cookies. Was having a great visit until they stuck a needle in a new tumor that was growing on my shoulder. I'll admit I winced a little but didn't let them know it hurt. The vet put the slide under the microscope and told the humom the growth was suspicious and needed to be taken out. The humom said let's get it out as soon as possible and now the surgery date has been set for a week from today. On October 4th I'll have my surgery to remove the new growth as well as the lipoma I have on my rear. My back legs don't work so well so the pawrents are really going to have to help me get around for the recovery period after the surgery, but they said they don't mind.

Anyway, there's my first entry. I'll post more about the recovery after the surgery. Pathology report will take a little longer to get back so I won't know about the results until they come back. I'm keeping my paws crossed that it is benign.


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