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Thank you!!

January 15th 2008 8:02 pm
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What can I say except THANK YOU to all my wonderful friends for making my 10th birthday such a grand and wonderful one. I appreciate all the paw mails, rosettes, and special gifts from everyone. You make an old dog feel like a young pup.

Bless you all. I love you

Bru the birthday boy


It's a pawty!!!

January 15th 2008 5:51 am
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In honor of my 10th birthday and the kickoff to the new season of American Idol, I'll be hosting a pawty to celebrate! I got a pawsome new HD big screen TV in my pawty room and we'll be having a meat and cheese tray as well as several varieties of homemade doggie biscuits. Oh, and let's not forget the birthday cake! I hope I don't burn down the house with all those candles! Just show up around back by 7:00 PM CST and let the pawty begin! We all love Randy's dawg pound, right! Paula is just so cute, and seeing Ryan and Simon bicker is always a grand time! Bring earplugs, this is the tryouts.....BOL

Bruno out!


Can you dig it!

January 8th 2008 10:25 am
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In one week I'll be turning 10 years old! Hot Dog!! There were a few scary times in my life when I wasn't sure that would ever be possible. The good Lord has really blessed me. I'm so excited about next week I can hardly stand it. 10 years old!! Most people wouldn't think that is very old but for a 100+ pound boy with a history of medical issues, this is big! So next Tuesday, you can eat a piece of cake and say it is for old Uncle Bru!



Thank You Anonymous Rosette giver!!

December 24th 2007 10:54 am
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I hope my anonymous rosette giver or givers are reading this entry! Me and my family want to thank you for all the joy you have been giving us this holiday season! What a special pup or group of pups you are! You have made our Christmas even more special. I hope and pray you have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!! We can't wait until tomorrow to find out who you are!!

Merry Christmas Dogsterland! Say No to BSL!!!! Love you all



I got tagged!!!

November 18th 2007 7:58 pm
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What I'm Thankful for!

1. I'm really thankful to the rescue group that pulled me from the shelter so I could have a chance in life.
2. I'm thankful to my family for adopting me!
3. I'm very thankful my surgery was successful and I'm almost completely mended.
4. I'm thankful for good food and special treats
5. I'm thankful to my furiends on Dogster
6. I'm thankful for a cozy bed to sleep on at night
7. Finally, I'm thankful for all the blessings God has bestowed upon me.

Bru (off to tag some new pups)


Bye bye cone!

November 13th 2007 9:42 am
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It's off, it's really off!! I've had the cone off a couple days and I'm not bothering my boo boo anymore! I'm almost completely healed and I'm feeling great. I've had a lot of support from my dogster pals and I really appreciate it. You guys are pawsome! Today I feel great, but it's also a sad day, too. Today would've been my fursister Tara's 14th birthday. Happy Birthday to our sweet angel girl Tara. You are not forgotten.

Bruno out


Still coned!

November 6th 2007 9:49 am
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A month and I'm still coned!

The humom took it off yesterday to see how I'd do and I started licking again so straight away the cone went back on. Doggone it! I wish I could leave it alone. The good news is: The wound is almost completely gone! It looks pawsome and the humom has no doubt that the cone will be off soon. I have three more days of antibiotics and then the surgery will be completely behind me. That's my pupdate! Have a pawsome day!

Bru out


Oh Yeah! I'm the man!

October 26th 2007 11:45 am
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The pawrents took me back to the vet today and I finally got my stitches out!! I'm so happy! I have to wear the cone for another couple weeks, but the vet is totally happy with how it's healing now. They had a vet student at the office today and my vet brought her right in and said you have to meet this wonderful patient! She then went on about how wonderful I am and how I got my boo boo. I then got extra love from the vet student and just when I think it's all done, Dr. Duke came in and said hi to me and looked at my boo boo, too. I was totally Mr. Popular! Everyone loves me, what can I say!

So we are heading home and guess what. We pull up to the place with the big red hat. I'm thinking Arby's I said and they got me another delicious roast beef sandwich to celebrate getting the stitches out and the good news. Again, just when I think it's all done they make a quick stop at Sam's Club and when they come back 10 minutes later they have an egg roll and a chicken nugget for me! I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. It was like a food-a-palooza today! I guess they were giving out free samples and the pawrents thought of me! I'm stuffed and I rarely ever say that! I'm not getting another dinner tonight, but it's OK. Today was a dreamy day for me!

Thanks for letting me ramble. Prayers worked and I'm feeling great!

Bruno out


Stitches out tomorrow!

October 25th 2007 12:18 pm
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I'm scheduled to have the remaining stitches removed tomorrow! I can't wait because they are pink ya embarassing for such a macho old dude such as myself. I added two new pics of the healing process after splitting the 2-3 stitiches a week or so back. The vet is happy with the progress even though it looks pretty ugly. There is finally tissue growth and real healing progressing. It's the best we could hope for since it is in an area of such high motion. Trust me!!! I'm not an active dog. I think jumping on the bed (technically climbing, I can't actually jump anymore) may have done the most damage back when the suture was still fresh. I got kicked out of the bedroom for that one :'( Finally though it's healing and progressing. Hey, even my fur is growing back. I may never have any in the area of new tissue growth, but that's OK by me. I'm just glad this is finally clearing up. I'm hoping tomorrow is my last vet visit for awhile. Love my vet, but this is ridiculous.

Bruno out


Slow progress

October 20th 2007 11:56 am
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I was back at the vet's office yesterday for a recheck. My wound is slowly getting there and it may take a month or so to really show significant progress. I'm on antibiotics for a month now and will probably have to wear this stupid cone for that long, too. I did get a fantastic treat though! The parents took me to Arbys for a roast beef sandwich!!! Yummy beef with melted cheese, it was pawsome! I'm drooling just thinking about it! I go back on Tuesday for another check up. Mom says I need a job because I'm costing her an arm and a leg. What the heck does that mean? Maybe it means I'll go back to Arbys! We also got some homemade pumpkin biscuits and cookies so I've been pretty lucky. Full belly makes Bruno happy!

Thanks again for the well wishes and rosettes! What a pawsome group of dogster pals! I love you all.


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