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TY for my beautiful golden heart and Help...I'm nekkid

August 4th 2013 11:12 am
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Awwwww, somebody is thinking of me and I don't know who but I am very grateful for my beautiful golden heart. Thanks for making my day :)

Now for the most horrible news since my heart failure....I have been shaved. I'm not talking a little bit here or there but shaved down. Last week mom was brushing out my fur and stressed me out to the point I had another major syncope episode. She decided the stress of brushing me just isn't worth risking my health so off came the fur. I admit I hate being brushed but now I am afraid nobody will think I'm beautiful anymore. :( What is done is done. Maybe if I am a good girl and let mom brush me again, she will let it start to grow out again.

On a wonderful note, it has been over 10 months since that terrible October and another milestone is approaching.....my 11th birthday. Mom is thrilled I am here and continuing to respond well to my meds. I do refuse to eat that prescription diet now though. I am eating Weruva Paw Lickin Chicken and it is so tasty. Mom needs to talk to the cardiologist and see if we can try a new prescription diet or if I can continue to eat this delicious new food.

Take care pals



9 months

July 1st 2013 8:07 pm
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It was 9 months ago today that my life took a dramatic change. On the evening of October 1st 2012 I went into congestive heart failure and by October 2nd, it was the start of many nights away from home in the ER and hospital. Once they finally diagnosed the CHF, I was told on average 9 months was the survival rate. Then I went back into failure and mom was sure this day would never come but here I am and I'm actually doing pretty well. I won't say the road was easy because the first month was the worst anyone could imagine and then it took a few more months before they diagnosed the pulmonary hypertension. Since then, the road has been much smoother with only a few minor bumps.

9 months....... 9 months we never imagined we'd have. Miracles happen



Are you kidding me, Yaky Puffs?

June 30th 2013 4:09 pm
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Did mom really think leaving me for four hours while they went to look at a house and eat dinner could be forgiven with Yaky Puffs???

What the french toast are Yaky Puffs? Dragon loves them and I think Teddy hid his somewhere in the house but I didn't want one. Who would think of taking yak milk and making a chew out of it? I'm not buying it even if Dragon says they are great.

On the bright side, I'm enjoying a few cooler days with the windows open again. It is also nice to spend a bit of time outside. House hunting continues with little progress. Just need the right one to pop on the market.

Oh and these chicken boys I live with are driving me crazy. They hear one lousy firecracker and they are shivering in the corner like babies. Luckily for Yuki he can't hear them anymore so they no longer bother him. He used to be the worse. He has some eye issue going on though. He's a tough guy, I'll give him that but the old man is falling apart. I hope he feels better soon.

Have a SAFE holiday and stay inside away from the fireworks.



Still searching

June 17th 2013 5:17 pm
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We didn't get the house so the pawrents are a bit disappointed. The one thing they aren't disappointed about though is the fact that it didn't have a walk out basement, so maybe it wasn't meant to be anyway. Still searching and hoping to move soon.



Father's Day, Diary Pick, House, and prayer request

June 16th 2013 9:29 am
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Wowzers, I came on today to wish all the Daddy's out there a very Happy Father's Day and I found out I was a diary pick today. How pawsome is that? Thanks Dogster and Happy Father's Day

I would also like to give a little pupdate on the house but we haven't actually heard anything yet. We should know tomorrow either way and I will post what we hear.

Lastly and most importantly could you all spare a prayer for my pal Ursula? She is having breathing problems and her mommy just got news that her chest x-rays don't look good and they need to do further testing with an echocardiogram. It is so scary for the pawrents when we aren't feeling well. I have my paws crossed that whatever the dogtors find, it will be treatable so she can feel better.

Speaking of feeling better, I continue to remain stable and mom and dad say every single day with me is a blessing. I'm proof that you can be very very sick and make a comeback.



Second time around

June 11th 2013 12:54 pm
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The pawrents are putting in another bid on a house. This one will be in multiple offers so no telling what will happen. It needs loads of TLC but mom says it is priced right and we won't have to go there until it is cleaned and fixed a bit. I'm the princess, I need it pretty ;)

Wish us luck



My wish for every dog

June 8th 2013 5:23 pm
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Here in This House

I will never know the loneliness I hear in the barks of the other dogs 'out there'.
I can sleep soundly, assured that when I wake my world will not have changed.
I will never know hunger, or the fear of not knowing if I'll eat.
I will not shiver in the cold, or grow weary from the heat.
I will feel the sun's heat, and the rain's coolness,
and be allowed to smell all that can reach my nose.
My fur will shine, and never be dirty or matted.

Here in this house...
There will be an effort to communicate with me on my level.
I will be talked to and, even if I don't understand,
I can enjoy the warmth of the words.
I will be given a name so that I may know who I am among many.
My name will be used in joy, and I will love the sound of it!

Here in this house...
I will never be a substitute for anything I am not.
I will never be used to improve peoples' images of themselves.
I will be loved because I am who I am, not someone's idea of who I should be.

I will never suffer for someone's anger, impatience, or stupidity.
I will be taught all the things I need to know to be loved by all.
If I do not learn my lessons well, they will look to my teacher for blame.

Here in this house...
I can trust arms that hold, hands that touch...
knowing that, no matter what they do, they do it for the good of me.
If I am ill, I will be doctored.
If scared, I will be calmed.
If sad, I will be cheered.
No matter what I look like, I will be considered beautiful and known to be of value.
I will never be cast out because I am too old, too ill, too unruly, or not cute enough.

My life is a responsibility, and not an afterthought.
I will learn that humans can almost, sometimes, be as kind and as fair as dogs.

Here in this house...
I will belong.
I will be home.

(author unknown)


Happy June!

June 1st 2013 7:00 pm
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Busy Busy Busy!

I ended May with just two episodes, the one that broke my streak and one shortly after. I am still feeling pretty darned good and have started taking some short walks. I love that. Mom bought me a new Hello Kitty harness. I love the fact that I can actually use it and be able to have outside time again. Once it gets hot it will be limited to early morning only.

The pawrents found a house and put in an offer! It is a one story with over 3 acres. There is a catch though so it may not work out. This house is a short sale and the owners are divorcing and feuding a bit over the house. We are hopeful that it can work out because the location is PAWSOME! It has a wooded area behind the house and no really close neighbors. It is also in a cul-de-sac. Very quiet area so mom can finally have peace and get away from our current location which is way too busy.

Hope my pals are doing well. Happy June



Broke the streak

May 16th 2013 8:16 am
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After over two fulls months without an episode, I had one this morning. I could tell mom was sad but I couldn't help it.

Mom told me she is going to try and not be too concerned at this time. She hopes it is isolated and I am not going to have anymore.

Hope everyone is doing well. Beautiful weather here in MN



Cardiology recheck

May 10th 2013 4:30 pm
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Sorry I didn't get back online yesterday to report on how my appt went but I was so busy chilling out in the back yard and celebrating my great check up. I was even able to go on a short walk!!

My doctor said I totally made her day and that she couldn't believe I was the same dog she saw earlier this year. I had her smiling from ear to ear and she even said she didn't mind that I was fighting her every step of the way. She was very happy to see me so active. Not only have I been doing well but the tests all back up how I have been feeling. Lungs are clear!! I gained weight and am back at just over 9 pounds!! My blood work for the kidneys are still elevated but they haven't changed much since January so everything is going to stay with the same dosage and I go back to see her in late summer.

There are no guarantees with heart issues but all signs for now are going very well. Just what mom needed :)


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