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Could use a few prayers

March 27th 2014 8:58 am
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Since learning of Mia's rising kidney levels and adjusting her medications, she seems to be getting worse. We really don't understand since the levels were getting high but not yet out of control.

Mia is not eating at all unless she gets an appetite stimulant and she is having some stomach issues as well. I'm not sure what is going on, her respiratory rate seems to be fine so this must be attributed to the kidneys.

We're not as bad as October of 2012 but there is a definite cause for concern now. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers that this is just a passing bug and not the start of her major medical issues again.



March 6th 2014 6:33 pm
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Sorry I've been missing in action a bit, BOL

Today was a great day! I celebrated my 9th Gotcha Day with my family and it was a really good day for eating, too. I'm back to being pretty picky lately but managed to eat my breakfast and most of my dinner plus a little bonus ground beef as well.

I'm hanging in there and doing OK. I'm embarrassed to admit this but mom shaved most of my fur off a few weeks ago and now I have been wearing a sweater all the time with a winter coat to go outside. This winter was terrible! I think the worst of it is finally over so the sweater is still on but the winter coat is off unless another cold front comes in. Tuesday mom will be taking me and Mei Li to the vet. Mei Li needs to have her Lyme's test to see if her previous treatment had worked and I need to have my annual exam and cardio check up. I've been feeling pretty good so right now I think we are most concerned about the kidney levels. Hopefully there isn't any significant change from last time.

Remember when I said Mei Li was Mia approved? Apparently she wasn't Teddy approved. She has to be separated from him now because they don't get along :( What a downer that is but Teddy was here first and has top billing.

Our house offer is still at the bank. Every positive step forward seems to go back two steps with each new update. We did finally get a negotiator a few weeks ago but they were dropped and a new one is being assigned (perhaps even already assigned since our realtor is slow to update us). This short sale game is no fun, we have absolutely no idea if we even have a chance at closing the deal. We're really hoping the deal goes through but if it doesn't, at least we already have a great home to live in.

Thanks for all my Gotcha Day well wishes and pressies. I'm so happy to still be here and enjoy them. I've been truly blessed



Heartbroken that Dogster will be no more

January 16th 2014 5:57 pm
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Hearing the news that Dogster is shutting down is absolutely heartbreaking.

Here, we have met so many wonderful friends and have grown to love so many of you. We have shared joys as well as heartaches. Dogster allowed us to preserve memories in our diary journals and pictures of beloved angels. It has always been a source of comfort to come back and see pics of those who have left us.

I am truly sorry to see it go and I love all of you. It is definitely a sad time. Thank you all for the love and prayers in those times of need, especially when Mia was so sick. This site will definitely be missed


It's been awhile

January 11th 2014 6:27 pm
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Sorry we haven't posted for awhile but things have been a bit hectic. I hope we didn't miss too much and hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and start to the New Year.

We had a wonderful Christmas and were able to spend it with the entire family which was nice. Next year that won't happen because our hubro, in the Navy, will be stationed in Japan. There was sadness during the holiday though as well. Chester and Yuki both loved the holiday season and their ornaments had to go up on top of the tree near the angel. They are still dearly missed as this is the first Christmas without them.

We also just broke out of a really bad cold snap and are very thankful to be back in above zero temperatures. Today was a super great day for me and I was having fun playing and goofing off. Mom took a quick video of me playing with Dragon and posted it on my page. It must be the warmer weather. I'm certainly ready for spring so I hope it comes early this year.

We are under contract on the new house but even though the offer was accepted several weeks ago, it was just submitted to the bank last week. Now the long drawn out bank process begins. Mom said she doesn't care about the wait as long as it results in a successful sale. Short sales scare her and she is still worried the bank won't cooperate. If it does work out she hopes mid to late spring we can move.

Oh and BTW - Mei Li really enjoyed her first Christmas with us :)

That is what is going on around here. In a month or two I will head back to the vet for a cardiology re-check as long as everything continues to go well. Mom says every day is a blessing with me and she is still amazed how strong I was to pull through my ordeal in October of 2012. It was pretty special to ring in 2014 with my family by my side!



Diary pick and house

December 17th 2013 2:26 pm
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How exciting to be a diary pick! Thank you Dogster!

We are also moving forward with the new house since the sellers agreed to the offer. They still need to sign but they already gave a verbal acceptance. It has to be accepted by the bank but we are hoping it all goes through within 3-4 months so we can move early spring. It is hard to say with a short sale but this house will be worth the wait. The owner says you can see the deer in the winter. Hopefully Mei Li won't mind if they are around. :)



House hunt

December 16th 2013 9:57 am
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Hi furiends! Much has been going on lately and we recently asked for prayers and good vibes in our house hunt. As many remember, we have been looking for over a year now but mom wants it to be "the one". This had been proving to be quite difficult. They put two offers in over the spring/summer season but both fell through. The very first house they put the offer on was a divorce and short sale that couldn't be negotiated because the sellers were feuding. The courts finally gave Mrs. Seller the authority to make the decision on the house and we were asked to re-submit an offer. We have been negotiating recently and are at a point where we need to make a decision. The pawrents are going back to the house today to see if they still love it the way they did in the spring. If it all goes well today, the house will go under contract and head to the bank for final approval. It is a short sale so may take awhile but finally something is moving in the right direction. I'm hoping mom and dad still love the house so we can move on.



Oooh Baby it's Cold Outside!

December 9th 2013 12:17 pm
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I am not happy about this January-like weather when we don't even reach zero degrees! I am a warm weather chickie and this just isn't cutting it. I have also recently had two episodes of syncope. One was very mild and I briefly passed out and the other was one of the bad ones. Mom asked last year if they were worsened by the cold weather but they didn't think it should effect me. Here we are back in the cold weather and I have had two. As long as they aren't a persistent problem, mom will bring it up at my next cardiology visit but if they start regularly again we will have to go back sooner and have a re-check and possible medication tweak.

We still have no news on the house hunt but we're hoping to hear something soon. Still could use some good vibes on the house and for me


PS - Other than the couple episodes, I am still doing well :)


This and that

December 2nd 2013 7:07 am
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I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and mom and I are VERY thankful I was here to enjoy it and that my medications are continuing to help me every day. This is a true blessing and one everyone appreciates.

My sister Mei Li is definitely NOT like Tara. I loved Tara but Mei Li is a puppy and a bit of a butthead. I don't hate her but she isn't my TaTa.

Christmas is just weeks away and I can't wait. We have company coming over and both hubros will be home. TeeHee......Mei Li will hate that, the big chicken. I'm very happy to have the company and Dragon will be even happier. He thinks everyone is there to see him. Ted will be indifferent.

Anyway, I'm still doing well and I continue to thank each and every pup for the love, prayers, and support that got me through those darkest days back in 2012. I love you all


PS - Cyber Monday....gotta tell mom to buy me something :)

PSS - Pawlease say a prayer for my family on the house hunting ordeal. They once again have something in the works and REALLY want it to work out. We've been hush hush about it but something may finally be coming of it.


I got a SISTER!

November 16th 2013 6:52 pm
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Today we drove over 2 hours each way to meet my new sister Mei Li. Mom and dad wanted to take me along so I could get my meds and also see how Mei Li would react to me. We got along just fine so Mei Li came home with us to meet the boys. She seems really nice and I hope I love her as much as I loved Tara. Mei Li is on a one week home trial but mom doesn't think there should be any issues since we have all been getting along so well.

Mia (who finally has a SISTER again)


Congrats Emmett!!! Happy Veteran's Day

November 11th 2013 1:53 pm
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Our mischievous feline furbrother is Catster's Cat of the Day! Congrats Emmett. He is dressed as sailor cat for his hubro in the Navy so what a pawsome choice on Veteran's Day.

Speaking of Veteran's Day, Happy Veteran's Day to our hubro and all the wonderful service men and women who protect this great country of ours. God Bless them


PS- I'm still stable and doing well. We all took a few pics in the leaf pile this weekend. I don't know why mom thinks we like sitting in a huge pile of leaves. Anyway, after she took the group pic of all of us she was sad. She said it isn't the same without Chester and Yuki. The MN Gang has dwindled to The MN Trio

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