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Diary pick and house

December 17th 2013 2:26 pm
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How exciting to be a diary pick! Thank you Dogster!

We are also moving forward with the new house since the sellers agreed to the offer. They still need to sign but they already gave a verbal acceptance. It has to be accepted by the bank but we are hoping it all goes through within 3-4 months so we can move early spring. It is hard to say with a short sale but this house will be worth the wait. The owner says you can see the deer in the winter. Hopefully Mei Li won't mind if they are around. :)



House hunt

December 16th 2013 9:57 am
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Hi furiends! Much has been going on lately and we recently asked for prayers and good vibes in our house hunt. As many remember, we have been looking for over a year now but mom wants it to be "the one". This had been proving to be quite difficult. They put two offers in over the spring/summer season but both fell through. The very first house they put the offer on was a divorce and short sale that couldn't be negotiated because the sellers were feuding. The courts finally gave Mrs. Seller the authority to make the decision on the house and we were asked to re-submit an offer. We have been negotiating recently and are at a point where we need to make a decision. The pawrents are going back to the house today to see if they still love it the way they did in the spring. If it all goes well today, the house will go under contract and head to the bank for final approval. It is a short sale so may take awhile but finally something is moving in the right direction. I'm hoping mom and dad still love the house so we can move on.



Oooh Baby it's Cold Outside!

December 9th 2013 12:17 pm
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I am not happy about this January-like weather when we don't even reach zero degrees! I am a warm weather chickie and this just isn't cutting it. I have also recently had two episodes of syncope. One was very mild and I briefly passed out and the other was one of the bad ones. Mom asked last year if they were worsened by the cold weather but they didn't think it should effect me. Here we are back in the cold weather and I have had two. As long as they aren't a persistent problem, mom will bring it up at my next cardiology visit but if they start regularly again we will have to go back sooner and have a re-check and possible medication tweak.

We still have no news on the house hunt but we're hoping to hear something soon. Still could use some good vibes on the house and for me


PS - Other than the couple episodes, I am still doing well :)


This and that

December 2nd 2013 7:07 am
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I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and mom and I are VERY thankful I was here to enjoy it and that my medications are continuing to help me every day. This is a true blessing and one everyone appreciates.

My sister Mei Li is definitely NOT like Tara. I loved Tara but Mei Li is a puppy and a bit of a butthead. I don't hate her but she isn't my TaTa.

Christmas is just weeks away and I can't wait. We have company coming over and both hubros will be home. TeeHee......Mei Li will hate that, the big chicken. I'm very happy to have the company and Dragon will be even happier. He thinks everyone is there to see him. Ted will be indifferent.

Anyway, I'm still doing well and I continue to thank each and every pup for the love, prayers, and support that got me through those darkest days back in 2012. I love you all


PS - Cyber Monday....gotta tell mom to buy me something :)

PSS - Pawlease say a prayer for my family on the house hunting ordeal. They once again have something in the works and REALLY want it to work out. We've been hush hush about it but something may finally be coming of it.


I got a SISTER!

November 16th 2013 6:52 pm
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Today we drove over 2 hours each way to meet my new sister Mei Li. Mom and dad wanted to take me along so I could get my meds and also see how Mei Li would react to me. We got along just fine so Mei Li came home with us to meet the boys. She seems really nice and I hope I love her as much as I loved Tara. Mei Li is on a one week home trial but mom doesn't think there should be any issues since we have all been getting along so well.

Mia (who finally has a SISTER again)


Congrats Emmett!!! Happy Veteran's Day

November 11th 2013 1:53 pm
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Our mischievous feline furbrother is Catster's Cat of the Day! Congrats Emmett. He is dressed as sailor cat for his hubro in the Navy so what a pawsome choice on Veteran's Day.

Speaking of Veteran's Day, Happy Veteran's Day to our hubro and all the wonderful service men and women who protect this great country of ours. God Bless them


PS- I'm still stable and doing well. We all took a few pics in the leaf pile this weekend. I don't know why mom thinks we like sitting in a huge pile of leaves. Anyway, after she took the group pic of all of us she was sad. She said it isn't the same without Chester and Yuki. The MN Gang has dwindled to The MN Trio


1 year!!

October 2nd 2013 9:32 am
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It has been a full year since my month of hell last October. It was the overnight hours of October 1st last year that I went into heart failure and October 2nd started my month of ER visits and complications after complications. Mom says it is AMAZING that I even pulled through such a horrific ordeal. Once the cardiologists got the medications sorted out and also diagnosed the pulmonary hypertension, life really improved. I also can't forget the feeding tube because that surgery alone really aided in turning my life around.

So here I am 1 year later and managing pretty well. Well enough that mom felt obligated to give me a stinking bath last week. I have to admit she was on pins and needles knowing the stress really can throw me into an episode. Too bad for her, it really does upset me. I was fine though, no episode.

I don't know what lies ahead but I made through some pretty rough times and I'll continue to just do the best I can. Many sleepless nights, love, and most importantly prayers got me though the first year and hopefully quite awhile longer.

PS - Bears are 3-1 :)
My honey Brian retired so I can no longer be Mia Furlacher.

Call me Mia Furte now ;)

Mia Furte


A very special day indeed!!!!!!!

August 16th 2013 12:24 pm
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This may be my most exciting birthday EVER! Mom is jumping up and down that I made it to my very special 11th birthday. Tonight it will be German Shepherd pie for dinner and a trip to Micky D's for nuggets. While these might not be on the special diet list for my kidneys, we all need a day to just break the rules.

Not only is today my birthday, but it also a new Dogster milestone. I have been Diary of the Day, Diary Pick, Dog of the Week (my super special event) and today I hit the big 10,000 view mark!! I think I have been everything but Dog of the day, BOL! I am a humbled little Shih Tzu who feels so loved by her family and all her wonderful Dogster pals. I am grateful to Dogster for bringing us all together.

Thank you all so very much for my special gifts on my page and for thinking of me. I appreciate all the love and prayers that got me through last October and then again with the pulmonary hypertension. For now we seem to have it under control and hope it can stay that way for quite awhile. I have to go back to the U soon for another cardiology work up.

Muah! Thank you all so much


TY for my beautiful golden heart and Help...I'm nekkid

August 4th 2013 11:12 am
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Awwwww, somebody is thinking of me and I don't know who but I am very grateful for my beautiful golden heart. Thanks for making my day :)

Now for the most horrible news since my heart failure....I have been shaved. I'm not talking a little bit here or there but shaved down. Last week mom was brushing out my fur and stressed me out to the point I had another major syncope episode. She decided the stress of brushing me just isn't worth risking my health so off came the fur. I admit I hate being brushed but now I am afraid nobody will think I'm beautiful anymore. :( What is done is done. Maybe if I am a good girl and let mom brush me again, she will let it start to grow out again.

On a wonderful note, it has been over 10 months since that terrible October and another milestone is approaching.....my 11th birthday. Mom is thrilled I am here and continuing to respond well to my meds. I do refuse to eat that prescription diet now though. I am eating Weruva Paw Lickin Chicken and it is so tasty. Mom needs to talk to the cardiologist and see if we can try a new prescription diet or if I can continue to eat this delicious new food.

Take care pals



9 months

July 1st 2013 8:07 pm
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It was 9 months ago today that my life took a dramatic change. On the evening of October 1st 2012 I went into congestive heart failure and by October 2nd, it was the start of many nights away from home in the ER and hospital. Once they finally diagnosed the CHF, I was told on average 9 months was the survival rate. Then I went back into failure and mom was sure this day would never come but here I am and I'm actually doing pretty well. I won't say the road was easy because the first month was the worst anyone could imagine and then it took a few more months before they diagnosed the pulmonary hypertension. Since then, the road has been much smoother with only a few minor bumps.

9 months....... 9 months we never imagined we'd have. Miracles happen


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