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Surgery tomorrow

May 12th 2010 6:07 pm
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Eeek! It is already here, my dental and tumor removal surgery is tomorrow. I have to get up super early, too. I don't do mornings and dread it terribly. Mom is still worried about the anesthesia, but I am certain all will be well. I do promise to raise a ruckus though! I will definitely let everyone know that I was not happy with the entire ordeal. I used to be so quiet, but now I let the world know when I am unhappy.

On the bright side, mom is thawing ground turkey to make a turkey and rice mixture for me to eat for a couple days after the surgery. It will be easier to eat than my normal dry dog food diet.

I hope you will all say two tiny little prayers for me. One that during the dental, I don't lose any more teeth (lost a lot just after my adoption because my previous owners didn't take the best care of me) and two that when they remove the two tumors, they don't see any further problems and that will be the end of them.

I'll have mom write an update when she hears from the vet tomorrow afternoon. I'll be a bit out of it that day. Wish me well



Surgery on Thursday

May 7th 2010 6:01 pm
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Well, I heard mom on the phone with the dogtors the other day talking about a surgery, my surgery! I am having a dental (dad says my breath is smelly, hrumphf) and I'm also having a small tumor removed. The tumor was checked last visit and doesn't appear to be anything more than a lipoma so we shouldn't have anything to worry about as far as cancer is concerned. All in all it should be a fairly easy procedure, but of course mom worries anyway. Any time you are under anesthesia, there are risks of complications she says. Wish me luck

BTW - I hope it is warmer on Thursday, today is so chilly mom had to turn the heat back on in the house. We are at least getting rain! I hate it, but we needed it. Cold and rainy, what a combination.



My vet visit

April 26th 2010 7:57 am
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Yuckers, annual exam and shot time. Whoever thought it was necessary to get poked and prodded every year should have had their head examined. I really hate those shots and blood draws :(

Anyway, blood results were all good! Of course!! I got a pretty clean bill of health as well. My eye is doing OK, although mom always frets about it. The vet however says it doesn't look much worse than last year. I will be going in for a dental in about a week to have my teeth cleaned and polished and I will also have a small tumor removed at the same time. Hopefully that will all go well and then I can breathe a sigh of relief until next year.



American Idol Schmidol

March 13th 2010 7:37 am
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Hrumpf! I would have posted this Thursday, but truth be told I was just too upset and needed to take a nap. So, I'm well rested now but still not happy that America voted off my fave contestant, Lilly Scott. Come on now! She so deserved to be in the top 12. What was America thinking??? I look forward to her new CD because undoubtedly the record companies will sign her the very second her contract with AI is up.

Congrats Lilly Scott! You did great and we voted for you.



Sniffle sniffle, cry cry

February 22nd 2010 12:49 pm
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Mom, how could you cut off my eyelashes? I don't care if I couldn't see, it was my trademark look :(

Mom decided I need to be able to see today, so after years of trying to grow my eyelashes, she cuts them off. She said they keep breaking and can't stay in the top knot and therefore impair my vision. What will I ever do? This is so humiliating. I've documented proof and will put the pics up on my page.

BAD Mommy!



Muah! Meet me under the mistletoe

November 15th 2009 12:15 pm
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I still love and adore my Chicago Bears, but it is time to move onto happier and more joyful times. Thus, my name change from Mia Furlacher is now Mia Mistletoe. I really hope Da Bears have a better final 6 weeks and I will certainly keep rooting them on! Go Bears! And there is always next year :)

Now, onto my favorite time of year......Thanksgiving and Christmas. Both wonderful times to eat and get lots of goodies. My heart still breaks for the pups that have yet to find a home though. I am a lucky one who found a family to love me, but so many still wait and wait. Please, if you ever considered adding another wonderful companion into your household, check out your local shelters first. The love of your life just might be there waiting for you.

Happy Holidays Dogsterland!

Mia Mistletoe


Drat! Urlacher is out for the season

September 15th 2009 10:09 pm
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How disappointing that my favorite Chicago Bear is out for the season. In Sunday's game against the Packers, Urlacher dislocated his wrist and will now have surgery. His season is over this year :(

Get well rested Brian, I'll be pawraying for your complete recovery.

Oh, to top it off we are 0-1 this season and play the World Champions next week! Can it get worse? Time to grab the chips and get ready for next week. With any luck, they can pull out a win. I'm trying to be optimistic :)

Mia Furlacher

PS- Like my page? Go Bears!!!!!!!!


It's Bears season!

September 13th 2009 5:36 pm
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WooHoo! I'm off to watch Sunday night football with daddy and my all time favorite team.........................DA BEARS!

Look for Mia Furlacher to be revamping her page for the month of September!

Go Bears Go! Lets kick some Packer butt tonight

Mia Furlacher


7 years old!

August 16th 2009 7:37 pm
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Well, I am now 7 years old and loving it. I had a special dinner tonight and mom got Applebees so I even got a nibble of her dinner (it was curbside to go so she ate at home). Mom and I share a birthday so that was her special dinner.

I also got a new plush fox today but Yuki stole it. It isn't all bad though because I have my twinkie back now! :)

All and all a lovely day. It wasn't too hot and I got lots of love and treats. I love those new bison treats. They are thin and crunchy and boy are they yummy.

I can't thank everyone enough for the lovely gifts and rosettes. I love it here on dogster. I have such wonderful furiends and I know RaJa is smiling over me today and probably ordered up that wonderful weather we had.

Tzu are the bestest everypup! Thanks so much



Woot Woot! My birthday weekend! and a recent scare

August 15th 2009 8:30 am
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I don't get a birthDAY, I get a birthday weekend! Woo Hoo! Tomorrow is when I celebrate my 7th birthday and since it is on a Sunday, I am celebrating with a birthday weekend! This is very exciting. I got some Sojos peanut butter honey biscuits, Paw Naturaw 100% organic Bison Liver, and a sweet new plush Twinkie! (note to self -Yuki will steal that immediately) The only downside is I have to have a thorough brush out and then bath today so I look my best for tomorrow. I am not really looking forward to that part, but I have to admit I have been a little itchy lately so maybe it will be a good thing. Usually only Teddy has the itchy pawblems.

Now for my recent scare, the other day I didn't really want to go out for my last walk of the evening but I was forced to. Otherwise I would have had to hold it until morning. Anyway, we just went a few houses down to an empty lot and everyone went potty but me. Daddy took the rest of the crew home and mom stayed with me. I finally went potty and we started for home. I stopped though and refused to walk. Mom picked me up and carried me until we were in front of our house and then set me down to walk the rest of the way. I walked but something seemed a bit off. As we reached the two steps that lead up to the door, I sort of stumbled. Mom picked me up and brought me to my bed. She gave me a treat and I ate it so she was happy. The next morning I seemed fine and ate as usual so mom doesn't know what happened that day. I'm a lazy gal anyway, but the stop and then stumble scared mom. Next visit to the vet she wants to have my heart checked just in case. At this time it doesn't seem to warrant a vet visit but when we are there it will be discussed. After losing Tara to heart failure, mom always thinks the worst. Anyway, that was our scare. Really just mom's scare. I'm not scared, I don't even know what the fuss is about.

Mia (enjoying her birthday weekend!)

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