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How Old is Ten in Dog Years?

October 28th 2007 5:52 pm
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Much woof to all of my "furiends" for the wonderful woofday wishes! I am truly "furtunate" to run with the always amazing and "pawe-inspiring" Dogster pack!


I've Been Thanksgiving Tagged!

November 13th 2007 3:34 pm
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I’ve Been Thanksgiving Tagged by Sassy!

Here are the Rules:

Choose seven pups and notify them via Paw Mail or by Rosette that they have been tagged and to read your Diary for the instructions on how to play.

Tagged pups must post the rules, the seven special things they are thankful for, and the names of their seven chosen pups, in their Diary.

Seven Things I’m Thankful For:

• They always greet me with a smile
• She takes me to work with Her
• Living within walking distance of Golden Gate Park
• Ear scratches and Belly Scrubs
• Five months without an ear infection
• I can ALWAYS find something stinky to roll in
• All of my Pup Pals on Dogster

The Pups I’ve Tagged:

Truman a.k.a Nib-Daddy
Daisyhead Max of West Delhi


I've been Diagnosed With Glaucoma

December 14th 2007 12:56 pm
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I was diagnosed with glaucoma on Tuesday.

Primary Glaucoma is an inherited condition and occurs in many breeds, especially American Cocker Spaniels, Basset Hounds, Chow Chows, Shar Peis, Labrador Retrievers, and Arctic Circle breed dogs (Huskies, Elkhounds, etc).

If you are one of the breeds listed above, I urge you to have your vet check the pressure in your eyes, and your caregivers to learn more about glaucoma. There are a lot of resources on the Internet and Dogster's Forums have posts from other pups that have glaucoma. They've helped me immensely!

I've already lost sight in my right eye, and I am not responding well to the eye drops I was given to keep the pressure in my eye down. The opthamologist has recommended removing the eye, so I am having surgery on Thursday. In the meantime, I have pain medication to keep me comfortable. I also have drops once a day to delay the onset of glaucoma in my left eye and an emergency kit to prevent blindness.

Most importantly, I have very loving and supportive friends and family, both at home and on Dogster that are holding my paws during this difficult time.

This diary entry is dedicated to my new Pup Pals Jester, Weiland, and Mia and everypup living with glaucoma.

Wink, wink and tail wags,




December 15th 2007 2:37 pm
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Between grunts and snores, and maneuvering around the plastic cone on my head, tails a waggin’ non-stop!

I don’t know how much more love and attention a pretty, stinky, lil’ hound can take! The honor of Dogster’s Dog of the Day is causin’ quite a bit of commotion around the house today!

Much woof and thanks to HQ, especially, my BWPPF (Best Work Pup Pals Forever) Mr. Niles, Sherpa, the puppopotomus Sheba, Zach, Miss Moxie, and Marcel.

A BIG howl out to all of my very special Pup Pals (and puppycat Dusty), in the Before and After Group. I WOOF YOU ALL SO MUCH!

I’m goin’ down for the belly scrubs—Howooooooooooooooooool!


La Vida Glaucoma

January 11th 2008 12:56 pm
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I had surgery to have my right eye removed on December 20. After surgery, I had a little swelling but the vet said I did really well. I got a nice combination of painkillers the vet called "puppy vicodin” and an antibiotic I had to take twice a day for ten days.

My eye area was shaved and with the bright pink stitches and the swelling, I looked pretty pathetic, but She still thinks I’m one of the prettiest lil' hounds She’s ever seen! It wasn't as drastic a change as we had anticipated, however, my adorable eyebrows are still very expressive.

When I came home from surgery I whined non-stop unless I was being cuddled. I was a little freaked out from the morphine. I also got to sleep in the big bed because it was the only way I’d settle down and stop crying. I don’t normally sleep in the big bed because it’s really tall and They’re worried I’ll hurt myself jumping off of the bed, but this night, I was spooned safely between them.

The day after surgery, I went into the office just like any other day, tail waggin’ non-stop. My appetite returned the same day; I ate my regular food, treats and drank lots of water! We took a long walk on the beach over the weekend, and I learned I could use my “cone” to shovel sand!

By the time Christmas rolled around I was feeling great. We spent the holiday’s at Grandma’s and I made sure to stick my long nose in every present under the tree, knocking ornaments off the tree with my cone” as I went along. Grandma gave me plenty of brisket nibbles at Christmas Eve dinner, and I even had a few bites of crab leg.

The time between Christmas and New Year’s was quiet. I spent lots of time cuddled up on the couch with Them watching movies and getting my belly scrubbed and ears scratched.

On New Year’s Eve, I went to the vet and had my stitches removed. The vet said I had healed perfectly. The best part was not having to wear the cone anymore!

Thursday, January 3, marked the one-year anniversary of my arrival from Tampa to my “furever” home in San Francisco. She wasn’t feeling well and had opted to do a little work from home between naps and mugs of hot tea. Around 10:00 am She woke me up to give me my eye drops. When I opened my eye, it was cloudy white and I could not see a thing. She ran immediately for the “emergency kit,” and called the vet. The vet would see us late in the afternoon. Meanwhile, She contacted my wonderful friends in the B&A Group, while I sniffed my way around the house, occasionally bumping into a doorway. I finally settled down in the hallway and went to sleep. She checked on me every few minutes and within two hours, the cloudiness had cleared from my eye and I wandered back into the living room with my vision restored! A miracle happened, or the emergency kit worked (We prefer to believe it was the prayers). The vet said that I’d had a spike in pressure but that it was back to normal and there was no permanent damage to my vision. OMD! I have new drops and another appointment next week to check the pressure. In a few weeks I’ll go into the vet for a full day for an interval pressure check.

This week I’m happy and pain free. Thanks to everypup (and puppycat) for your love, support, thoughtful wishes, and prayers.


Thank Goodness For My Emergency Kit!

January 17th 2008 4:29 pm
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Last night as we were leaving the office, She noticed that my left eye was cloudy white again and I was not able to see. As soon as we got home, She grabbed the “emergency kit.” About an hour later, the cloudiness had cleared from my eye and I could see again! I’m back in the office today and have been under Her desk sleeping for most of the day. She checks my eye regularly. My pupil is big and blue but I can see. Tomorrow morning I have an appointment with the vet to check the pressure in my eye.


It's All About the Eye Drops

January 19th 2008 10:04 am
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The good news about my vet visit yesterday was that the pressure in my eye was at a good level, however the vet is concerned that continued spikes in my pressure will damage my eye and cause blindness. I got a prescription for a new drop (now I have three) and a pill I will take twice a day. I have another appointment in two weeks to see how I’m responding to the new medication.

Laser cyclophotocoagulation, which uses a laser to burn small areas in the tissue in the eye that produces fluid, so that less fluid is produced, is a procedure we’re considering if I don’t respond well to the new meds. She is committed to doing whatever is necessary to preserve the vision in my remaining eye and keep me comfortable and pain free.


Sweet Arthur

January 31st 2008 10:57 am
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My Pal, Arthur is having some trouble with his heart. Please keep him in your thoughts.


Happy, Happy, Friday!

February 1st 2008 11:28 am
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I had an outstanding morning at the vet. My ocular pressure is normal, my optical nerve is fat and healthy and my vision is great! The vet says I am responding very well to the new medication and that he won't need to see me for another month!

Keeping paws crossed for my pal Arthur and the puppopotomus Sheba.


Afternoon Cuddle

March 12th 2008 10:21 pm
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Everyday at the office, usually sometime between 3-4pm, She scoops me up and takes me to the couch for an “Afternoon Cuddle.” She and I, along with other team members and their dogs (vv brings his fish, fishbowl and all), take about 15 minutes to snuggle up together, get belly scrubs and ear scratches and kisses all over our furry lil’ faces. If you call between 3-4pm and nobody picks up the phone, we just might be on the couch having a cuddle. So, grab your pup and cuddle with us!

Just a short note about my glaucoma. I’ve had a couple of spikes in my ocular pressure the last couple of weeks. The pressure went down immediately following my regular eye drop application and medication, but the vet is concerned about the effect the spikes may have on my vision. My laser surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, March 18.

Sadly, my pals Arthur and the puppopotomus Shebaboth went to the Bridge last month. We miss them dearly.

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