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That's MR. Momma's Boy to you!

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I've been tagged!

September 13th 2007 4:50 pm
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I was tagged by Sasquatch!

Here are the rules of the game!

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your diary, or, send them a fun rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

My 7 facts:

1. Treats are my favorite thing ever.
2. I made my mommy a true believer in crate training. I love my crate!
3. I go camping every weekend in the summer.
4. I go to training class every single Wednesday, and I love it!
5. I am mommy and Daddy's first dog ever.
6. I go to bed at 8:30 sharp all on my own.
7. I tell mom I don't like toys and then I try to play with them behind her back.

Here are the 7 dogs that have been tagged by me:

1. Reese
2. Emma
3. Angus Beefcakes
4. Rylie
5. Sidney Sanchez
6. Lili
7. SoCo


Thanksgiving TAG!

November 12th 2007 3:53 pm
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I was tagged by Firefly!

Here are the rules:
Because it’s Thanksgiving time, there is a change to the rules. Each player needs to tell seven special things they are thankful for. Tagged dogs must post the rules in their diary and their 7 things. Then choose 7 pups to tag and list their names. Let them know by pawmail or rosette that they have been tagged and to read your diary for the instructions on how to play.

Seven Things I’m Thankful For:

1.) I am Thankful for my mommy!

2.) I am Thankful for treats and food and more treats! But, I am NOT thankful for my new diet mommy put me on! Doesn't she know I am STARVING! Oh, and I am thankful for my mommy.

3.) I am Thankful for my trainer who saved my life by teaching mommy how to handle me and my Chowness. And for my mommy and food and treats.

4.) I am Thankful for my groomer who has the patience of a saint and a heart of gold, and who was willing to groom me and my Chowness without completely stressing me out. And for my mommy and food and treats.

5.) I am Thankful for my Nana who comes to watch me when mommy and daddy have to go away so I don't have to go to a kennel. I much prefer my home. And for my mommy and food and treats.

6.) I am Thankful for long walks and chasing ducks and squirrels. Is it possible to catch one of them?? Don't worry, I will keep trying to get one! And for my mommy and food and treats.

7.) I guess I am Thankful for my daddy too. But I am a momma's boy and I am mostly thankful for mommy, food and treats. Unless daddy brings me home a turkey leg from Nana's house like he says he will!! Then I will be really thankful for daddy!

Can I please have some treats or food now Mommy????

I'm tagging,

1. Sammy
2. Sam
3. Brady
4. Risa
5. JerryLee
6. Benny
7. Abby



Christmas Tag!

November 25th 2007 5:21 pm
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I have been Christmas Tagged by Jessie !

Now, the rules are a little different for this game of tag. First, you have to write Santa Paws a letter with 5 requests.

Then, you tag 5 dogs or cats. Give 5 bones or treats to the pals you've tagged! Here we go...

Dear Santa Paws,

I have been a very good boy this year. I went to training class every Wednesday night and I tolerate other dogs and strangers. I walk very nicely on a leash, almost all of the time. Sometimes in class I give the other doggies dirty looks and they get into trouble, but I don't mean to. I'm sorry for that Santa, I promise I will stop doing that. Remember Santa, I took my CGC test and I got 9 out of 10! I didn't pass, but still I did pretty darned good for me! I started an agility class with mommy last week, and I was a pretty good sport about it too. I just don't get why she makes me jump over things, it is so much easier to just go around them. I haven't chewed anything in the house, not even my stuffies. Santa, you know I love my stuffies like they are my babies, right? Oh, and mommy put me on a diet and I lost almost a whole pound! I did cheat once, but I couldn't say no to a Dunkin Donuts Munchkin. Sorry. Anyways, I have been the best doggie that I know how to be, so please Santa, can you please bring me presents? I would like:

1. Bully Sticks and Treats
2. Stuffies. I don't have the AKC duck yet. Just a hint.
3. A new blankie for my crate. Mine is a little dirty.
4. A new bowl for my water and food. Maybe with a stand so I don't have to bend over?
5. A new raincoat. I really don't like to get wet.

That's all I really want Santa. Oh, did I mention Bully Sticks and Treats? Just making sure. I really, really want some of them. Hopefully I will see you soon Santa! I will be waiting for you. Usually I don't like strangers coming into my house, but you are no stranger Santa. I will be very, very nice to you. Hugs and Kisses when you come down the Chimney. I promise I will leave you cookies and treats for the reindeer. I love you Santa!


I am tagging:
1. Riley Ruth She's a cat! Shhhh!
2. Carmela
3. Jebediah
4. Nallah
5. Honey


Mom played Hooky!!

January 14th 2008 4:39 pm
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OK, so I haven't been keeping a real diary so far. It's almost been a year for me on Dogster, so maybe I will resolve to keep a diary in 2008.

So, today mommy played hooky from work because we got a really big snowstorm. We sent daddy to work though, HeeHee! We had a great day together. We slept in and then we had breakfast and coffee together. I had to go potty pretty bad, so mommy got all bundled up and out we went. The snow was up past my belly, so I wouldn't move off of the front steps. I jumped down a couple of times, but I wouldn't potty. Mom shoveled a spot for me to go and then she shoveled the whole walkway. Then I jumped in the snow and chased a ball and ate some snow!! Oh, and I went potty. We went back inside and mommy cleaned the house while I napped. It snowed until after lunch and I started to get pretty nervous about my walk. When was it gonna happen?

Next thing I know, mommy is all bundled up again and we are headed for the car. Yippee, a car ride!!! I sat in the car and mommy shoveled again and brushed off the car. We drove downtown to PEA and walked on all of the plowed sidewalks. It was my first time walking down there. I really liked it. I told mom we have to go back.

When we came home, I took another nap and then daddy came home. We all ate dinner and daddy gave me a Frosty Paws!!! I woofed that right down and now I am taking another nap!

What a great day!! Mom should play hooky everyday!


Finally! I have my job back!

January 16th 2008 5:56 pm
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Well...after a month off, we went back to training class today! I really missed working and I missed all of my doggy pals, even if we are only pals from a distance. We did a bunch of clicker training and mom learned something called "targeting". That crazy trainer thinks that mom can train me to pick things up off of the floor! He offered a reward to the first dog that can pick up a wallet or cell phone off the floor and hand it to their owner. Yeah right! We'll see about that one! Mom says we're gonna work on that since I seem to like clicker training.

We also did some meet and greets and I let one of the trainers pat me. I only let her because she gave me a bunch of treats! Who's training who here?? Ha Ha!!!

Well, so far so good on my resolution to write in my diary more. Here's hoping I keep it up!


Momma's coughing

January 25th 2008 5:08 pm
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Uh oh...I think my mommy has to go to the vet. She is all sniffly and she coughs everytime she moves. She says she has a cold. Hmmm...when I cough, mommy takes me to the vet and they poke and prod me and give me cookies and medicine. I think I will call them in the morning and see if they can fit mommy in.

It's pretty boring around here when mom is sick. She came home from work and went to bed. Daddy hasn't been around much either. He took me for a walk, fed me and gave me a bully stick. But now, he is going to bed soon too and it's only 8:00!! What's a pup to do?? Maybe I'll jump in bed with them and give myself a nice long bath. They seem to appreciate it when I do that.

Good night.


What a massage!

January 28th 2008 6:08 pm
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Well, I have been a little off of my game lately. I have been pretty grumpy with Daddy, especially at dinner time. I just don't trust him and I'm not sure that he trusts me. Mom says that we are going back to hand feeding starting tomorrow. Hmmm...maybe that will work. But mom also says that we might start going to training classes twice a week now! Can you believe it!!! I get to go to school twice a week!!! YAY!!! I love school!!

To try to help me chill out a little, mommy gave me an awesome massage tonight. She rubbed my shoulders, my neck, my face, my legs and my back! It was great and mom says that she felt me relax a little and I kinda tilted on my side a little. That's a big step for me!! I almost relaxed!

Have a good night!


Uh I'm coughing...

January 31st 2008 4:56 pm
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Mom and Dad came home from work today and I coughed right when they walked through the door. I coughed a couple more times and I had a couple of coughing fits. Mom settled me down and I went on a walk with dad. When I came back home, I had a couple more fits. Mom was gonna call the vet, but I quieted down. Mom checked my stock of cough suppressants and I have a bunch left just in case I need them overnight. We're gonna see how I do during the night. If I cough much more mom says that I have to go to the doctor tomorrow. I have been a little grumpy lately and I have watery eyes and a little runny nose. Mom thinks I could be sick.


Valentine's Tag!!!

February 2nd 2008 5:50 pm
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I have been Valentine tagged!

I was Valentines Tagged by Maddie I am going to tell you 5 Valentine wishes, and then tag 5 friends with a p-mail or rosette. They will then write a diary entry and tag 5 friends with a p-mail or rosette, and so on and so on...

1. I wish for all pups to have a Valentine even if it is their mommy or daddy.
2. I wish for all the homeless pups to find furever homes.
3. I wish for mommy to show me how much she loves me by buying me tons of bully sticks for Valentines day.
4. I wish for daddy to show me how much he loves me by buying me tons of doggy biscuits.
5. I wish for tons of stuffies to play with.

Five friends I would like to tag are:

l. Mick Jagger
3. Anissa Miller
4. Puffy
5. Willy Moo


So Many Bowls Today!

February 3rd 2008 2:57 pm
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It's February 3, 2008 and it's a very big day in my house. Not only are the Patriots in the Superbowl, but the Puppy Bowl is on today too!!! We went out yesterday and bought a whole bunch of Bowl snacks. Mommy bought me a nice big bully stick to chew on and as soon as we came home from the store, I stole it out of her purse! BOL! I am one smart pup! Mom took it away and said I have to save it for the big game. Hmph, whatever!

We are watching the puppy bowl now and we all just ate dinner. The big game starts in just a few minutes, so I am going to go get prime couch real estate and watch the end of the Puppy Bowl. I'm gonna give mommy my great big puppy eyes and hopefully I will get that Bully Stick!

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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