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Tough Following in Lassie's Footsteps!

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Residential babysitter

February 2nd 2014 12:40 pm
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Boy, I wish I knew I was going to have two youngester to maintain law and order. They two younger ones are always in trouble. I wish I had my brother Pepsea to maintain the law an order. He would let it be known they could not get into trouble. The young one is always jumping over me or on me when he misses. He is into everything including jumping on the counters and table. My nice little rumbles doesn't do the trick anymore. I'm at a lost. I just now go off and lay down and sleep through all the yelling and commotion! It is rough. I go outside though to keep them safe as a special secret agent. Shhhsh. I watch over them and make sure they come in safe and sound. After all when Coffee got shot in July and had a bloody nose I rushed him to the swimming pool and made him put his nose in it to wash off the blood and stop the bleeding. Mom saw the blood and jumped up and came over and grabbled a towel and started to hold pressure and we rushed him into the closest animal hospital. They couldn't find the cause. We found a bb with blood but didn't realize he had been shot. Until a week later a hole showed up with rings on his nose and he was rushed into surgery. That was the enterance wound and the exit wound was the bloody nose we figured. However, the guy that shot my brother is still living behind us. Mom put 8 foot lattice up to make it harder to see over. But we think he can still see. She is checking on covering over the deck and dog run to make it harder to get to us. Well thanks for putting me up for my diary. Also my late brother Pepsea yesterday. Gosh a day doesn't go by I don't think of Pepsea and miss him. We were together 8 years. He was my rock. I was so timid and scared when I came and it was him that let me become the service dog. His kind paw helped me get the courage I needed. Sorta like the lion in Wizard of Oz. I can remember the week Pepsea was bleeding internally and he was going back and forth to the hospital at MI state to find the cause. He would come and lay next to me or my brothers crate Coffee and talk to each one of us as if to give a list of directions when he was gone. I try to remember them but it is hard he had such a way. I don't with people I remain shy. Mom does a good job not letting many pet me as it stresses me too much. I'm glad I have her as a mom she is a good person even though that guy makes her out to be a bad person. I still remember the day she went over to his house to ask what she could cut down so she could mulch and cut trees to put a fence up and he wouldn't give her any satisfaction and yelled at her over us barking. Like we bark a lot. Mom never leaves us out of sight. If we bark we are pulled inside really fast. She is a responsible dog owner. I never hear anyone else doing things like that then I don't hear them yelling at them either the crazy people only yell at Mom. Mom said to me the other day when we were traveling to the hospital the only reason the jerk shot Coffee and Pepsea was he was a bad person and wants to do harm to Mom. He figures if he gets rid of the dogs he can have free rain to do bodily harm to Mom. Mom figured him out and his wife. He is on the bad boy list she said. I listen to Mom a lot and I come home and tell my brothers what I learned from Mom. Perhaps when I go over the rainbow bridge they will take good care of Mom when they are older. I'm trying for Pepsea to do what he wanted to take care of Mom. Mom just said "Shep your doing a great job, keep it up." "S"


Just another Baby dog sitting

January 29th 2014 1:06 pm
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Well I have a younger collie brother coffee. His name is overland lord ice coffee of sundell. We call him coffee. He is almost three now. We joke he goes to his pen to brew and he goes outside to eat ice all the time and is filling his coffee pot. His nick name is coffee pot LOL. Oh yes on my mom's birthday another dog came into the pack his name is Maxwell (Mad Max) he runs, jumps over me, and uses me as a hurdle regardless if I'm sleeping or not. He is just nuts it is those dals. LOL. He has the herding moves down and thinks he is top dog. Yes, since he came I'm having to eat plain dog food no special spoiling. Hmm. Something is clearly wrong with this picture. Yes, Max is called Bret D Sundell Lord Maxwell Good to the last drop. Does that tell you something long show name and is he doing well in the show ring. He is completely spoiled but for the special food hamburger or steak on dog food. He is too young. He is on the counters and table and not wanting to learn the command quiet or off the counter or table max. I'm sure it is puppy as all my canines were there at one time or another. I cannot get excited about anything but the fact Max leaves his toys outside and Mom makes me go get them for him. (Something clearly wrong here--max needs to get his own toys). LOL Well off to shop with Mom. I'm really missing Pepsea I hate going with Mom as everyone calls me lassie or how pretty. I just want to get in and out as quick as I can and not be seen. I'm embarrassed as I don't see other dogs out but me as service dog. Rather odd. Oh Pepsea get back here from Heaven. I'm now taking up to being a secret service agent guarding all the dogs to keep them safe. Gosh I wish you were here I miss my pal. Shep.



April 20th 2012 6:27 am
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Well it has been a long time since I entered a comment to my Blog. Mainly, My Mom has been busy. Not only did I have one female puppy and lives with her Mom in another town. My Human Mom decided now that my puppy is almost 2 years old she would adopt another puppy. We now have three dogs living with my Human Mom. Me, My brother, Pepsea, and now a dog called Coffee. He is out of the Overland Kennels which breed fine Collies. His name is Overland Lord Ice Coffee of Sundell (COFFEE). He is a royal trouble maker. I try to keep him safe and out of trouble but so far he has ate two carpets and I mean ate them that Mom has to purchase new carpet for the entire house. It is one huge piece of carpet in the house that flows the same color. He has knocked furniture over in his wild chase games which my brother Pepsea and I sit and look at him like he is nuts. Over all he is learning service tasks, but he is a goof, but we love him. Well back to Coffee more later. We will start to show his training on line. We can't wait. So far Coffee knows down, sit, come (50%) of the time, leave it when cookie is on the floor. He does ring the bells on the door to go outside. So he is progressing. He does steal clothing items. We are teaching him tug and pick up toys to place in basket. We are teaching force retrieve training now. He has walked with walker and harness nicely. So he is learning. His down stays are 5 minutes to 7 minutes. He has to reach 30 minutes. I think there is hope. Mom said Coffee had a tape worm and why he ate her carpet. She is not worried about it she wanted new carpet anyway Coffee just made it come sooner but she is waiting until he is completely out of the puppy stage to recarpet. Probably the smartest move. She will save for it. I have loaded new photos of Coffee. He looked like me when I was young. Shep


Wow I'm becoming a father!

February 23rd 2010 8:16 am
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Well the blessed event is about to take place. My girl friend and I finally are getting together for a bundle of joy in about 68 days! "S" We are so happy. Mom will take a pick of the liter to go to service dog program and purchase one for Tim to have as well so we can show the little one. I can finally retire and enjoy watching my new little kid. My brother Pepsea is very jealous. I told him when he enters veterans things will happen for him as he is smart, bright, and a character with the looks. He has taught me so much and I'm forever grateful; but don't tell him that! Later Shep


Second Place!

January 31st 2010 7:02 am
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Hi Everyone!

I have been busy at the dog show. We had to do three days and not four days as Mom was off having IV's on Friday. We went to the Rock Finacial center this is the place where I escaped from my Mom as a puppy and the anxiety was such as I remembered that time running through the parking lot. Well, my handler helped ease my fears on Thursday. It was sad time for us three, me with my stress, Mom with electrolytes being off, broken toes, and aspiration pneumonia. My handler with headaches. So we went into the show with some rough spots. My ear wasn't doing it's thing as I had to keep it perk to hear my Mom's voice to make sure she was doing okay. That is a no no for the ring. I took a nice second to a huge kennel. Saturday it was the same thing my ear looked good and I still did a second place to the same dog and then Sunday my Mom had to run me against a dog from another huge kennel and naturally we took a second. I'm proud to come out with my 3 red ribbons. I just wish they were rosettes! Oh well that is life. Now I can be proud I have 6 first place ribbons blue, 3 reserve wins, and 4 second place wins which are red, and two 3rd place and one 4th place. I put as much emphasis on the first place, reserve wins as the 4th place. I just am never going to see a winner's dog or best of winners as Mom said "i'm just really lacking in the coat." The judges all seem to like me and say I'm a nice looking dog and some even smile when they see me! Like I'm glad Shep is still around going on 4 years into the show ring! I have had lots of people tell me my head piece is good and pretty. Collies are a head piece dog. Mine is almost perfect but because I come from a small loving home and not a huge kennel we don't get noticed much perhaps is what I'm trying to tell my Mom.

Mom came home and collapsed. My handler was in the hospital overnight so she couldn't show me and I had to rely on my Mom and naturally I was looking for love and not paying attention in the ring! 'S" I'm a character that is for sure!

After we got done in the show ring on Sunday we had to go to meet the collie breed and I had to put on my service hat and show the public collies can make good service dogs. Mom got a person from the collie club to video tape it and it turned out nice and now we have to figure out how to burn it to cd for the club. There were lots of collies in different colors, and the speaker did a nice job explaining about the breed of collie and how we give a loving expression.

I gave Mom that expression of rigor mortis in the van when on the way home from the dog show she said, "Shep I can't wait until the next dog show." Did I give her looks of death! She has to be kidding as sick as she is she needs the time off. Crazy girl Mom. She will go chasing ribbons regardless of how sick she is. She is telling me the show must go on regardless of how sick we are! No wonder my stomach is tied up in knotts. "S"

Okay we are back home and enjoying the quiet life of being a dog for a few more weeks. She is finally following doctor's orders. Keep everyone posted on my dog show adventures. Oh yes, my brother Pepsea was mad I didn't come home with a rosette he tried to divorce me and ignored me for 4 days and slept in opposite rooms. It was so noticeable. Then my brother had his birthday and we made up for the day we are talking now! Happy Paw prints Shep



September 8th 2009 5:08 pm
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Wow a lot has happened. We have lost our two beloved friends Blair who is a collie on my home page and Buck which is also on the page. We miss them dearly. We know that our neighbors dog gabby, mugzy, and my other siblings Pebbles and Brandywine will be playing over the rainbow bridge with them. Shane is without siblings right now and we are staying in touch to keep him company dispite the distance.

I have begun my dog show career and just holding my own. I think I have the show ring mastered. Mom thought I looked good on Saturday a few weeks ago and was on target and it was a close win. I was just nosed out due to the fluff of the coat. Lets see I have 6 first place wins, 3 reserve wins, 1 second, 1 third, and 1 fourth place wins. Mom wants me to get that winner's dog ribbon but it seems all I can come up with is a blue ribbon or a purple and white reserve win. Mom is happy just to have me in the ribbon score. She is just showing me for fun as someone said "I wasn't show quality." I guess I'm doing okay and must be show quality or I wouldn't come out with a ribbon right? We are going to venture out of all breed dog shows into the speciality world very soon as soon as one is in the area. I have come to realize I will never have a huge collie coat but that is okay I have a terrific headpiece and collies are a headpiece dog anyway. Just some judges don't realize that I guess and go for the coat thing. Nothing in the standard said Coat is full of fluff and hair spray. "S"

Well my brother Pepsea tried obedience and Mom's power chair clicked on in the area and he was history to go tend to her splitting on the judges. So that was short lived. He is not an obedience dog while he is a dedicated service dog 100%. My brother does give me a few tips also for the show ring. I personally think he doesn't want me to break his reserve record either.

On the family front, my Mom is breeding me to a wonderful girl Roxanne. We are just waiting for the time. She is a sable and white girl and we can't wait. She is obedience and frizbee dog. She does have some pedigree that should be okay for us to hook up. She is not into the confirmation ring but will become an obedience champion sometime in the near future. She is cute and I'm in love. Mom can't wait to see the liter and maybe have a pick of the liter. She is hoping for a nice female to show. She has a nice pedigree.

Well I must close for now. I have to tuck my Mom in bed she is just recovering from having her appendix removed on Friday. We were lucky not to loose my Mom. She had been rather sick with high fevers for some time and those seem to be doing better since she donated her appendix. She is still being evaluated for her enlarged spleen so she is not out of the woods yet.

More later




July 5th 2008 11:20 am
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Well Mom pulled it off after some nasty's at the club she was in were calling around telling people not to handle me or put my dog in the dog show. Probably because they liked my conformation and knew I would win paws down. She found a wonderful handler in the afghans who is stepping out and doing me in the show ring. We are blessed to have Candance. She has an 8 month old afghan she is also priming her second one. Her Mom owns it and it has a grandpa westminster winner. We are so blessed to know this Afghan as I'm sure it will go far in the ring. She is a beautiful afghan and has melted my heart and when we go to class she slips her paw in my crate for me to hold. We have to be separated to not have any little suprises.

My handler has faithfully taken me to classes every tuesday or thursday and handled me in conformation classes we are learning and trying very hard for her to make her proud of me. Mom tells me to bring lots of ribbons home for her board and shadow boxes. My Mom is into dog shows and used to handle before her spinal injury now she is having to find professional handlers that can handle a Collie like me as I have special needs from being abused. I have to be treated with TLC like my Mom who SPOILS me, is another thing! I will be embarking on Rally, obedience, and conformation with trying my paws at agility so I will do it all when I'm all done! I might try herding instinct too if the club do it around here or I will have to travel out west for that when we go.

I had my first break through in the car to pick up a cover blanket for my Mom and hand it to her as it was in the way and she couldn't get it out of the way to get her chair in the car. I'm not to work in public according to that Dalmatian I live with but what can I say I will help Mom now when he isn't around to help.

So I have been working on my service work as well but I find the show ring more interesting right now. I want to get that Major in the show ring and beat his little spots so I can tell Pepsea that Collies Rule!!!! Wait until I have my little ones. Oh yes, I'm off CH Twin Creek Golden Toubadour and CH Twin Creek Postscript and CH Twin Creeks Grand Masters. I also have CH Overland Celebrity and CH Overland Devotee and Hollyoak Midnight Misty G, and Overland Avanie, Karousol White Line Fever, and Wolf Manor Wolf Manor Quest for Fame. So I have some awsome pedigree. Mom tells me I'm a carbon copy of Ch Twin Creeks Grand Masters when she looks at him on line in photos. My Colors are perfect match and the face well it is carbon copy too.

Of course Mom says we will leave it up to the Judges now if I can get my ear just right. I still like to perk my one ear but it is glued for now until the first show in August. We are so happy to finally be doing something other then laying on the air conditioner being Air Lord as I'm keeping my coat in full Hair. I never blew my coat! Mom likes a cold house. LOL. So it works for me the Collie who is still growing his coat and making it long and flowing.

I'm so happy in my home and I'm so glad I was adopted by my Mom and out of that abused home where I was. Now I'm able to bloom. The handler that is handling me she just loves my happy go lucky personality. I still back away at cancer and she keeps telling me not to do that in the ring. I hope the judges are cancer free. Mom will have to find out before putting me in the ring or I might alert. Oh well what can I say I'm good at what I do.

Oh yes, the first few times at class I was confused why I had to stand nicely and walk around the ring with other dogs. I wanted to play now I'm becoming more focused. So I can say when I enter the ring in the next few months I will be ready to rock and roll. Later off to the ring to practice now.


Snow Day!

February 1st 2008 4:46 am
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Gosh I woke up to 4 inches of snow and it is coming down. My brother the Dalmatian loves the snow and so do I. Actually, Mom and I are sitting next to a fire with a cup of hot cocoa. I have my collie mug all ready to go for the cream she gives us two boys. Mom canceled her appointments today and is staying in. We were hoping for a snow mobile or a new dog sled this year so we could enjoy the snow. The old ones are just no good. LOL. Mom had to replace the battery on her car and it is dead this morning so AAA is coming to start it once again after the 1000 calls they have had. She is on the bottom of the list. Probably needs a starter. Mom was going to get out her old cross country skiis and try them out but she tore about 3 ligaments in her knee and ankle so she is gimping around. She is going to have MRI on the knee and maybe surgery. We could use that dog sled or snowmobile. Well my brother pulled her off the pavement into the grass and she didn't know there was a huge drop. opps. She inverted her ankle and her knee and ankle popped. The rest is history. She spent an evening in the ER but they didn't do anything but confirm she messed it up, nothing was broken, and to see the ortho.

My brother is standing out in the driveway looking to pick up a dog sled or snowmobile for Mom to get to her appointment. I can't wait till she tells him she isn't going. He can come in out of the snow and join us for a cup of hot cream in his own Dalmatian mug. Oh no what does my brother have a budwiser truck pulling up front! I can't believe him! He didn't get what we needed instead he flagged down that budwiser truck that was parked up in the parking lot. ARGH Leave it to the Dals to bring a budwiser truck to Mom they hate to work-Prima Donalds. LOL. I refuse to get in that thing to go to mom's appointment. I want to burn energy-the snow sled is my cup of cream. Ok off to drink my warm cream. (PS one of my neighbors works for the company) He is stopping by to shovel us out later. Shep


Well I'm left out again

January 3rd 2008 7:18 am
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Hey doggie friends, I need help on how to let my blonde owner know she needs to include me in the same things as my older brother. See my older brother Pepsea got a scratch on his cornea looking at the texas cows again with the bushes personally, I think his flu bug was getting him and there were no texas cows they were 40 feet down the road. But anyway, it probably was a rabbit with horns those artificial ones kids use on their dogs at the holidays. She took him to the vet and vet recommended dog glasses to keep the eye protected. So we went to two stores one was very far away and she got him a pair of dog doggles. However, she didn't get me a pair. I'm highly upset. Pepsea let me try his on and they looked nice on me, I want to look like my brother. See I do everything my brother does and I'm his little follower and he is my mentor. You know Collies have eye problems too (even though I'm considered normal eye) I need to protect my baby browns. "S" So anyway, my brother got my virus and he is on the mend and I took good care of him being his bedside doctor. I kissed him and checked on him frequently with getting my Mom away from her writings on the computer. LOL. No seriously, those doggles didn't fit me good and I would require a medium and they had small for the smaller toy dogs and large for Pepsea. Collies are hard to fit dogs for doggles. But I would make do. Oh wait, I hear mom calling my name in vein, perhaps, yes, she is taking me to get a pair of doggles she feels bad she left me out. Gosh, my pouting for the last three days must have worked! "S" Thanks dog friends for the advice. Gosh, now maybe I can get a red barron scarf to go with the doggles, what do you think, I would be pretty cool to catch a female don't you think. Can't leave that spotted wonder dog upstage me again, I have to upstage him sometime soon. It is wonderful having such a neat older brother that I get along with. But those humans well that is another story they can be totally a space cadet or totally blonde sometimes. "S"


Two days after Christmas

December 27th 2007 7:27 am
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Oh my I missing my playmate, I can't find him, oh there he is in the recliner getting ready from some sports to be put on the TV. Maybe he is too earily the crazy Dalmatian is always wanting Pistons, Lions, Red Wings, or Tigers on TV after all we both met two of the Pistons before, maybe why he is such a huge fan. My brother is upset with me as I'm stealing his Christmas toys, they are the spotted ones like the lion and rooster that make cool noises. My sheep don't make sheep noises so I took his toys to have those cool sounding ones. Maybe it is just my Collie behavior to have a pack to keep watch over. But he can't have his toys, they are all mine. He calls me the toy bandit. Darn now he wants to go outside I best leave my toys, I wish I could place them in a bag and carry them around so he wouldn't get them. Darn there goes that rooster again! I fell victim to that Dalmatian scam, Pepsea bring my rooster back. Well the snow is scant today so I can't toss him down in it and make him cold. It doesn't bother me I love it after all I have nice huge rough fur coat to live in and he has short fur and is such a pampered pooch. He has to have a coat on to go outside or he quivers and he won't stay out long. Me on the other hand, I ignore Mom's calls to come in and walk all over the yard just getting lost in the yard, snow, and thoughts of those cute dogs behind me and next to me and those texas long horns up the street. After all the more I'm out in the cold the more my coat gets thicker. LOL. I do like to give these human critters some issues like ignoring them to come when called from the back 40. I will come in on my own terms. Sometimes I just lay in the snow drifts and wait for other canines to come out and Mom will come out and bring me in at that point. She ruins the fun as I'm just warming my paws up under my nice fur and waiting and not cold at all. After all on the farm that is what we do while the sheep graze we lay and wait. I have it made in the shade. Well, my brother is not happy with me as I took all his good food from his diet. So we have to work on that issue. He is planning the next refrigerator raid when Mom leaves. I think I will have her take that scam artist with her. Oh yes, Mom finally got her good video camera to work she called the company and they got her on line. Too bad we didn't have that done months ago for the video was required. I don't know about these human critters. Oh well next time if there is one she might be ready. I will be more seasoned as I'm taking Lassie lessons any way from watching old videos of Lassie. Okay off to watch over my flock of new toys with no help from Pepsea. Hopefully, I can keep them safe from the spotted wonder dog.

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