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My Life by Wade

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The Puppy

June 14th 2007 7:31 am
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My mom brought home a puppy she found at Nana's house this weekend. She said he was walking down a country road, he was limping, skinny and scared. She says we're just fostering him until he finds a permanent home.

Now I know I had a foster mom and so did Lexie, they were great and we still see them from time to time. But my mom is MY mom (okay mine and Lexie's) and is not to be shared with anybody. And of course he's adorable, why wouldn't he be, he's only 3 months old.

I can't wait till he finds his own family and I can have mom to myself again.



I'm Free!!

February 26th 2007 8:21 am
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Finally I'm free and finished with my heart worm "quiet" time.

I went to the vet on Saturday and got my last shot (for the babies worms) and he said I had to be quiet for 24 hours and once that was finished I could be a dog again.

Sunday my folks worked in the backyard getting it in shape for the spring. I spent all day in the sun barking at the neighbors and playing with my sister. Mom played hurl a squrl with me, man was I glad to see that squrl.

Thanks for all your thoughts and wishes for my recovery. My mom really appreciated it, she was so scared for me. She didn't want me in a crate because it freaked me out so she took me to work with her everyday for 3 weeks. That way she could watch me and make sure I stayed quiet. It was a lot of fun because I got mom all to myself for a change. We walked around the building 3 times a day, she shared her lunch with me every afternoon and I met some neat people. She says now that I'm better she'll bring me back on a pretty day so we can go to the dog park down the street. We live 30 miles away from mom's office so I haven't gotten to go to this park before, I can't wait.

See ya!!


The Saga Continues

January 25th 2007 7:23 am
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This Wade's Mom: I dropped Wade off at the vet's office yesterday morning for his heartworm treatment. When I called in the afternoon they said he was doing fine. It broke my heart to have to leave him but the staff there just adore him so I know he's getting lots of love and cuddles. I should be able to pick him up on my way home from work tonight. I know Lexie really missed him last night and couldn't understand why he left with me but didn't come home with me. She cried and cried and searched all over for him.

The good news is my boss will let him come to work with me while he's in the "quiet" stage. He won't be able to come every single day but he'll be here a lot.

Thanks for all your well wishes and blessings.

Wade's Mom!


Bad day at the Vet

January 8th 2007 7:16 am
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Mom took me to the vet on Saturday, for a couple of reasons. First off I didn't feel well. But also because Mom was afraid she missed giving me a heartguard a couple of months ago and it really bothered her so she wanted to have me tested.

Well first off I have bronchitis, it's not the first time I've had it and with the shots I got and the medicine they sent home I'm feeling a better and the huffing noise I was making has stopped.

The really bad news is the heartworm test was positive. The vet's office is sending more blood out for a second opinion, we'll know something in a week. My mom was upset at the vet's office and I wanted to go to her but they had me on the table and wouldn't let me down. They had to take more blood and give me shots and all. When we got home and mom told dad about what happened she started crying. Dad, Lexie, Callie and I tried to comfort her and let her know that we knew it didn't happen on purpose. Besides it could be a false positive, I tested positive for over a year after I was treated the first time when the Baytown Humane Society found me. Dad explained that what is so hurtful for Mom is that I've had heartworms before and she worked so hard to keep me healthy and safe. She's really upset that I will have to have the treatment again and she says it's her fault.

Keep us in your thoughts and I'll keep you updated on the results.


Christmas Sucks?

December 20th 2006 2:30 pm
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Okay I know the Christmas holidays are supposed to be alot of fun but I'm not so sure I agree. My mom and dad have been working alot and it's dark when they leave for work and when they come home. They're both very tired when they get here so they go to bed early and sleep late on the weekends. I on the other hand am full of piss and vigor and as a result I'm bored bored bored. I woke mom up this morning with a yip at 4am. She thought it was raining so she got up to comfort me, (I'm afraid of rain). But it wasn't raining I just wanted to play considering the time she wasn't very happy about it.

There is good news though, mom will be off all next week. She says that's the reason she's working so many hours lately, so all her work is done by this Friday. She's promised Lexie and I that we will play everyday and go to the school to run. She's even promised a special Christmas dinner for Lexie, Callie and I. There's something in our stockings too I can't tell what it is though, I can't wait to find out.

So let me say Merry Christmas to all our doggie and kitty friends from Lexie, Wade and Callie!!!


Fall Is Here!!!

October 20th 2006 6:29 am
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This morning mom opened up the patio door and called me outside. This is very unusual behaviour for her and I was intrigued. When I got outside I realized that it's was cool, I mean really cool. Fall had finally gotten here. Mom said it was coming but I didn't believe her, all I've seen lately is rain and storms, and you know I don't do well when it rains. But I do love the cold weather so maybe all the anxiety was worth it. Woo Hoo can't wait to go to the school to run and play this Sunday it's going to be great.

Happy to be chilly,


Mom has lost her mind!!!

August 18th 2006 8:00 am
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It's true, she's lost her mind. Doctor said I was getting too fat. Mom was also tired of our begging everynight. So she put her foot down! New rules; no more people food during the week, we now get fed once a day and we have to eat "good for you" food. YUCK! Because of her dad only gives us milk bones in the morning, no more fatty soft treats.

Mom says she's really excited by our progress and our health has improved but dang it I want gravy!!

The good news is we will be allowed people food on Saturdays and I saw Mom put a hunk of steak in the freezer for us.

It's not fair!


My Tail of Devotion for Wade

July 13th 2006 6:15 am
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Wade I just wanted you to know how lucky we are that you came into our lives. When I saw your initial email you looked so sad it broke my heart. I called Daddy that morning and told him about you and that I was going to send money to help with your bills. By the time daddy came to pick me up from work that day I had decided that we had to adopt you. And we did, made all the arrangements without even having met you. I just knew in my heart you were the one.

Since you've come to live with us you've blossomed into such an amazing dog. You were playful and sweet when you first came home but you were also a little standoffish. You would stay on your couch and just watch when we snuggled with Lexie. After 2 years you've become protective, mischevious and happy all the time. You've also learned that love is the greatest thing ever. You never gave kisses when you first came home now I get kisses all the time. You no longer stay on your couch and watch but make sure there is room for you and Lexie for snuggling. You're so handsome and I'm very proud of you.

Love Mom

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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May 9th 2006 6:45 am
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My folks took me camping over the weekend. Still not sure how I feel about it tho. There were some very cool things, hiking, walking around the lake and playing in the water. But there were bad things too, thunderstorms, bugs, the lady that said I wasn't allowed on the beach. Mom brought me home a little earlier than planned, my back leg bothering me and I needed a bath, (or so my mom thought). I didn't agree with the bath stuff and wasn't very good in the tub, I accidently head butted her and busted her in the mouth, lots of blood and bad words, but she knew it was an accident and she wasn't mad.

I'm terrified of rain and thunder and both nights there was a thunderstorm. The storm on Saturday was really bad, even my mom was a little worried about it. The rain lasted into the morning so we all had to pee in the rain. Course mom and dad had ponchos to keep them dry, but I got the last laugh when I came back in the tent and plopped my damp self on the bed.

Mom accidently picked up a frog, it was dark and she was reaching for the zipper pull, she squeeled and jumped around and dad and I laughed, a lot.

Over all I did have fun, it's a beautiful lake with great hiking trails and nice people to meet. I also got to eat stuff I don't usually get like bacon and eggs, hot dogs and pieces of steak and chicken straight off the grill. I was glad to get home, Lexie was at the babysitter because she hates camping and I really missed her.



April 7th 2006 8:12 am
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Hurl-A-Squrl, Hurl-A-Squrl, Hurl-A-Squrl, Hurl-A-Squrl!!!! Have you seen one of these? Oh my goodness this is the greatest thing ever! My mom bought it for me yesterday. I like playing with frisbees but I tend to chew them up and that's not good, so mom found this for me. It's mine all mine, I'm not letting anyone play with it.

Thanks Mom!!

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