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My Tail of Devotion for ★Tucker★

June 20th 2008 10:02 am
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Today for some reason I have a strong feeling I need to write my tail of devotion to you my boy! I am not even sure where to begin so I will start from the very beginning!! Tucker this is dedicated to you and all you have given me and our family.

It all began with Bailee, your dad and I decided we wanted a litter from her and on June 15th 1996 she gave birth to 3 girls and 2 boys, sadly your brother did not make it. You were the second to be born I will never forget this moment, I had to assist when you came, you were so big I thought there was two puppies coming! I remember having to clean off your cute little face and help get your lungs clear so you could take your first breathe, what an amazing process to be apart of. I feel you and I have a very special bond because of that moment.

Watching you grow up was so fun you were such a goofy boy and such a brat!! When we would take you and Bailee on walks to the park, all the way there you would harass your mom and you two would have so much fun chasing squirrels in the park, playing in the river even though you did not like to swim!! Taking you to the barn was always fun to watch you to, our horses knew when you got there it was time to run!!

There are so many fun memories and some that are not so fun, but I would not trade them for anything in the world, you are the most amazing dog and I am blessed to have you in my life, your so loving you know when I am sad and you know just how to cheer me up, you are so funny, smart, and just a sweet heart. Even though you would never hurt a flea I always feel safe knowing your around, now that you have hit your senior years I cant help but feel a bit sad and happy all at the same time! You have overcome odds just being the age your are, and this may be selfish but I hope for another birthday to roll around for you!!

There are no words really to express my gratitude and thanks for being such a special part of our lives and bringing so much joy, happiness and unconditional love to every person that has ever known you, you have touched so many hearts, but you stole mine the minute I saw you, I knew the moment you took your first breathe that you were going to be something special and every day since you have done nothing but prove that you are very special.

So in closing my sweet boy, always know mommy loves you and the bond we share will never be broken, your my boy nothing can ever change that, thank you for making my life so rich, I love you Tucker Man ♥

With so much love,
Mom & Dad

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