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My first video

February 26th 2007 6:06 pm
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Abbie and I got to play for a long time in the yard with mommy after dinner. Mommy took a short video with us chasing each other all over the yard. She posted the video on our pages. Charlie can be heard barking in the background. Charlie’s arthritis is still bad so he did not feel like running with us today.


I was a bad boy today.

February 25th 2007 5:49 pm
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Today Abbie and I got to stay outside a long time while mommy went to church and shopping. While she was gone Abbie and I dug a hole in yard. The evidence was on our muddy paws. Mommy was very upset with us. At least I did not have to a full bath.

Tonight for dinner, I kind of made a mess. It was Abbie fault! She got a bowl of food down from the counter and put it on the floor. I saw my chance and I picked up the bowl and ran with it. The food was coming out the bowl and there was food all over the house. At least I got a little bit of the food.


It was windy today.

February 24th 2007 6:32 pm
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Today it was very windy outside so I did not get to play outside much. I did tear up a lot of trash that was in the yard, hehehe. I love tearing up things. I got to take a long nap with Mommy and Charlie. Charlie is not feeling good and mommy will not let me bother him today. I did get to play with Abbie some.


I am upset with mommy.

February 23rd 2007 8:06 pm
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Today I spent most of the day in the crate, because mommy had to go somewhere after work. I am really upset at mommy. After she got home tonight she gave me some extra treats. She told me that she felt so bad that I had to spend so much time in the crate. I told me that she just does not trust me yet.


More Squeaky Toys Please!

February 22nd 2007 7:36 pm
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I have almost independently destroyed all the squeaky toys in the house. Mommy keeps finding more destroyed toys that I have hidden, hehehe. We don’t have very many left so mommy is going to have buy some Toto proof squeaky toys for me to destroyed.


How many squeaky toys can you destroy in an evening?

February 21st 2007 8:54 pm
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I destroyed another six tonight. Mommy is really upset with me. We are almost out of squeaky toys. Mommy told me she will buy some more on payday, but they will they be kind that I can’t destroy. At least she hopes so, hehehe


Tonight I was a sneaky boy.

February 20th 2007 6:26 pm
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The door to the closet was opened and I sneaked into the closet and found a stash of squeaky toys to destroy. I took the squeaker out of a dozen squeaky toys, hehehe. Mommy walked into the closet and for some reason she knew that I was the guilty one. I guess the fact that I had a couple of the toys in my crate that were destroyed gave me away.


Mean Abbie!

February 19th 2007 4:09 pm
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Today mommy was off from work and we got to play in the yard a long time today. Mommy got to play with us some outside. Abbie kept trying to grab me and throw me down on the ground and get on top of me. It is a good thing that I can jump really high. Most of the time, I can get out of Abbie’s way.

Tonight Abbie got my dinner, bummer and mommy had to make me some more. Mean Abbie!


My first mud bath.

February 18th 2007 4:22 pm
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Today, mommy let Abbie and me stay outside while she was at church Abbie taught me how to roll in the mud. Mommy came home from church and she was not happy with me. I got a bath this afternoon. A bath was not in my plans today. Abbie got a wipe down. Something is not fair with that. Mommy did not get a picture of me in all my mud glory. She did not want mud all over the house.

This afternoon, mommy made some home cooking for dinner and I got a bowl of food just for me. I had to make sure it stayed that way. Charlie is ways trying to steal my food.


Today was a great day.

February 17th 2007 3:34 pm
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Abbie and Charlie wanted to stay outside to play and I stayed inside with mommy. Wow! I had her all to myself. I took a long nap with her and I got some snacks all by myself. I had to do some tricks to get the snacks. I am learning more tricks everyday.

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