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Buddha the big cute boy!

Rich tastes

August 25th 2009 9:57 pm
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Buddha is this big 100 pound sweet boy that thinks he is a 5 pound lap dog. The funny thing with Buddha is he has rich tastes. He only likes bully other chew item is good enough except maybe for an ox tail. Bully sticks are the most expensive so of course that's what he likes. Also Buddha only likes sleeping next to the Steinway piano...........he is the only one who will go in the "piano" room and lay down next to the piano. I told Buddha that there are not that many big eared malamute/husky boys that get to do that. :)



April 27th 2009 10:18 pm
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Went on my weekend hike in the mountains and all of a sudden I did a flying leap into the lower branches of a tree.......guess what I snagged a blue bird. Once it got in my crushing jaws it let out a screech and it was a goner. I got a wild eyed look and was full of adrenaline........I dropped it in all of the mayhem and Steinway grabbed it. On the way home mom was sure Steinway had dropped it but when we got home she had stuffed it into her cheek and was saving it till she got home. Mom mad her run and she dropped it trying to catch her breath. I don't understand why we couldn't keep the spoils of the kill.


Hot Spot

October 4th 2007 11:57 am
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Buddha somehow hurt the top of his paw on his hike in the mountains. He decided to lick and lick and lick his paw. Poor boy.....he knew this was against the law and I would tell him not to lick and he would sneak and try to lick his paw when I wasn't looking. Soooooo we went to the vet and she put medicine on it and wrapped his big old leg up like a ballerina. An e collar was not an option because Buddha would not have been able to go thru the doggie door. He was so cute with his ballerina paw. Some mornings I would find wrapping spread all over the yard and then he would patiently lay down and I would re-wrap him. He decided this was a big game and this wrapping twice daily went on for over a week!
He is all furry and healed now and I just love him!


Big boy

May 27th 2007 12:47 pm
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Buddha is such a joy! He is the biggest but the most submissive. Boz (his dad) is his mentor. It's so cute because Boz is the alpha and cranky and Buddha just follows him around. Buddha could beat Boz up in a minute but that just never occurs to him. I love my sweet big boy!

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