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The wild adventures of a better-than-perfect dog!

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Still kickin' it!

April 18th 2014 4:28 pm
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Hi pups!

Mom was googling something and found a Maltese forum where someone was checking to see whether I'm still around. I sure am! I will be 14 people years in July. I'm definitely an elder dog now. I'm retired from my pet therapy work, and mom gives me a lot of rides around the house. It's a bit harder for me to get around the house these days, but I still have all my attitude, a great appetite (they don't feed us enough around here...really...twice a day???), and I'm still king of the mountain with all of the other dogs. This rather ticks off my brother Baxter, which I kinda like. By the way, he went to the vet today for his shots today and I didn't have to go. HA.

I don't use my cart as much anymore, as even my one front leg is weak from all the work. Twice in the last 2 years I had an ACL tear in my back leg, and that was the pits. But I came around within a week. The vet said little dogs don't usually require surgery like the big dogs. She was right. She said I got the tears from pushing so hard with my back legs to propel myself forward.

I still go camping in the summers and get the Alpha spot in mom's bed.

Thanks for caring!



Who are your heroes?

June 13th 2009 5:29 am
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Mom says I am hers, and I'm on Petfinder's site!

Awwwwwwwwwwwww, Mama!




I'm in another book!

January 11th 2009 11:17 am
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Yaaaaaaaaaaahoodles! Check it out!! Mom sent in my picture to Petfinder so that I might possibly be chosen as one of the dogs on the Animal Rescue Site's cover page one day. Instead, check out what happened!


Hi Donna,
Gizmo's fame spreads! His photo is among those that we featured in our new Petfinder book: The Adopted Dog Bible. It's coming out soon. In the preliminary galley proofs, his picture was on p.383, although that might have changed. Here's a URL to a Web site announcing the book. ercom_The_Adopted_Dog_Bible/index.aspx

Thanks so much for sharing that cute little guy's photo with us to encourage others to do what they can for their pets.



::::Snoopy Dance!::::



Marley & Me author now has a special needs dog!

December 31st 2008 7:17 am
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If y'all were as swept away as my mom was with the funny and heartwarming story of "Marley & Me" by the talented author, John Grogan, you will be happy to hear that he has a new puppy that was adopted from the set of the movie. Unbenownst to him, this dog was a special needs dog, sorta like me! Yep, it's his legs!

We know that Mr. Grogan and his family are is about to embark on the most remarkable journey of their lives and that Woodson (this beautiful dog's name) will teach him more lessons than any human ever possibly could have. We hope someday there will be a book about the amazing Woodson as well. The sky is the limit with Woodson!

See Mr. Grogan's blog here with a picture of his sweet new addition:

Hugs to little Woodson (um, who is bigger than me already), across the miles.



A new little Gizzman joins Dogster

October 6th 2008 1:13 pm
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I hope you all can help me welcome L'il Joe...he's a little bitty baby Maltese who just joined Dogster. He is just like me! He's a 3-legged Maltese male born with no front leg on one side!

Please send him lots of warm Dogster welcomes!

L'il Joe's shiney new Dogster page:

Welcome to the world, little one!

Your new pal,
Gizzman from Connecticut


I met Buttercuppy's mom & dad!

August 3rd 2008 1:32 pm
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Yes! I met my fiancee's mom and dad! We went mountain climbing and they came all the way to Connecticut from Maryland! We went up to the top of Talcott Tower Mountain (our first time!), and we got to watch hang gliders jump off the side of the mountain into the air!!! I had to close my eyes when he jumped!


But the really big fireworks for me happened when I saw a big pressie Buttercuppy's mom brought for me. It was in gold wrapping paper with a big fancy white bow. Momma opened it...and it was an amazing water color picture!! OMD, it is so pawfect! Me and mom couldn't believe our eyes. It is one of the most amazing gifts we've ever received. Thank you, SO much, Buttercuppy's mom. I got all tingly when I saw it. It was me! Little ole me! And it is just pawfect in every way!


Mom can't WAIT to hang it up on our wall.

We had a wonderful day walking on the mountain trails. My sister Cindy Lou Who came along, too. She's pooped and sleeping right now after all the walking. Me --- I got to woof at everyone that went by in momma's carrier so I had the easy route, BOL. But I did protect her from all the doggies and people who approached. WOOF! Big 10 pound Maltese Monster.

We thank Buttercup's pawrents for coming to visit us and for spending the day with us. We missed seeing Buttercup. She couldn't come because traveling is hard for her and bothers her belly, but we send our love, and I picked out a little something for her to open when she got home.

MWAH!! (That's a kiss for my Buttercuppy)

Wags from one lucky dog,



OMD! I'm in Animal Wellness Magazine!

August 2nd 2008 12:03 pm
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:::Snoopy Dance!:::

I'm SO pawcited! I am in one of my very favorite magazines this month, Animal Wellness Magazine!

The article is called "Dogs on Wheels," and I'm featured along with another wheelie dog named Simon. There's my mug shining back at me right on page 75! Wooo-hooo!

:::take a bow:::

I feel very special today! Momma, I think I should have lobster tonight. (grin)

Juuuuuuuuuust kidding.

The ever-humble, Giz
(Can you at least get Baxter off my new quilt, mom?)


I'm in Animal Wellness Magazine!

July 30th 2008 7:06 pm
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Oh my dogness! Oh my dogness!

Thanks to Jazz, Shay, and Sophie, we just got a red alert notice that there is an article about me in Animal Wellness Magazine! It's the August/September 08 issue (Volume 10, issue 4, but who's counting, right?).

The name of the article is:
Dogs on wheels
How two dogs have transformed lives with their "disabilities"

Wooooo hooooo! Mom got to speak to the reporter about 4 months ago, and she had mentioned that it takes several months before the article would be in print, as they prepare waaay in advance!

I'se so pawcited! Our issue hasn't arrived yet, so mom is getting an extra digital copy downloaded from

Animal Wellness Magazine's
way cool website!

I'm sooo pawcited! Thanks Jazz, Shay and Sophie for letting me know!

Your pal,


Beach man!!!

July 25th 2008 5:10 pm
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Oh what fun!
We went camping at the beach for 2 weeks....dogs are allowed! I got some fun in the sun! I even have freckles on my belly to prove it!

Babybear came down from Maine to visit with me! He has a stroller, too, so we went strolling in between breaks in the air-conditioned camper (okay, we don't REALLY rough it). We got to meet a pirate and have lots of fun together! Babybear is doing great after his surgery. The scar is nearly healed, and the dogtor wants him to get a little exercise. His mom was very gentle with him and we didn't use our wheels, but we had lots of smiles!!! The buzz is that he might be starting some water therapy soon. Dogtor's orders. Pawsome!!!

Ah, life is good.



Today I'm 8! And 8 is Grrrrrrrrrrreat!

July 3rd 2008 5:25 am
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Yaaayyyy! It's my bark-day today! I'm 8 years old, which mom says is like a mature gentleman in people years, but still young at heart. Don't I know it!

And now with my shiny new teeth, polished to a high spit-shine, she says I look like Joe Hollywood! Well, Jack-O-Lantern style, BOL!

Tonight I get my special birthday cake concoction, which is a birthday cake made out of 2 round, flat meatloaves, put together with frosting in the middle (whipped potatoes). Yeeeeeeeee-haw!

Heck, If I'm feeling right ,I might even share with my brother and sisters. Maybe.

I love birthdays! Zippity doo dah!


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