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My sweet and wonderful big boy Merlin

July 8th 2012 3:57 am
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Good afternoon my lovely and handsome boy.

Its a bit of a nothing day today, misty rain and a bit of wind but not too cold, knowing you I suppose you would want to go out and play.. You always had that "MERLIN WANNA PLAY, MERLIN WANNA PLAY," look on your face. You never did grow out of puppy hood, you always was one big puppy and I was so pleased you were. Poor old Bella is getting more and more grumpy everyday, Molly only has to walk past Bella and Bella snaps at her. Molly looks at her as if to say, "What's your problem???"

Molly has started your old trick of "talking" to a piece of wood or stone. I remember so clearly how you use to help your mum by "talking" to the bush she had cut down and making that silly high pitch bark of yours. Your mum would come inside the house all grumpy and say, "YOUR DOG IS DRIVING ME NUTS WITH HIS DAFT BARK." I always found it so amusing, I bet the neighbours didn't though. You would spend ages "talking" to a rock and rolling it over and over. You always and I mean always had me laughing Merlin, I couldn't have wished for a better boy then you. You always was perfect to me and always will be.

Time to go play my boy and have some fun with your buddies.

I love you more then I can ever tell you Merlin, and I miss you so much.

Your ever loving Daddy.


Good morning my sweet and wonderful big boy.

July 7th 2012 12:09 am
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Good morning Merlin, hows my lovely boy today?

The other day Molly was so naughty, I let her off the lead so she could run around on the property. She was having a really lovely time until it was time to come indoors, she would not come when she was called. I chased her all over the property and getting more annoyed by the minute. The only way I could lure her indoors was to rattle the dog bowls, Spud came running expecting his dinner so I gave him a few treats, closely followed by Molly. She expected the same treats as Spud, I shook my head and told her "NO" she's been naughty, I wouldn't let her sleep on my bed. She knew she was in the dog house. Yesterday she was entirely different, she behaved herself. When she behaves she is really a lovely girl, but when she gets it into her head to misbehave she can be a nightmare.

I never had problems with you Merlin, yes you were naughty at times, but that was simply puppy mischief. You always followed me everywhere I went, we would go for walks on the property together, you were always there by my side or running after me with what I can only describe as a "smile" on your face. I really miss those days Merlin.

Time to go play my lovely boy and have some fun.

I do love you so much Merlin, and I always will.

Your ever loving Daddy.


Good morning my sweet and wonderful big boy.

July 6th 2012 12:39 am
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Good morning my loveable big boy.

You have been a very lucky boy again, you have been given a beautiful blue rosette and a beautiful star from Scarlett, Elise and Anya. To the Scarlett, Elise and Anya family, thank you so much for your wonderful kindness to Merlin and myself.

You have always made me so proud of you Merlin, you have touched so many wonderful families hearts, you are so special to me Merlin and will be for ever.

Do you remember when you got hold of the irrigation pipe and tried to pull it out of the ground, you pulled and pulled then your mum came running out of the house with a broom in her hands? The look on your face nearly had me falling over with laughter, it was a "OH HECK, TIME TO RUN!" sort of look. Your mum walked past me mumbling glared at me and said "YOUR DOG" then became speechless. I still laugh about that, honestly Merlin, you always had the ability to make me laugh.

Time to go play my wonderful boy and have some fun.

Never forget these words Merlin, "I love you Merlin so much, there will never be a so special boy like you again in my life."

Your ever loving Daddy


Good morning my sweet and wonderful big boy.

July 5th 2012 12:24 am
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Good morning Merlin my boy.

Its a very cold day today, very fresh, but there's not a cloud in the sky and there's no wind. It would be a great play day Merlin, as long as you kept running around to keep warm.

Last night was so cold, I had to get up at about 3:30 this morning and it was absolutely freezing. I was so glad to get back into bed and get warm again.

I told your mum it was just like when I was on my last RAF station at Hendon, we lived in old wooden barracks that dated from WW1. When I woke up in the morning there was ice on the inside of the windows! Not quite as bad as that here, but still cold my boy.

I've often wondered how you would have handled the snow in the UK Merlin, I think you would have had a fantastic time running and jumping around in it. You know what though Merlin, it wouldn't matter where we were, as long as we were together, you by my side, the best friend I have ever had and will ever have. we made a good team didn't we Merlin?

Time for you to go play my lovely and amazing boy. Enjoy yourself.

I love you so much Merlin, you are in my mind every single day.

Your ever loving Daddy.


Good morning my sweet and wonderful big boy.

July 4th 2012 12:19 am
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Good morning Merlin, hows my bestest boy today?

I think of you every morning I wake up, today I woke up and smiled when I remembered when Spud pulled your tail. The look on your face was so funny, you looked as if to say, "HOW DARE HE PULL MY TAIL???????" Then you ran after him, the way he was running, I think Spud was running for his life.

This morning Molly woke your mum up at 5am by sticking her cold wet nose against your mums nose, then Molly woke me up by jumping on my head and licking me. I thought the house was falling in on me. Molly is still full of mischief, her energy seems boundless. I don't want to wish her life away, but I will be really glad when she calms down. Her colouring is very odd at the moment, I have no idea what her final colouring is going to be. At the moment she looks like a colour chart for GSD's. She's got black, tan, red and I am sure there's a fawn colour in there and brown at the bottom of her ears.

Your colouring Merlin is absolute perfection, you always looked so handsome, proud and majestic. I can still see you in my minds eye standing atop that little hill by the fence looking so proud and commanding.

Oh dear my granddaughter is really creating a right racket, she's screaming the house down.

Time to go play my boy and have some great fun. Don't forget to keep my place for me for when I get there.

I love you so much Merlin, I will never ever forget you.

Your ever loving Daddy


Good morning my sweet and wonderful big boy.

July 3rd 2012 12:14 am
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Hello Merlin, hows my special today?

Its a nice clear sunny day today, not too cold in the shade, but quite warm in the sun and thankfully no wind. I reckon you would play and play until you were all puffed out and came indoors for a bit of a rest.

Remember how you and Spud use to grab the end of a stick and try and pull each other around? I was so surprised the other day when Molly was actually pulling Spud along, Spud tried to pull her, but she was too strong for him. She really is a very strong little girl, I dread to think what she is going to be like when she if fully grown.

I remember so clearly trying to get into bed at night and trying to get you to either move over or get off my bed so I could get in. You pretended to be asleep, then when that didn't work you kept giving me your paw. Oh boy Merlin, you always made me laugh. Especially when I had to push you off and you gave me a really dirty look as you walked away. When my granddaughter MIA gets older I am going to tell her so much about you and show her your photographs and tell her that you are the best dog in the world and my bestest friend ever.

Time to go play and have some fun my special boy.

I do love you so much Merlin.

Your ever loving Daddy.


Myy sweet and wonderful big boy.

July 2nd 2012 12:08 am
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Good morning Merlin my handsome boy.

I really miss you so much my boy, I miss the fun and games we had together, you always was the best friend I ever had and will ever have. I remember your wonderful face first think in the morning when I woke up, you were there beside my bed waiting to say "Good morning." First thing I'd do is give you a cuddle and kiss your beautiful head. I am a little sad today, I know you don't want me to be sad Merlin, but if I didn't love you I wouldn't be sad. There will be some sad days my boy and other days will be better, that's just natural. I know without a doubt that you loved me too, your love, loyalty and devotion was without condition, as I said, you are the best friend I have ever had or ever will have.

It's a bit of a strange day today, very overcast, fairly warm but no wind or rain, a good playing day and we all know how much you loved to play.

Time to go play Merlin and have some fun with your buddies, I wish I were there to play with you. One day my boy.

I do love you so much Merlin

Your ever loving Daddy


My wonderful and handsome big boy Merlin

July 1st 2012 3:55 am
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Good afternoon my lovely boy, how are you today?

It's a beautiful day today, nice and warm and sunny with no wind and not a cloud in the sky. I tried catching up on some sleep this morning, but Molly kept jumping up and bouncing off of me, in the end I gave up. Instead I helped your mum repair a leak in her Land Rover sun roof, typical Land Rover they let water in and leak oil out!

I let all the dogs out to play today as it is so nice, Spud, Bella and Hobo had to spoil it by going bonkers at the dogs next door, the only one who behaved and didn't get involved was Molly. Needless to say the three older dogs know they are in the dog house.

I often think of when you were a baby, oh boy Merlin you were so cute and sweet and you attracted attention everywhere you went. Even when the vet saw you for the first time he said "Awwwwwwwwwwwwww what a beautiful little boy." You always made me so proud of you Merlin, always.

Time for you to go play my beautiful boy and have some fun with your buddies.

I love you my special boy and I miss you so much.

Your ever loving Daddy.


My wonderful and amazing big boy Merlin

June 30th 2012 12:48 am
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Good morning my lovely boy, I bet you have been having lots of fun and games with your buddies.

It's not too bad today, it was raining earlier but it seems to have stopped for now. It's very overcast and there is a light wind, so I don't know if it will blow over.

I made a big mistake yesterday, I let Molly off the lead with the result she ignored me when I called her, if I tried to get near her she would run off. She was having too much fun with Spud play fighting, despite the fact he hurts her. What amazes me, in the house she wont leave my side, she follows me everywhere, yet outside she is a totally different little girl. Although what did make me laugh, Molly had one end of a stick and Spud had the other (just like you and Spud use to do), and Molly was pulling Spud all over the place, Spud tried to pull her but couldn't. I was amazed! That little girl has got so much strength.

I had no problems with you whatsoever Merlin, you were a brilliant puppy, you always did as you were told, you came running when I called. I really wish Molly took after you.

Time to go play my wonderful and handsome boy with your buddies.

Don't ever forget just how much I love you Merlin, my love for you will never die...............ever.

Your ever loving Daddy


My sweet and wonderful big boy Merlin

June 28th 2012 11:32 pm
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Good morning my handsome big boy Merlin.

Its quite a nice day today, well not too cold, no wind but it is very overcast, it will either rain or clear up and be nice and sunny like it was yesterday.

I had to go out for a while yesterday, Molly looked so sad as I left, it was the exact same look that you gave me when I left you at home to go somewhere. I was only away for a couple of hours, but when I got home it was like I had been away years. Molly came bounding up to the gate all beside herself with excitement. Melissa had to take her indoors in case I ran her over with the car. I remember all too well when you came bounding up and nearly knocking me over when I came home, you was so happy to see me and believe me Merlin I was so happy to see you. Although do you remember the time I called you and you came running up and hit me behind the knee's and I ended up on my back???? I remember shouting "MERLIN YOU BIG GREAT OAF!!!" You looked at me as if to say "OPPS" and high tailed it. When you FINALLY came indoors you looked very sheepish and came creeping up to me with your ears back. What else could I do but give you a big hug and forgive you? I'd forgive you anything Merlin, you are after all my perfect boy.

Time to go play and have some fun Merlin with your buddies.

I do love you so much my sweet and wonderful boy.

Your ever loving Daddy.

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