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Good morning my big wonderful special boy.

June 2nd 2012 1:09 am
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Hello my boy. You know Merlin I miss you so much, I miss you standing beside my bed waiting for me to wake up, then when I did you would come over to me to say good morning, you always made my day better and brighter.

I remember one day I told you off, you had gotten in my way as I was trying to get past you to do something that was very urgent, I then shouted at you to get out of the way. The look on your face broke my heart, it really looked like you were crying, I had never ever shouted at you before. I bent down to cuddle you saying "I'm so sorry Merlin, I'm so sorry," I kept saying it over and over, I was nearly in tears that I had hurt your feelings. I never shouted at you again Merlin. How I wish I could take that back my boy, but I really didn't mean it. You will always be that one in a lifetime boy in my life, I know I will never get another boy like you again. When my dad died I didn't cry, but when you crossed the bridge it really broke my heart, I cried for days and I am not ashamed to admit it. Your love, devotion and loyalty to me was total and so special. Why did I cry for you and not my dad? Well he had lived a long life, yours was far too short, your time was taken away from you and I don't know why, you had done nothing wrong Merlin.

I love you so much my boy, please never forget that.

Your ever loving Daddy



June 1st 2012 12:05 am
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Sorry for shouting my boy, I wanted to make sure you were awake.

Its a really lovely day today, not a cloud in the sky and very little wind and not too cool. I know you would love it and I know you would run and run and run.

Contractors are repairing the road alongside the property, all the dogs are going bonkers even Molly is putting her two cents in. I can't keep them locked in the house all day, it wouldn't be fair.

Bella is really getting grumpy in her old age, Spud tries to get her to play as I have told you before, she really doesn't want to know. All she wants to do is lay in the sun on her back and relax, but Spud won't leave her alone. The times I have chased Spud off. He's nearly three years old, he should be growing out of his nonsense by now, I am REALLY waiting for Molly to put him in his place. The vet said she is going to be a big girl, she reckons Molly is going to weigh about 50 Kgs when she is fully grown. I'd love to see Spud try and knock her over then.

Time to go play my lovely boy with your buddies.

I love you so much

Your ever loving Daddy.


Good morning my big wonderful special boy.

May 31st 2012 1:23 am
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Hello my lovely boy, its a lovely day again today, your kind of day.

Something very strange happened last week and again yesterday. Earlier in the week I became aware that the front door was open, I asked my daughter why she had left the front door wide open, she said she didn't. I half believed her, then yesterday Spud was outside playing and I know for a fact I closed the door, when Spud came running in and went to the water bowl. It couldn't have been Melissa who let him in, because she was out. I can only conclude Spud had somehow managed to open the front door! That boy is getting too clever!

When I gave you a cuddle Spud became very jealous, which led to a lot of growling from you as he tried to push you out of the way. He hasn't changed much, if Molly wants a cuddle or petting, Spud gets very jealous and very vocal. Although you use to get very jealous too if I gave Spud a cuddle and you would try to push him out of the way, as if to say, "He's MY Daddy." I did love putting my arms around your massive neck and kissing you on the head, my special boy Merlin.

Time to go play my boy and have some fun.

I will love you forever Merlin, you can be sure of that.

Your ever loving Daddy


Wakey wakey Merlin, time to wake up

May 30th 2012 12:35 am
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Good morning my wonderful boy, its a good day for playing, overcast but not cold and no wind perfect for running around like a mad thing.

The nights are pretty cold now, so cold I have two duvet's on my bed, I really don't like winter. If I remember correctly, neither did you.

Melissa's baby Mia is just over a week old, it's amazing how much noise comes out of something so small.

I have to keep a close eye on Molly, she is so naughty and full of mischief. She had one of my boots, she stole the clothes brush I was issued 46 years ago in the military, she stole one of my hankies, what is it they say about idle hands? Or in this case idle paws! She is getting quite big now, not quite big enough yet to knock over Spud, but she's getting there. She had to have a new collar as her puppy one was too tight.

Do you remember your first collar? Black leather with studs, you looked so cute.

Time for you to go play and have some fun my lovely boy.

I love you Merlin, never, ever forget that.

Your ever loving Daddy


Good morning my wonderful boy.

May 29th 2012 12:39 am
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Hello my lovely, sweet and amazing big boy.

Its not a very nice day today Merlin, very overcast with a light wind and quite chilly. Ok for playing unless it starts raining.

Spud was really pushing his luck with Bella yesterday, he kept trying to play with her and she didn't want to know, in the end she really got fed up with him and turned on him. Of course Molly was in the middle of it playing with Spud, but Bella was really lashing out with her teeth. I had to drag Molly out of the way in case she got bitten and then try and chase off Spud. That boy will never learn, its all a game to him. I remember how Spud use to push his luck with you, he wouldn't back off until you really snapped at him.

Do you remember how Lady Zara was so pleased to see us when we came home from work? She would see us, squeeze through the boundary fence and come running up so happy to see us all. You would jump out of the mini bus and run with her, I think she really loved you Merlin. She was such a sweet girl she had a lot of love to give and she got it from us, even though she wasn't our dog.

Time to go play my special boy and have some fun with your buddies

I will love you forever Merlin.

Your ever loving Daddy


Good morning my sweet and wonderful big boy.

May 28th 2012 12:02 am
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Hello my amazing and handsome boy.

It's a lovely day today, nice and sunny, no wind, but a little bit chilly, a nice playing day. I remember how rough you and Spud use to play, anyone watching would think it was a real dog fight, but you both knew when to pull back from hurting each other. Spud does get a bit carried away with Molly at times, causing her to cry out, then she loses her temper with him and really goes for him. She hasn't made Spud run away yet, but I don't think it will be too long before she does

Remember how you and Spud always wanted the same stick? Despite there being millions of sticks laying around, you both wanted that particular one. Now Molly and Spud are doing the same thing. At times I really shake my head in astonishment.

Spud got hold of one of Melissa's cat Zoe's toys the other day and promptly began pulling the stuffing out, I could imagine him saying as he pulled the stuffing out, "I hate cats, I hate cats, I hate cats."

Time for you to go play Merlin and have some really good fun with your pals

Remember my boy, I love you so much.

Your ever loving Daddy


Good afternoon my wonderful boy.

May 27th 2012 5:00 am
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Hello my bestest friend ever. I hope you have been having a lot of fun my boy. Sorry Merlin, I am a bit late today, I was so tired I caught up on some sleep.

Its quite nice today, the sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky and very little wind, a good day to go bonkers running and chasing Spud. Just watching you and Spud made me feel tired, I don't know where you got all that energy from.

Do you remember the first cup of tea I made for you? I put in one sugar and a little milk, just how I drink it and poured it into your bowl. It was obviously a bit too hot for you at first, but once it cooled down a bit you began to drink it with your little puppy tail wagging from side to side. When you finished you wanted more and more. Every time I had a cup of tea I had to be careful in case you stuck your nose into my cup and lapped it up.

The wind has dropped completely, I think its going to be really nice for the rest of the day.

Time to go play and enjoy yourself with your buddies.

I love you so much Merlin, my so special boy.

Your ever loving Daddy.


Good morning my sweet and wonderful big boy.

May 26th 2012 12:07 am
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Hello my lovely boy.

You have been sooooooooooooo lucky again my boy, you have been given a beautiful rainbow rosette from the family of Angel Whisper and Dixie, you have also been featured diary. You always manage to make me even more proud of you Merlin. You brought such joy and happiness into my life Merlin, I miss that and you so much my boy.

It was so cold last night my boy, no doubt you would have climbed up onto my bed to keep warm, I would have given you such a lovely warm cuddle. The family always said I spoiled you, so what, you deserved spoiling, I wish I could have spoiled you more and for many more years.

For some reason Merlin, I am missing you more then usual today my boy, I miss your love, devotion and loyalty so much, I miss you following me everywhere, I miss you barking at me to throw a stick for you, I miss you insisting that I give you a cuddle or pay attention to you. There will never be another boy like you Merlin, a boy like you only comes once in a life time.

Time to go play my lovely boy and have some fun.

I will love you forever Merlin

Your ever loving Daddy


Good morning my sweet and wonderful big boy.

May 24th 2012 11:54 pm
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Hello my lovely boy. It's not a nice day at all here today, it's been raining most of the night, its very dark and cold. Its the sort of day we would cuddle up and keep warm while watching the TV.

That remind's me, do you remember when you thought no one was paying enough attention to you, you would sit in front of the TV blocking every ones view? You wouldn't move until I called you over to me and gave you a cuddle. Then after giving you a cuddle, you wanted to keep giving me your massive paw. You certainly wanted all the attention.

I remember when you were about 4 months old, a Labrador from across the road kept coming onto our property and annoying Melissa's cats. You got fed up with him and chased him off! I was so amazed I stood there with my mouth open. I called you over and you came running up with your lovely wagging tail. I bent down gave you a cuddle and told you how proud I am of you.

It's time for you to go play and have some fun my wonderful boy.

I love you so much Merlin and I always will

Your ever loving Daddy


Good morning my sweet and wonderful big boy.

May 24th 2012 12:35 am
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Hello my beautiful big boy. I do miss you Merlin, you were always there when I went to sleep and when I woke up in the mornings, always happy to see me open my eyes. I'd always give you a cuddle and say "Good morning Merlin."

Do you remember the time I put my old Army gas mask on, you really went banana's, I've never seen you so angry. You wanted to bite me so I took it off in a hurry saying "It's me Merlin, it's your Daddy." You stopped, looked at me as if to say, "Idiot, I nearly attacked you." I never did that again.

Mia has been keeping everyone awake, well except me and your mum, we don't hear her. That little girl certainly has got a pair of lungs, I don't know how something so tiny can make so much noise.

Molly is really getting big now. At times she can be so sweet, yet others she can be so naughty. I still shudder when I think about her getting my pain killers, I was so scared I had lost her. Molly has a thing about brooms, she drags then around the house. Your mum was sweeping up the other day, put her broom down for a minute to do something else, when she came back the broom was gone, Molly had taken it! It was so funny to watch your mum trying to get the broom off of her.

Time to go play my lovely boy and have some fun

Remember Merlin, I love you so much my boy.

Your ever loving Daddy.

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