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My wonderful and amazing big boy Merlin

June 30th 2012 12:48 am
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Good morning my lovely boy, I bet you have been having lots of fun and games with your buddies.

It's not too bad today, it was raining earlier but it seems to have stopped for now. It's very overcast and there is a light wind, so I don't know if it will blow over.

I made a big mistake yesterday, I let Molly off the lead with the result she ignored me when I called her, if I tried to get near her she would run off. She was having too much fun with Spud play fighting, despite the fact he hurts her. What amazes me, in the house she wont leave my side, she follows me everywhere, yet outside she is a totally different little girl. Although what did make me laugh, Molly had one end of a stick and Spud had the other (just like you and Spud use to do), and Molly was pulling Spud all over the place, Spud tried to pull her but couldn't. I was amazed! That little girl has got so much strength.

I had no problems with you whatsoever Merlin, you were a brilliant puppy, you always did as you were told, you came running when I called. I really wish Molly took after you.

Time to go play my wonderful and handsome boy with your buddies.

Don't ever forget just how much I love you Merlin, my love for you will never die...............ever.

Your ever loving Daddy


My sweet and wonderful big boy Merlin

June 28th 2012 11:32 pm
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Good morning my handsome big boy Merlin.

Its quite a nice day today, well not too cold, no wind but it is very overcast, it will either rain or clear up and be nice and sunny like it was yesterday.

I had to go out for a while yesterday, Molly looked so sad as I left, it was the exact same look that you gave me when I left you at home to go somewhere. I was only away for a couple of hours, but when I got home it was like I had been away years. Molly came bounding up to the gate all beside herself with excitement. Melissa had to take her indoors in case I ran her over with the car. I remember all too well when you came bounding up and nearly knocking me over when I came home, you was so happy to see me and believe me Merlin I was so happy to see you. Although do you remember the time I called you and you came running up and hit me behind the knee's and I ended up on my back???? I remember shouting "MERLIN YOU BIG GREAT OAF!!!" You looked at me as if to say "OPPS" and high tailed it. When you FINALLY came indoors you looked very sheepish and came creeping up to me with your ears back. What else could I do but give you a big hug and forgive you? I'd forgive you anything Merlin, you are after all my perfect boy.

Time to go play and have some fun Merlin with your buddies.

I do love you so much my sweet and wonderful boy.

Your ever loving Daddy.


My wonderful big boy Merlin

June 28th 2012 12:55 am
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Good morning my special big boy.

It's not too bad a day today, although a bit chilly. Its nice and sunny, with no cloud, no wind and thankfully no rain. Not a bad playing day, you could run around without getting overheated like you could in summer.

I'm having to confine Molly to her lead for now, Spud is sadly too much of a bad influence on her, besides which he hurts her when he plays too rough. I must admit though, she does try to give as good as she gets, but that isn't helping with her training. She was such a very good girl yesterday, then spoiled it by poo'ing in the house as I was about to eat dinner. She'll come right in the end. Molly is a very strong little girl, I can't believe she's only 6 months old.

Remember when you were a puppy and Mike took you for a walk around the town when you slipped your collar and ran out into the road? Mike was beside himself, but thankfully caught you before you came to harm. You were told off at the time, so I wont tell you off now, but you scared us all Merlin, I felt physically sick when Mike told me. In the end though Merlin, you became the "perfect" boy, perfect in every way. I was so proud of you everywhere we went together, I still am proud of you my boy.

Time to go play with your buddies and have some fun. Remember to keep my spot for when I join you.

I love you Merlin, I can't wait for the day when we are finally together forever.

Your ever loving Daddy.


My wonderful big boy Merlin

June 26th 2012 11:56 pm
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Good morning my amazing boy.

Yesterday was awful my boy, you would have definitely snuggled up on my bed. The wind was gale force with driving rain and weather warnings were issued around the coastal area's. Not a good time to be out on the high sea's.

I've been looking at your pictures again Merlin, I shouldn't call you this, but you really are beautiful, I know you prefer to be called handsome. But everything about you is beautiful my boy, your majestic and commanding pose, your deep and beautiful bark, your love, devotion and loyalty, your colouring was perfection, your patience with Lady Zara's puppies, your beautiful eyes looked deep into my soul and you have the most beautiful and biggest heart in the whole wide world.

Its six month today that you left Merlin, I do miss you so much my boy. I will never forget your happy face when you saw me, you constant demand for attention which I could never refuse you. You are my whole world Merlin and always will be.

Time to go play and have some fun with your buddies my beautiful boy. Remember to keep a place for me when I get there.

Yes I am feeling a little sad today, I can't help it Merlin. As I said, "You are my whole world," and I miss you so much. I love you so much Merlin and always will.

You ever loving Daddy


My amazing boy Merlin

June 25th 2012 11:58 pm
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Good morning my handsome big boy. I wish I could snuggle up with you right now, its so cold, its very windy, I think we may have a storm on its way. Knowing you, you would have gone outside to do your business and run straight back indoors, open my bedroom door and jump on my bed. You do love your comfort my boy.

Bella is getting really nasty lately with Molly. I know Molly can be a pain in the neck at times, but there's no need to turn nasty, well not as nasty as Bella is getting. I do understand why, Bella is getting old and wants to be left alone. But the thing is, when the dogs go outside and Spud tries to annoy Bella, Molly stops him. I am REALLY waiting for Molly to get a lot bigger and heavier and give Spud a taste of his own medicine, he does go over the top with Molly at times, I've had to step in lots of times and and stop him hurting Molly.

Oh dear the wind has just picked up, it really is nasty outside now, I bet the sea around the Cape is really bad right now.

Time to go play my lovely boy and have some amazing fun with your buddies. I am really looking forward to the time when we are together again, but this time forever.

I do love you so much Merlin, please never forget that.

Your ever loving Daddy.


My wonderful and amazing big boy Merlin

June 25th 2012 12:17 am
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Good morning my lovely boy.

Its a bit wet and cold outside this morning, it rained just about all night long. Usually I have problems getting Spud in after he goes to the toilet at night, last night he ran out did his business and ran straight back in.

Molly has got a new trick, she attacks her shadow and I am not kidding. I just roll my eyes, turn the lights off and then she wonders where her shadow has gone. I thought you did some daft things like trying to come in through the front door with a ten foot tree branch, then wondering why you have come to a dead stop, but Molly really takes the cake.

It was so cold last night, Molly jumped up on my bed to get warm, then during the early hours of this morning I woke up to find Hobo laying there. The problem with Hobo, he really takes up too much room so I had to shoo him off. If looks could kill I'd be stone dead right now, he was totally disgusted that I made him get off.

Time to go play with your buddies Merlin and have some fantastic fun with your buddies.

I do love you so much Merlin my sweet and handsome boy.

Your ever loving Daddy.


My amazing boy Merlin

June 24th 2012 5:20 am
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Good afternoon Merlin, hows my wonderful big boy today?

It's not a nice day today, it's been raining and its very cold, but thankfully no wind. I wanted to work on your mums car today, but the rain has put paid to that.

Molly behaved herself yesterday despite Spud trying to influence her to be naughty. I gave her a good girl treat and gave her a hug. She can be a good girl when she tries. She does however, try and lick Bella which ends up i Bella snapping at her, Molly and Spud are so jealous, if I am giving Molly a cuddle, Spud starts snapping at her and trying to push his way in, and if I give Spud a cuddle, Molly gets jealous and tries to push her way in. It gets worse when Bella gets a cuddle, both Spud and Molly try to push in leading to lots of snapping and snarling.

Mind you, you use to get jealous when I gave Spud a cuddle, you snarled and growled at Spud and pushed your way in, I had to tell you "I love both of you," and give both of you a cuddle at the same time.

Time to go play my lovely boy and have some amazing fun.

Remember, "I love you so much Merlin, my love for you is bigger then the universe."

Your ever loving Daddy


My wonderful big boy Merlin

June 23rd 2012 12:36 am
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Good morning my amazing boy Merlin.

Its not too bad a day today Merlin, but it could also change in an instant as you know.

Molly was so naughty yesterday, she would not do as she was told and lead me on a merry chase all around the property, she would not obey me to "Come here," She didn't get her usual "good girl" treat when I finally got hold of her and she looked very put out. She didn't even jump up on my bed last night, I think she knew she was in the dog house. I never had any problems with you at all Merlin when you were a puppy, I could take your lead off and you would follow me everywhere, if you did run off to chase a butterfly I only had to call you and you came running. You were a extremely good puppy, very obedient and you always did as you were told.

Poor old Bella is really feeling her age now, she just wants to lay in the sun and chill, when Spud lets her! I'll say one thing for Molly, she does chase Spud away from Bella.

Time for you to go play my lovely boy and have some fun with your buddies.

I do love you so much Merlin and I miss you more then you will ever know.

Your ever loving Daddy.


My amazing boy Merlin

June 22nd 2012 12:55 am
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Good morning Merlin, I am so happy to be able to talk to you my boy, as it does dull the pain of losing you a little.

Its not too bad a day today, overcast no wind but quite warm, quite a nice day to run and play my boy and because of the high winds we have had, there are lots of sticks on the ground for me to throw and you to chase.

It always amused me that when you got to the stick after I had thrown it and you had gone running off at full pelt, there was a huge cloud of dust, then there was you coming out of the dust cloud looking for all the world like you were grinning and so proud of yourself. Sometimes you would tease me by dropping the stick at my feet, then as I bent down to pick it up you would grab it and do a little dance around me with it in your mouth. So to get my own back Id turn my back on you, you'd drop the stick and bark at me to pick it up, when I refused you really got annoyed. Then I'd pick it up and throw it for you. We had so much fun Merlin, I wish we had those days back again my boy, I miss them so much.

Time to go play Merlin and have some fun with your buddies.

I do love you so much Merlin, far more then words can ever say.

Your ever loving Daddy


My wonderful big boy Merlin

June 21st 2012 12:14 am
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Good morning my sweet boy.

I think of you every single day Merlin. Sometimes I sit and cry that you are no longer beside me, other times I sit and smile when I remember the good times we had together. When you left me Merlin I wept for days, my heart felt like it had been ripped out, but one thing consoled me my boy, you were no longer in pain. I do miss you so much and the past 6 months since you left at times feels like yesterday, other days feels like forever, many times I cannot really take it in that you have gone. I look forward to the day when we will met again Merlin, what a wonderful day that will be, with my beloved Merlin forever.

Molly's colours are changing, her tan is starting to replace more and more of her black, but it does look like she might end up with a tan "Bitch Stripe" down her back. She is getting bigger and stronger and heavier. When she lays on my legs she cuts the blood supply off just like you did.

Time to go play my sweet and wonderful boy and have some fun with your buddies.

I do love you so much Merlin and there is an empty feeling in my stomach, and I do miss you so much, my perfect in every way big boy.

Your ever loving Daddy.

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