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My amazing lucky boy Merlin

April 7th 2012 8:44 am
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Hello my wonderful boy.

Merlin you have again received some more beautiful presents from the wonderful people and doggy pals on Dogster. You have got a beautiful red rosette and 5 Easter eggs! I am so happy for you Merlin, you have again made me so proud. Thank you all for Merlin's beautiful presents, without a doubt the families on Dogster are the best in the world, the generosity astounds me.

I am a bit late today, I have had problems getting connected, and once I did get connected it was awfully slow, it still is slow. Anyway I am here to write in my big boy's diary.

It's turning colder here now Merlin, the nights are getting colder, the sort of nights you would jump on my bed for a cuddle to keep warm, not only that, you would keep me warm too. I miss those cuddles my boy, One day we will cuddle up again my boy and we will never be parted again.

I love you so much Merlin and I miss you beyond words.

Your forever loving Daddy


Good morning my sweet wonderful big boy.

April 6th 2012 1:48 am
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Merlin you are such a lucky boy, you have not only made featured diary but some wonderful pals have left you some amazing gifts. From the family of Milo, Hobo and Luna you have been given a beautiful star, from Angel Whisper and Dixie you have received a beautiful rainbow. You make me so proud Merlin that you have touched so many hearts that they are so kind to you and I. I am truly humbled by you Merlin. Thank you all those who have been so kind to my wonderful boy Merlin and myself.

Without Dogster, the fantastic Dogster staff, the wonderful people and doggy pals on Dogster I would not have coped with my Merlin's passing as I did, I give each and everyone of you my heartfelt thanks. I know for a fact that I wouldn't have coped at all. My only regret is I cannot thank each and everyone of you personally and shake the paws of all the wonderful doggy pals. May God bless each and everyone of you.

You always continue to amaze me Merlin how so many people and doggy pals are drawn to you and so kind to you my boy. I cannot help but love you my lovely boy Merlin.

Time to go play and have some fun with your puppy pals. You will always be my big boy.

Your ever loving Daddy.


My wonderful big boy Merlin

April 5th 2012 12:08 am
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Good morning my handsome boy, I wish I could give you a huge hug and kiss your proud and noble head and say "I love you my big boy."

We have had high winds all day yesterday and all night, the wind has dropped a little today but its still annoying, but it is amusing to watch Molly chasing leaves blown into the air. She was chasing butterfly's yesterday, when they suddenly changed direction she fell over and chased another one.

Compared to Molly you were the best behaved puppy in the whole wide world. She is so naughty and full of nonsense it's unbelievable. You always (well the majority of time)did as you were told, this little girl is going to be a bit of a handful. She'll come right in the end. She's laying at my feet fast asleep, just like you use to do, as you well know, you were rarely far from me. At times I thought my name was Mary and you were a little lamb when you followed me around. I'd stop and look at you, and as always you had that lovely smiling face looking up at me as if you were saying, "Don't leave me behind Daddy." Our bond is so strong my boy, it will never break in a million years, even though you are no longer by my side. One day my boy we will be together again and what fun we will have running and playing together.

Time to go play my wonderful boy and have some fun.

I love and miss you so much Merlin and I will forever. You always were and always will be "MY BIG BOY."

Your ever loving Daddy.


Good morning my big wonderful special boy.

April 4th 2012 12:24 am
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Hello my lovely boy, it is so good to talk to you Merlin.

Some days I cannot help but be sad because you are not by my side as you always were, other days I smile when I sit and think of the wonderful times we had together, the fun, the laughter, your silly little antics. You always lifted my spirits when I was down Merlin, somehow you always knew and came to me with your lovely smiling and happy face to cheer me up. When you nudged my arm, then put your head under my arm when you knew giving you a cuddle would make me smile, you always knew Merlin.

While I breathe Merlin, no one in the family will ever forget you my boy, I'll make sure of that.

As a baby you were so beautiful my boy, the number of people who wanted to say hello to you was amazing. Of course you just loved the attention. Then as you got older you began to look so proud and noble, just like a German Shepherd should look, your eyes could look so deep into my soul. You are one handsome boy Merlin and I am so proud of you.

Time to go play my boy and enjoy yourself.

I love you so much Merlin.

Your ever loving Daddy.


Good morning my big sweet and wonderful boy.

April 3rd 2012 12:07 am
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Hello my boy, I hope you have been having fun with your buddies.

It's going into autumn now, the nights are getting colder, the kind of nights you would jump up on my bed for a cuddle. It was so nice when you wanted a cuddle, I'd put my arm around you and you would give a very happy little sound almost like a "hmmmmmmm." Yes I know I spoiled you, but you deserved spoiling.

Remember how you loved to lick out my yoghurt pots? You'd get your tongue inside them and get the yoghurt at the bottom, well Molly is doing the same. She sits at my feet waiting for me to finish, then takes the pot away and finishes off the yoghurt. She also like jelly, I think the Americans call it jello (what children have at birthday parties along with cakes and ice cream). I don't think there is anything she doesn't like. You were always a little bit fussy with food, but I always found something that you liked, especially if it was my lunch or dinner!

I think its time for you to go play and enjoy yourself my lovely boy

I love and miss you so much Merlin

Your ever loving Daddy


Good morning my wonderful boy.

April 2nd 2012 3:44 am
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I'm sorry I didn't write yesterday Merlin, my dad died on Saturday and I had problems with my computer server and couldn't log on. Today we are sorting out the funeral arrangements.

Anyway I am here now my boy.

Spud and Bella are causing problems with the dogs next door, they run to the fence when I let them out in the morning. That's a problem that needs to be sorted out and soon. The chap next door and his wife aren't too happy, come to that neither am I, the last thing I want is problems with neighbours especially with my dad dying on top of everything.

Did you realise that you had a white whisker? Mike my son would tease you and say, "You are getting old Merlin, you are going grey."

I was looking at all your photographs this morning, I never realised I had so many. I need to sort them all out and put them in one folder.

Time for you to go play and have some fun Merlin. I'm sorry today's entry wasn't a happy one my boy.

I love you Merlin for all time

Your ever loving Daddy


Good morning my wonderful boy.

March 31st 2012 1:01 am
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Its a lovely day today Merlin, your kind of day for playing and running around, chasing Spud or chasing sticks I threw for you.

Remember how annoyed you got when Spud pulled your tail? Well this morning Molly pulled Bella's tail, Bella was NOT happy with Molly at all. Your mum and I thought it was hilarious.

Molly's colouring is changing a lot now, her ears are turning a brown colour at the bottom and the tan is starting to cover more of her. I think she is going to be a very pretty girl, just like you are a handsome boy.

I remember how pleased you were when Mike or your mum came home from work, so pleased you nearly knocked them over. You were never far from me since my retirement Merlin, if I went anywhere you were behind me, even waiting outside the bathroom! You really were my shadow my boy and I miss that so much.

Time to go play and have some fun my lovely boy.

I love you so much Merlin and that will never change.

Your ever loving Daddy.


Good morning my sweet big wonderful boy.

March 30th 2012 12:12 am
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Hows my amazing boy today? Handsome as ever my boy.

It's a bit of a rainy day today, so thankfully its a lot cooler its also a bit muddy outside. Remember when you use to cover me in mud or jumped on my bed after playing outside after it had been raining? I would scold you and you would look at me as if you were about to burst into tears. You always knew how to tug at my heart strings Merlin, I was putty in your massive paws.

Do you remember when we use to go to work together? I or my son Mike would take you for a walk around town. It was so funny to watch how people parted when they saw you, you would give strangers that "look," as if to say, "I'm protecting my Daddy. Back at the shop I'd order lunch, you would sit at my feet, your eyes boring into me and you would be dribbling. In the end I had to share my lunch with you even though you had a big breakfast! I could never refuse you Merlin, I'd give you anything my boy, you are so special to me and always will be.

I remember Mike saying to me once, "Dad, without a doubt Merlin is your dog." Yes you are Merlin as I am your Daddy.

Time to go play my wonderful boy. Have some fun.

I will love you for ever and ever Merlin.

Your ever loving Daddy.


Good morning my sweet wonderful boy

March 28th 2012 11:47 pm
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Hows my big boy today?

I was looking at Spud the other day outside in the sun, when I noticed a very slight red tinge on part of his tail, he got that from you my boy. I must admit I was slightly disappointed that your puppies didn't take your colouring instead of Lady Zara's, but at least there is some of your colouring on Spud's tail.

I know I have said this before Merlin, but it was so funny when Spud pulled your tail, the look on your face had me nearly falling over with laughter, you looked so indignant a "HOW DARE YOU?" look. I'm sorry Merlin, but it was hilarious, I still laugh about it now.

Do you remember how you would take Bella for a walk when you were a puppy? You would grab the lose end of her collar and try to pull her along, When you were tiny you had no chance, but as you grew and became stronger you could drag her all over the property. She would try and resist, but in the end she gave up and went walkie's wherever you took her. You gave me so much joy my boy, I miss that so much.

Time to go play my lovely boy and enjoy yourself.

I love you so much Merlin, please never forget that.

Your ever loving Daddy.


Good morning my big wonderful boy.

March 28th 2012 12:43 am
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I trust you are having a wonderful time Merlin, running and playing with all your buddies through that wonderful soft grass and swimming in the clear warm water.

Its quite nice today, no wind but not to hot, thankfully the days and nights are cooling down now. Remember how you use to sleep next to the door, so the breeze underneath helped cool you down? Little Molly is doing the same thing, I know I have said this a few times my boy, but it really is uncanny how much like you she is. If she is half as good as you my boy, I'll be very happy with her, even then I will still miss you my wonderful boy.

I so miss calling your name, you would come running with such a happy look on your proud and noble face as if you were saying, "Yes daddy?" I would put my arms around your strong neck, kiss you between your ears and say, "I love you Merlin." In a way I am glad I got you towards the end of my life, because I know I would never get another boy like you, you are that "One so special boy" we only get once in a lifetime, no other boy would have matched you Merlin. I was so lucky to get you, I count my blessings that you are mine, and I am yours.

Time to go play my boy and have some fun

I love and miss you so much Merlin

Your ever loving Daddy

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