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My sweet and wonderful big boy Merlin

August 4th 2012 1:00 am
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Good morning my boy, I managed to log on line no problem this morning.

Its another odd day, very overcast, not too cold and thankfully no wind or rain, but that wouldn't stop you from running and playing until you were tuckered out. Last night was very cold again, and I thought we were going into spring. It will be so nice when the hot weather gets here.

Molly is getting her proper bark now, a proper deep and powerful GSD woof. Your bark was amazing Merlin, when you barked everyone took notice. Molly seems to have slowed down growing, she's nearly 8 months old and although she is quite big, she's not as big as I imagined she would be, although she is very heavy.

Spud is being his usual pain in the neck, Hobo just chills out as usual and Bella does give Spud a good telling off now and then and Molly loves to play fight, until she gets hurt and loses her temper with Spud. Oh boy.

Zoe's kittens are getting more and more brave, Spud checks them out with sniffs and Zoe hisses and spits at him. Its so funny, he looks like he is going to jump out of his skin.

Time for you to go play my lovely boy.

I love you so much Merlin

Your ever loving Daddy


My sweet and wonderful big boy Merlin

August 3rd 2012 6:40 am
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I'm sorry I'm late today Merlin, I've had computer problems and this is the first time I was able to log on, but still not 100%. Anyway here I am for my wonderful boy.

You have been a lucky boy again, you've been given another cake, another wonderful family has been touched by you Merlin. Thank you for your kindness to Merlin and I.

Today hasn't been too bad I suppose, but its been very overcast with the threat of rain and its pretty chilly too. I know you would have been happy to run and play, unless it starts to rain, then its time for cuddles indoors.

Your mum has been looking after Mia today while Melissa and Adrian went to the hospital for some kind of letter. Spud was very curious with Mia, Molly laid down beside your mum and the baby and was very attentive. I think she is going to look after Mia just like you would.

Time for you to go play and enjoy yourself my huge wonderful boy.

I do love you Merlin.

Your ever loving Daddy


Good morning my huge and wonderful boy Merlin

August 2nd 2012 2:03 am
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OH WOW my boy you have been given 11 scrummy cakes. Who's a lucky boy? Again you have touched so many wonderful people's hearts, I cannot help but feel so proud of you my amazing boy. Thank you so much each and everyone of you wonderful people for showing such kindness to Merlin and I.

Today is a nice day but a bit chilly, there's no cloud and no wind, a good run around and play day.

As the weather is warming up I've got to keep more of an eye out for snakes. I know they do a lot of good like eating vermin such as mice and rats, but I really wish they would do it some place else. Sorry but I do not like snakes at all.

Little Molly has stopped her trying to trip me over by wrapping her paw around my foot, something you didn't stop! The times I nearly fell over or dragged you along with you holding onto my foot. You really thought it was a fun game. You even did it with my son Mike, now that was funny. It was also funny when you teased him with a stick and then ran off with it and he was running behind you. It really was funny Merlin, you always managed to make me laugh.

Time to go play my lovely boy and have some fun.

I do love you so much Merlin

Your ever loving Daddy.

Thank you all once again who have shown Merlin and I so much kindness.


Good morning my sweet, wonderful and handsome big boy.

August 1st 2012 1:09 am
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Good morning Merlin, hows my special boy today?

Its another odd day today my boy, cloudy, cold but sunny and again thankfully no wind.

Last night was very cold, Hobo was curled up beside the wall heater, Molly was curled up with me, Bella with your mum and Spud on the couch. Usually Molly gets off my bed during the night, but she stayed there all night long. I do miss being curled up with you my boy, my arm around you and giving you a nice cuddle. We loved our cuddles didn't we Merlin?

I spoke too soon, a slight breeze sprang up. I hope it doesn't get any stronger, I hate wind I can't breathe because it takes my breath away. I remember watching you in the wind when your ears would flap about. It was so funny Merlin, I'd call you and you would come running then I'd give you a big hug. One thing I do regret Merlin, we never had our photograph taken together, but I do have a lot of lovely ones of you and your happy smiling face.

Time to go play my wonderful boy and have some fun.

My love for you will never die Merlin, never in a million years.

Your ever loving Daddy.


My sweet and wonderful big boy Merlin

July 31st 2012 12:48 am
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Good morning my amazing boy.

Its an odd day today, it rained all night and stopped this morning but its very over cast and cool/cold. Thankfully no wind. When that Sou-Easter blows its gets bad, as you well know my boy. At times I was worried in case you got blown away. But I suppose you would run and play and enjoy yourself. At times I didn't know where you got your energy from, just watching you would tire me out.

Spud and Molly don't stop playing, they have a play, stop for a little while then carry on. But Spud does get spiteful and hurts Molly, I'll be glad when she is big enough to stop him hurting her. When he gets spiteful I'll run up to get him off of her, he spots me and runs off, then Molly chases him and so it goes on!

I saw how he use to annoy you Merlin, its a pity you didn't catch him, he deserves a bit of a lesson.

Time for you to go play my wonderful boy and have some fun.

I love you so much Merlin, I hope you never forget me.

Your ever loving Daddy


My sweet and wonderful big boy Merlin

July 30th 2012 12:48 am
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Good morning Merlin, its a lovely day here today, its nice and sunny, no wind and no rain, a really brilliant running around day.

I'm sorry about yesterday Merlin cutting my diary entry so short, but my back was agony. Thankfully Mike and I got Melissa's car ready for her to go to work, although Mike did most of the work. I was there advising, all I'm good for at the moment lol.

I got some lovely photographs of my Granddaughter Merlin, oh boy, she is so beautiful Merlin, you would have loved her, I know you would. Her smile just melts my heart and I know she would melt yours too. You were so caring when you were here with me Merlin, you really had a heart of gold.

I think Bella will be joining you soon Merlin, Mike and I think she might have heart problems. All I can say is, it will be sad when she does cross the bridge, but she has had a pretty good life and she has been deeply loved. She can be a pain in the neck at times with her barking at anything and everything, but she has been a good old girl. Her early life wasn't too happy, her first owner just let her run around the streets, then her second owner couldn't handle her bouncing off the walls, then your mum and Melissa found her at the dog pound and brought her home where she has been loved ever since..

You really use to annoy her when you were a puppy Merlin, but not as much as Spud does. He wants to make her play fight, but she's too old, but sometimes she see's him off with a lot of snapping and snarling. One day maybe, Spud will learn.

Time to go play my lovely boy and have some fun.

I love you so much Merlin and I always will.

Your ever loving Daddy.


My sweet and wonderful big boy Merlin

July 29th 2012 7:51 am
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Good afternoon my lovely boy.

Sorry I'm late my boy, but Mike my son and I have been working on my daughter Melissa's car. Then Molly decided to help by running off with one of the bolts!!!!

I'm afraid this entry is going to be on the short side my boy because my back is hurting like blazes. But I will try and make up for it tomorrow. I'm getting old Merlin, I can't do what I use to do. The mind is willing but the body is weak.

I'm sorry Merlin but I have to close now.

Go play and have some fun.

I do love you so much my sweet and wonderful boy.

Your ever loving Daddy


Good morning my sweet and wonderful big boy.

July 28th 2012 12:18 am
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Good morning Merlin, its a really bright day today but very very chilly. I decided to wear shorts today, went outside and nearly froze!

I let the dogs out this morning, Spud and Molly both go banana's, Spud tries to play attack Bella, Bella snarls at him, then Molly barks and play attacks Spud, it was bedlam this morning on the porch.

I remember one thing you did that annoyed me a LOT! You would bring a stick or a large stone, then drop it at my feet for me to throw for you, I would bend down to pick it up and you would suddenly grab it and do a dance around me. Bending down took quite a bit of effort because of my back injury, so I would become very annoyed with you and turn my back on you which in turn annoyed you. You would stand in front of me again and I would turn my back on you again, in the end you would bark at me to play with you. I relented but I told you that if you did that naughty trick again I was going indoors. What wouldn't I give to be able to do that again Merlin, even if you did pick up your stone or rock and do a dance around me. I miss you every single day Merlin, you always made me so proud of you.

Time to go play my wonderful boy and have some fun.

I do love you so much Merlin.

Your ever loving Daddy


Good morning my sweet and wonderful big boy Merlin.

July 27th 2012 12:18 am
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Hello my lovely boy, how are you today?

The weather was horrible yesterday afternoon, last night and this morning. We had a huge amount of rain and last night was so cold, this morning its very chilly and overcast but thankfully the rain has stopped. I suppose it would be a good play day for you my boy.

Remember when you had hold of a branch or a big rock and I'd say, "What have you got Merlin, show me," then I'd pretend to try and take it off of you. You would do a little dance around me as if you were teasing me. Molly had a doggy chew thingy so I did the same to her, she did exactly the same as you use to do. She really remind's me of you so much Merlin, she really does. Her little antics and behaviour (not her really naughty behaviour)is so much like you. Last night before I went to sleep I whispered "I love you Merlin." I hope you heard me.

I miss you every single day Merlin and at times I really cannot believe that you have gone from my side. Many times I look towards your little hill near the fence hoping you would be there, then I realise that you left us. I know I mustn't be sad Merlin, but I do miss you so much my boy and I always will.

Time to go play my sweet and wonderful boy, I really long for the day when I can join you and we will be together again forever.

I love you Merlin

Your ever loving Daddy.


My sweet and wonderful big boy Merlin

July 26th 2012 12:21 am
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Good morning Merlin, hows my lovely and handsome boy today?

Its not as nice today as it was yesterday, very overcast but thankfully no wind or rain, although I think you would run and have fun chasing Spud.

I must admit Spud is fast on his feet, you never could catch him. I remember you getting so annoyed that he kept just out of your reach, the look on your face was a picture, a "IF I GET HOLD OF YOU........................." sort of look.

You had some amazing facial expressions Merlin, I always knew what you were thinking just by the look on your face. If I told you off for any reason you looked as if you were about to burst into tears, which resulted in me cuddling you and telling you I was sorry, or if I called you from the fence you definitely had a smile on your face as you came running up to me with a "Yes Daddy?" look on your face. You did get a bit jealous though if Spud wanted a cuddle, you would come running over and push him out of the way with a "He's MY Daddy" look on your face.

Time to go play my lovely boy and have some fun.

Merlin, I wonder if you know just how much I love you?

Your ever loving Daddy.

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