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~the DIARY of the most prettiest dog EVER~

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long TiMe No DiArY...

August 16th 2007 3:00 am
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dear dogster doggies!

it's a long time since i edited my profile.. well, hellow to you..
for my pup pals and you! who is reading this cool page diary..
im glad this past few days because i escape again from our home.. 3 times!!! yeah!... so happy
they were all mad at me..
they said" bettina! you keep on going out!" but it's really fun.
in fact, they always let me out roaming around... but with a tie on my neck... because if none, i always run away far...
well well well...
hope ur happy too in your lives!

.....................................ur best cute pal..............................
~ BeTtInA~


a new seen neighbor dog

May 15th 2007 3:13 am
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hi and hello to all!

im glad i saw a new pet dog outside. she or he is a chow chow! i don't know her/his breed gender and name. wish i could be his/her bestfriend. the dog is cute... hihih!

that's all

hugs, bettina


~~~the escape~~~

May 6th 2007 1:23 am
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my escape

everyone's quiet. all are getting busy. suddenly, we heard a hard knock. i run to the doorway. i saw a man on the small hole. i barked and barked loudly to let them hear me. the my mom get out. she walk slowly to the door. she said "hi, who are you? what can i do for you?. the man replied, " well, mrs. ong im a good friend of your husband". my mom answered" ahh, go inside and sit first. there's my husband."
they talk very long and i sat near the open door. i think they're too busy. im waiting for them to call me, but... they don't. well, i thought "it's okey. they are busy on their conversation..." but it's getting very long... the doors are open. i can get... out. then i run run very fast. they didn't saw me.
after a long time, they realized im gone.. "where's bettina! she went out again?!" oh my, now they are following me. then i run fast as a could on the other street. my sister ride the bicycle and it was too fast. she held and hold my collar until we got home. that's my escape. i very long adventure... hihih good thing, they don't get too mad at me.
i thank god. she didn't let me lose my way! yipee... a fun adventure!



a new day for me... again!

May 1st 2007 1:01 am
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it's a happy day! good morning cutes and my pals! hope you have a nice day.. and hope youre all doing good.
on this day, i've already ate a nice good breakfast. i have hotdog and a little amt. of rice. i drank a lot of water and after that i sleep a little. momma called me up, "chuchay, come here and i will comb your hair". i love it when someone combs my hair, i feel comfortable and happy. my hair are getting curled up. and again i sleep soundly under the couch with a loud snore! ( snooooore!) the only dog who snore is me (laughs). i watch t.v too.
remember what i've told you about the bad dog?! ( on my other diary entry entitled- i have fun with dogster) i saw her again last night and im not going near her. she's terrible, frightening and ferocious. i think she's gonna bite me. i knew she had babies. she had a large chain on her neck.( i think that's too heavy for a dog. i feel poor for her. her masters don't care about that dirty dog. i realized that iam a very lucky dog because im clean, i don't have a chain on the neck, i live freely in the house, i eat delicious food, i can sleep on the couch, im on dogster, im not bad, and most of all-- IM LOVED! so for all of you who are reading, thank your masters in a special way because you are so lucky.
by the way, my mom bought a dog food for me-- ALPO 2 IN 1. it can be a crunchy dry or a juicy sauce. but for me it's not delicious. i don't care about dog foods! i like chicken and that's all that i wanted!


warm smiles, happy barks,


i have fun with dogster!

April 26th 2007 1:50 am
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i really love dogster... this site is really cool! because it's the site for cute dogs like us. i made a lot of friends here, i meet dogs all over the world and always see beautiful pictures here.

well, i'll tell you wat happened this whole week.. as usual, it's super hot here in the philippines. it's summer and i got nothing to do just walk and walk and walk then eat then sleep that's all!but i love seeing my dogster- especially my pals.
yesterday, i go out for a walk outside near the river. i keep smelling the corners, street and everything along my way. and when i see a dog, i bark!
i'll tell you one of neighbors here... in the philippines there's a breed called askal meaning in tagalog- asong kalye (in english- street dog). she sleeps in the streets and she's dirty.really hot temper. i don't like her. you know why? when she sees another female dog she barks then run to the dog! if she catch you- you're dead. she's like a beast... i hate her! ialways walk carefully when i go outside.

till next time, pals!


introducing my pup pals on the last picture:

April 25th 2007 2:27 am
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well, in the last picture, that's not just my pals... i have a lot of good and great pals here in dogster. i will introduce to you the few of them.

the first column on the left, that is tom.down from to tom is (down) kafee, then cognac, yuki, and cubby.
next beside tom is bill .down to bill, that is kwai kwai, then sushi, keisha, lucky, and champ.
the next column, that is digger, cherokee, maggy and tiffany
next column- jacky (with a cap), charley, and angel
5th column- rockwell, sascha, and roscoe
6th column- (from the top) kali, shadow, maggy, biscuit, oreo and babbyboy.
7th column- princess sophia, patch, scout, hoover, bailey, and milly.
8th and the last column- foxy brown, misty, charley, schnickerdoodle, and the last berkley!

that's all in the picture...
take care friends! : )


about me?! part 2

April 22nd 2007 12:48 am
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well... well...and well, i don't like much walks outside. like i've said on my profile, i really don't like hot temperature like goin' outside especially when it's summer and the sun is so much hot. i dont like the water coming from the faucet because it's a lil' bit dirty. i like the new, cold and mineral water coming from the refrigerator. iced tea, juices, and softdrinks are my faves!
another thing is i love playing like the other dogs out there. playing is so much fun. (wanna know my own games???) one of them is-- biting hands!
(want to learn it?) this is how you play it- you catch up your masters hands! then after that, bite it up but be sure it not deep and not gonna kill you master.( it's just playing...) another game is- hide and seek with your master..(learn it:) your the it(dogs are the it) close your eyes and count 1,2,3 and then go and seek your hiding playmate then bite her up(remember: not to deep and it'll not kill your playmate(s)) the last is- run and bite (learn again?) your the it again! you run and catch your master or playmate and when you already catched... bite them!( remember the rule) that's all of my nice games.

well, i hope there will be a part 3! thanks alot for reading this diary of mine.

wanna share these sad joke with yah!

1.If I like it, it's mine.
2. If its in my mouth, it's mine.
3. If I can take it from you, it's mine.
4. If I had it a little while ago, it's mine.
5 If I'm chewing something up, all the pieces are mine.
6. If its mine, it must never appear to be yours anyway.
7 If it just looks like mine, it's mine.
8. If I saw it first, it's mine.
9. If you are playing with something and you put it down, it automatically becomes mine.
10. If its broken, it's yours.



about me?!

April 19th 2007 8:50 am
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im gonna be 2 years old on november 25...(please greet me!)
my first name is bianca but my moms says BETTINA is better.
i have a lot and alot and alot of nicknames... i love many things. i like eating people's food, but i don't like dog foods. im hard to be trained because im so naughty. i also don't like BATH TIME. i always hide whenever i hear the word "LIGO" meaning in tagalog word "BATH".
my moms are always alert if the gate is open because they know i will run out and never come back again 'coz i don't know the way back. i also don't like car rides because i always vomit. i i don't like clothes, i always bite and destroy them!

thanks for reading--- till next time...
~~~~winks and smiles~~~~~ bettina!



April 5th 2007 1:04 am
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oh my! tissues are the best!

my masters are always angry because everytime they go down in the house they see a lot of tissue papers and especially the important papers. they tie me up when they get angry...
i get all that papers in the trash can. i destroy and swallow them! (uhmm...delicious!) : )
i hope i'll never eat papers anymore...
(PRAY FOR ME pals)


"pHotOgeNic bettina"

April 1st 2007 3:25 am
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ahhhh...there's the camera again! my master keep on capturing a pose from me! and i sure love posing but now im too sleepy. they keep on laughing when they see my cute pictures. but most of all i love being a photogenic dog. im not a camera shy! when i see the camera i always smile and pose here and there! im a camera conscious dog.

so to all of you who are reading this diary of mine, well-------KEEP SMILING!
arf arf woof woof arf woof... SMILE! SAY CHEESE! CLICK!

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