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The Dog's life of Brutis

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We Are Planning A Dogster Pup Meet

May 3rd 2011 3:58 pm
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Hello all furs that live in Oregon. This year we are going to have a Dogster Pup Meet. We are shooting for Sept 17th. We now have a Dog Park opened so we have a safe place for all your precious furs. We would love to have all thoes who live in Oregon...or any State for that matter... that would love to come to please pmail us and let us know your interest in having one. It would be wonderful to meet in the fur. There will be drawings and gifts for the ones attending. Lots of pictures and a video will be taken and posted on Dogster. I live in California but I am going to have a sit down strike until my daddy agrees to bring me.

Please plan to bring a picture of your Bridge Angel as we will have a memorial table to honor them.

Please pmail me and let us know if you can make it and we will add you to our list.

Hugs/Purry Hugs
Spy, Natalie, Cricket


I've been tagged!!!!!!!!

October 25th 2007 11:37 pm
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I have been tagged by Thumper. He is my new big brother who I look up to for advise. He is soooo cool.
The rules to the tag are:
I have to pick 10 fellow members and say a nice thing about them and about the person who tagged me. I then send pmails or Rosettes to the 10 doggies I have chosen.
Hmmmmm, I think will choose, hmmmm. Oh I know. Here goes.
1 Mattie: She has a heart as big as the whole outdoors
2. Ozzy: A pal.
3. Emma: Is always there for others.
4. Sparky: Great guy.
5. Roxy: Great humor
6. Tobias Bear: Good friend to all.
7. Max: A good pal
8. Whitie: Very friendly and helpful.
9. Samson: Great friend to all pups
10. Willey Tucker: Great since of humor
Now it is your turn gang. Go out and tag, tag, tag. But most of all have a great time.


Be Happy Mattie

August 8th 2007 11:24 pm
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I have to write this. It is hard since I have never had to do this before. In my last entry I wrote about a beautiful little girl named Mattie. Well I wanted to get to know her. I wrote and asked her daddy and her brother Thumper if it was ok before I wrote. I got permission but by that time she found another boyfriend. Now guys, anyone who has gone through this, it can be so hurtful...head hanging... but you know that if you really like a girl, your first and formost thought is that she is happy. She may not choose you, but that has to be her choice and you need to be her friend if she wants. You can't make her feel guilty. I promissed her daddy and brother I would never hurt her. That goes for wheather she is my girlfriend or just a friend. She is my friend, you don't hurt friends. You want only the very best for her. I do not feel foolish for what I wrote in my last entry because I was being honest.
Mattie, I only wish you and Ozzy happiness. Ozzie, please take good care of her and be good to her. She is truly a treasure....paws in a shake....


OOOOOH What to do

August 5th 2007 6:59 pm
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My sissy is so head over heals for this doggy Thumper. When she went into his page I was watching her. She scrolled down to his Diary and I saw something so beautifur I made her stop. There on his page was this most beautifur girly girl. She is Thumpers Sissy. My heart pounded so fast and hard I couldn't breath. Now my I dare say it....I would love to get to know this little sweetie. But what if she doesn't like me? Let's face it, I have never had these feelings before. Woe is me...heart pounding... should I dare get to know her and take the chance she will reject me? I know I have to ask her daddy if I can write to her. That is respect for her. Then I have to clear it with Thumper. He is her bro and her protector just as I am my sissy Princess and Natalie's protector. I guess all I can do is jump in with both feet. Wish me luck OK?????


Thank you Dogster Dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

July 20th 2007 12:51 am
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I know us boy furbabies are supose to be macho and not show emotions. Ya right. But dog gone it, I have to tell you that my tail is wagging all over the place and I am turning in circles chasing it. I couldn't believe it when I went into my page and found the wonderful and beautiful gift you gave me. The blue star and the watermellon was the most thoughtful gift any doggy could get. I guess a bone would come in close second. Thank you so very much Dogster Dog for your kindness. Brutis the Brute


WOOF WOOF YOU ARE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 24th 2007 5:57 pm
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Sissy Princess beat me to the draw. But then girls do that. But this is also to the Top Dogs of dogster. If you get a chance to read this and I hope you do, I want to thank you for sending my sissy Princess and me home. I know I had sissy with me in your Kennel but I can see her all the time. I want to thank you for the great care you gave us. It was nice and warm and the food was good and the treats were great. My favorite. But there is no place like home and I am so happy to be back with my new family and fantastic friends. You are OK in my books. We are not mad at you. You did what you had to do. I am just so happy to be home again and so is our mommy happy to have us home. Thank you!! Thank You!! Woof Woof Brutis


Yiiiiiiiiiiipy I am back home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 23rd 2007 9:48 pm
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I am one happy pup. I am home again. Let's party. Sissy Princess and I were at the Kennel for almost five days. I don't care why, I am just happy we are back with all of you. I missed all of your visits so much. It was so boring at the Kennel. It was comfy and warm and they fed us good food and treats but it sure wasn't like being with mommy and all of you. Mommy said we had a long tiring adventure and we have to go to bed early. We have to be rested for all the visitors we are going to have here. I can't stop chasing my tail. Sissy and I found out what that stick was that was hanging out the back end of us. Our mommy finally told us that it was a tail. I like chasing it especially when I am happy. And I am so happy to be back with all of you. What a great forever family we have. Bark Bark, Licky Lick Brutis


Am I a busy beaver tonight or what???

January 18th 2007 9:54 pm
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Hi everyone. My human mommy told me to sit down and write to you all. I think she did it for self defense. I think she thinks it will settle me down. Ya right! I am not suppose to go in the back bedroom because the boys she baby sits has all their toys there. What temptation don't you think? Sissy Princess and I got back there and boy did we find all kinds of treasures. We found some lego's all stacked together and we worked hard to drag them over the box in front of the door and what did she do? She made us drop them. We ran to the couch and then we snuck back to where we dropped them. She caught us and said the dirty word we hate to hear. "NO" This went on for a while and we finally realized she had eyes in the back of her head so we finally gave up. Do you believe that? I have a bridge for sale. hehehehe. She missed our last attempt and we got them and did we have a ball chewing on them. But alass she caught us. AGAIN. We have been making the livingroom our race track. What fun. But now that I have stayed still for a while, I am actually tired. So we will give our warden a break and I will say good nite and go to bed like a good little boy. Tomorrow is another day. YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bark Bark to you all. Speaking of barking, when my human mommy talks to me I actually answer her. I bark back. Well, she said she wanted to have comeone to have a conversation with. Here I am in the flesh and so loveable. Brutis


My turn. It's about time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 11th 2007 10:29 pm
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Gees I thought those girls were never going to let me get to send you a letter. Since they took so long I have to make mine short. Thanks girls. They said everything I wanted. Typical girls. They leave nothing for us guys to say. Oh well at least you know what is going on. We have a boarder for a few days. His name is Snoopy. He is so much fun. And he lets me chew on his ear. I am going to hate to see him go home. So I won't think about it. My human mommy held me today and told me that I would be getting a new family. I looked at her like "Say What?" Where did this come from? I knew for some time that I wouldn't grow up here, that I would be getting a new family to love. My human mommy said to look at it as an adventure. You know, I never thought about it that way but it would be a great adventure. She said I would be getting a very special family that would love me and take great care of me. I knew it, I have to go. My human mommy said I have to go to bed. Thanks sisters. You took my time as well as yours. The next time we get on here, I am going first. So until then Love, paws and bunches of licks!!!!!!!! Brutis


Hear me roar.

January 9th 2007 12:44 am
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I looooooove my sissy's. I looooooove my sissy's. They are so cool. Ok let's get real. Half the time they are cool and the other half they are on my case. They gang up on me. After all there are two of them and one of me. I sure need my brother here to help me.(He got Adopted the day before Christmas and he is so happy).Any of you boys out there know what I am talking about. If you are out numbered and you get a name like Brutis, it has the risk of going to your head. Natalie and Princess want me to get a new name. Let's take a vote. Go with me to keep it. I will be your friend for life with as many licks and way more wags than you can imagine. I do love my sisters. Really. They are so cute and so small. I just can't help myself to tease them. If I didn't love them so much I would ignore them. Ignore a girl?? Ya right. My humman mommy said I have to get off this thing. Time for bed and my sisters finally went to sleep. Now I can slide into bed where I want to sleep. I love to sleep on my human mommy's neck. She lets me and I sleep all night there. I do love to cuddle. Well I have to go. Nite Nite. Bark at ya later. Brutis

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