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A Day in the Life of a's ruff!

My weight-loss secret.....Mommy makes me Spot's Stew!

May 13th 2008 3:30 am
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Have you ever heard of Spot's Stew? Well let me tell you about it! It's marketed as a holistic food for pets, and it is avaliable at high-end healthy markets like Whole Foods. Mommy used to feed me "Mighty Dog" and then she switched to the food pouches at Petsmart which I ate along with my dry food...and I was fat! When I would walk with Mommy people on the street would comment on my weight and sometimes ask if I was going to have puppies, or if I just had puppies. Can you believe the nerve of them!?! Mommy would always get mad! She wanted me to lose weight but just didn't know how. Then a vet suggested that she substitute 1/3 of my food with oatmeal, and cut my meals from 3 to 2 a day! That didn't really work. Mommy didn't give up. She really wanted me to lose weight because I would be healthier and that would allow me to live longer, so she didn't give up. She found a recipe for a turkey soup with cabbage that she would pour over my dry food instead of the pouch food. I liked it. Then Mommy found a recipe for "Spot's Stew" in the local "Pet Press." It was published as an alternative to manufactured pet food after all those poor doggies ate that tainted food. Mommy decided to give it a try, and it's DELICIOUS! I look and feel better than I ever have! I easily shed about 1/4 of my weight in about 6 months time! I am so sleek now! My energy and stamina has increased too! No one says I'm fat either!



August 24th 2007 3:23 am
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It was fantastic! Mommy made a fresh pot of my yummy soup (Spot's Stew) and I got extra turkey! For dessert Mommy made special cupcakes with hardly any sugar! Mine had carob frosting with pecan bits on top!!! YUMMY!!!


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March 19th 2007 11:26 pm
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Ok, so I mentioned that that horrible, bad dog that attacked me followed mommy and I up into our building....We didn't see her when we left just a few minutes later to go to the doggie doctor. Mommy had to leave me there because they had to make sure I was ok enough to operate on, and that I didn't have anything wrong with my spinal cord. Ok, so mommy gets home, and what does she see??? SHE SEES PEOPLE PLAYING IN THE HALL WITH THE DOG THAT TRIED TO KILL ME!!! She really freaked out I guess. Someone told her that they had called the people at the pound, but they said they were really busy. Mommy told them to keep an eye on that dog and then called the police who connected her with the doggie police. (Animal Control) Mommy doesn't believe in taking animals to the pound, but this was defiantly a different situation! Luckily someone had a cage and so the dog waited there in the pool area waiting to be picked up.
Mommy went to check and make sure the dog was still there in the cage, and much to her surprise, those kids that were playing with the bad dog before, let it out of the cage, and it was playing having a good ole time! (While I was waiting to have surgery!!!)
Mommy says she was mad! They were going to let that dog go!!! She didn't want it in our home, but she didn't want it running around free so it could hurt another doggie either! She brought the cage inside our home so she could make sure that the bad dog had a 1 way ticket to the pound!!! She didn't have to wait long either!
Mommy was still worried about me...they had told her that they wanted to keep me there overnight, and that she could pick me up the following morning. The only problem was that they weren't there 24 hours! She didn't want me there at night by myself!!! She was afraid for me, and couldn't image me waking up at night and being all alone...and what if something happened and no one was there to notice??? She called to find out about transferring me to a place that was open all night. Even though it would have been several hundred dollars, she was going to do it...just for peace of mind!
The great news is that she didn't have to! When she called at 6:30 like she was supposed to, they told me that I was ok to go home, but she had to come right away because they were going to close! She was sooooo happy!
So I got to go home the same day, and the bad dog was gone, and I was going to be ok!!!
Ok, so I'm doing lots better! I got lots of stitches and a big ole bandage around my neck! I get the bandage changed tomorrow, and the stitches out in about a week or so! I just wanted to thank everyone who has sent their warm wishes, tail wags, body wags, kisses, and of course prayers for a speedy recovery! My mommy said that it was so good to see that people care so much!!!


I was attacked by a pit bull the other day....

March 16th 2007 11:39 pm
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I was out for a walk with Mommy, and when we were just a few buildings away from home, I stopped to pee. There was a man riding a bike, and there was a dog following him. I was hoping she was friendly, and when she lunged at me, my mommy tried to yank me up by my harness, but I fell through it, and the dog got a hold of the scruff of my neck!!! Mommy tried hitting the dog in hopes that she'd let go of me! I didn't even get a chance to fight back! Nevermind the fact that she was many times bigger than me! Mommy cried and shouted, and that damned dog still wouldn't let go...I couldn't even try to bite back. I was totally helpless! Mommy was holding me with her arms wrapped around my body....then she held onto the scruff of my neck and pulled it out of the other dogs mouth. She held me tightly and started running for home. My neck was burning, and I didn't understand what happened. It happened way too fast! Mommy was crying and she just kept telling me it was ok. That horrible dog that bit me followed us all the way back home, up the stairs, and into the building. I think she was hoping I would fall out of mommy's arms. We were safe inside, and Mommy didn't put me down! I knew something was really wrong when Mommy called daddy and asked where an emergency vet was. EMERGENCY!?! What happened to me? I tried to look, but I couldn't see what happened. Mommy was trying to be calm for me, and kept telling me I was going to be ok, and that I was a big, strong girl, and that I was a good girl. When we got to the doggie doctor, she told them I was attacked, and that the bad dog ripped the back of my neck open...almost 5 inches!!!! Mommy told me to be strong, and that she loved me, and then they took me from her arms! I had the best doctor! They gave me lots of medicine. An antibiotic, painkillers, a steroid, something for shock, lots and lots of liquid, all kinds of stuff...I'll share the rest tomorrow, perhaps. I'm sleepy now!

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