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No Such Thing As Too Much Fun!

I Ain't Never Had Too Much Fun!

January 25th 2007 10:53 pm
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Peekee Boo..I see you! and it's pawsome to have ya' here on our pages. Lets see what's up in the lil' Jokee Joke Jokers world.. well it's been a great week and a sad week.. Ras got a diary of the day thingy and has been strutting all over the back yard like he's Pawthorn or Shakespaw..But i'm dig'n it for him, cause he wouldn't be famous with out his Sundance kid.. We're kind'a like butch cassidy and the sundance kid in the pup world.. ornery ornery ornery..i admit it.. 110 mph in dogster town, but don't feel wore out by our energy, it's 150 mph at the house..X 2.. FUN, that's the ticket! We dig it.. I dig being a joker..the little jester the clown in the room..I didn't choose it, it's just who i am.. But if i'd a got a choice. i'd of picked it this way too, cause fun makes the day worth pawing through.. I have fun from sun up to sun up with a 15 min break now and then.. Too Much? Too Over the Top? Too annoying? well try it out for just one day..sometimes ya have to learn how.. My Pop's says he never saw anyone die from a happy heart.. Fun, i'm all about it.. Too Much, don't believe in it.. I Ain't Never Had too Much Fun.. It's like a Circus around here, if we can't get into it, it can't be got into.. Just today while Pop's was doing his art stuff, I came in and started to pick at him.. he petted my head and said, now go play..What did he think I was trying to do..Needed a little convincing, so I nipped his toes..No Good, so I got a squeaky and brought it right beside him and played him a song for an hour..No good, so I grabbed the Puppy pad and danced around with it on my head..No effect, so I turned all the food bowls up side down..Full- Still nothing..So I ate a sock (might regret that at 2 a.m., we will see).. Still no Play Fun, so I stood up and grabbed the cover off his bed and took it into the hall.. (believe it) no good huh, so I begain comming in and one by one taking things out of his by one till i had a pile tall enough to climb on and try and look him in the eyes so he'd see i was serrious about wanting his attention..I think he got the least after he got all his stuff, clothes, books, boots, socks, bed clothes, and more, put back.. Then he got it.. i just wanted to have some we did..
Too Much Fun, well i don't believe it exsists.. think i'm lucky cause Pop's feels the same way.. rather play than pick up clothes anyday! BOL
well it's almost 1 a.m. so better go to bed, 2 a.m. comes early! BOL have a great FUN FUN Day.. and if your ever having any trouble figuring out how to do that, just let your hair down and act silly for a day.. Run and jump and Play and clown and Jest and tell Jokes and be a pup..even peoples can try it.. You might be K' might Dig it.. Give me a pmail, i'll run with ya'! WooHoo I'll run with U too... see ya soon on the fast track to happiness! we all lost a few great pups this week.. they will be missed.. our hearts are sad too.. We have some pup pals and human pals that were sick or injured..our hearts are fearful and concerned.. Sometimes we run and play to keep from letting grief catch up to us..well it's our way.. and thats ok..
~lil' Joker


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